Best Toys & Gifts Ideas for 12 Year Old Girls in 2021

Best Gift for 12 Years Old Girls

At 12, parents often wonder how to categorize their 12-years old girls. This is because they are gradually becoming chicky, almost young teenage girls, leaving their kid status behind them. Thus, it becomes pretty tricky to get them the right gift. Just in case you are one of these parents, we’ve got the best gift for 12 years old girls you can choose from.

These amazing gift ideas cut across many individual preferences, and there is always something on our list that your girl would love. We wouldn’t only suggest gifts for you, but we will also walk you through certain factors that we considered or guided our choices of gifts. Hence, you can also use these factors to pick other amazing options not included in this review.


33 Best Gifts for 12 Years Old Girls 

1. QI-EU Charging Station 

QI-EU Wireless Charger

Here is a classic example of a tech gift that you can buy your preteen girls and which they need and would love. Every girl loves to have a clean table, and a charging station brings that sleekness and class on their table and in their rooms. 

Since they own a cellphone, ear pods, and many other chargeable gadgets, this charging station will help optimize the charging of these features all at once.  This charging station is compatible with all types of phones, be it Android phones and iPhones.

2. BetOnline Girls Bathrobe 

Betusline Girls Bathrobe

You cannot miss it when you choose a nice bathrobe as a gift for your girl. It makes them feel like a proper lady, and it is always very comfortable to wear. Even when they own one already, an additional bathrobe is never too much and always very special to have them laid in their closets. Thankfully, this robe is super soft, very affordable, and safe to use in the washing machine. 

3. Michael Kors Wristlet 

Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Double Zip Wristlet

Every young girl needs a lovely wristlet or clutch, and if you are looking for a budget-friendly piece, here is a beautiful piece you can buy if you are looking for a less than $100 branded gift. This designer wristlet is very girly and mature. It gives an impeccable sense of style and might be one of the priciest wristlets of a preteen girl my own. Also, you can turn the wristlet into a clutch once the removable wristlet strap is taken off. 

4. Songmics Ballerina Jewelry Box

SONGMICS Ballerina Music Jewelry Box

You probably have gotten them some lovely pieces of jewelry, and perhaps you are looking at buying them more. If you have, buying your 12 years old girl a lovely jewelry box wouldn’t be a bad idea. They have seen your jewelry box, and they would love to own theirs. 

This dual deck jewelry box with mirror and music features would leave every dreamy girl in love with it. All their watches, earrings, chains, pendants, hand chains, and other forms of accessories can neatly go into this box. Thus, the box beautifies the room as well as keeps the tablespace tidy. 

5. Cage Lock Journal 

Lock Writing Travel Diary

Parents who understand their preteen kids will know this is the time they always start keeping little secrets. Thus, making sure that you respect their budding craving for freedom and privacy is often much appreciated. Hence, giving them a journal is an outward acknowledgment of this respect. 

By buying this lock journal, you are outwardly showing their secret is safe, and you are always there for them if they ever need to share. Every preteen girl would love this as it gives them that total sense of privacy as the journal also comes fortified with combination codes.

6. BedShelfie Bedside Shelf

The Original Bedside Shelf

Bring more comfort to your girl’s bedroom by gifting her this very easy to install bedside shelf where she can place a couple of her most used items to have easy access to them. This bedside shelf is very easy to install even by your preteen girl herself. Also, it is the kind of gift you give when you are pretty much on a very slim budget without wanting to compromise on quality and functionality.

7. logrotate Moonlight Lamp

Moon Galaxy Lamp

Don’t be surprised to see your preteen girl trying to create a different light ambiance in their room; instead, try to help them. This moonlight side lamp is a unique way to help them create a lovely room ambiance and hence, a perfect gift to give a 12 years old girl. This lamp comes with a 3D lunar design with up to sixteen different light colors to make the room pop and glow in another way. Your girl will love this in their space.

8. Carpool Karaoke Mic

Singing Machine

It’s time to upgrade that plastic mic for a more professional karaoke mic if you have a girl who loves singing and performing karaoke. This beautiful mini mic comes with a timer that keeps karaoke time fun. It comes with a speaker and Bluetooth connection that allows your girl to play songs while she sings and performs. It is very affordable and impressively durable, making it an ideal gift type for a 12 years old girl.

9. Rantanen Girls Sleeveless Floral Lace Shiny Rhinestone Maxi Dress

ranrann Kids Girls

A way to any young girl’s heart is by buying her a beautiful dress. You can never go wrong when choosing a beautiful dress as a gift, and not when you pick this pretty rhinestone-covered maxi dress. It is very comfortable and stylish for a statement look. Thus, for that formal event or next school dress, your preteen will be grateful to have something like this in her wardrobe.

10. LED String Light Photo Clips 

Photo Clip String Lights

Help her retain memories most excellently by giving her these beautiful string lights. This LED string light will not only illuminate the room in a girly but sleek way but will also give your preteen girl a creative way to hang her pictures and other wall art. T

he light is premium and quality as it is made from a copper-based wired, and the stylish pegs are sturdy. Also, this 17 feet long LED lights can be arranged in interestingly diverse ranges, giving your preteen girl more room to be creative.

11. Dreambox Compact Shock Proof Binoculars

Dreamingbox Compact Shock

It’s always interesting to know your preteen girl loves nature, and what better way to encourage her interest than buying her a Binocular that would help her see the beauty of nature better? With an ergonomic grip, shockproof protection, this brand offers you that perfect opportunity to buy a premium and durable gift for that favorite 12 years old girl of yours.

12. EBE Birthday Tumbler 

Birthday Tumbler

Let her own her drinking tumbler on her 12th birthday. This is a birthday customized tumbler that is very handy and easily becomes any young girl’s favorite cup. It is an unbreakable and safe stainless steel cup that keeps drinks cold and hot just the way she might prefer. It is also very affordable, making it one of your top choices if you are on a budget.

13. Cool will Camera

Coolwill Kids Camera

Please give her a camera to capture her most important moments and memories. This 12-mega-pixels camera is pretty powerful and handy to take anywhere, and it comes with a video feature that allows your preteen girl to shoot her mini-documentary. The color is appealing, and it comes with a powerful battery. 

14. Falysa Makeup Kit for Girls

Falysa Kids Makeup Kit

This set of washable makeup kits allows your 12 years old girl to do her makeup using a very safe makeup material. There is no danger of exposing her skin to toxins or dangerous makeup ingredients, and she has every piece of makeup kit and material she might ever need. Thus, this kit includes brushes, nail polish, eyeliners, eye shadows, lipsticks, glosses, and so many more. They are washable and comes with a fluffy cosmetic bag for easy storage.

15. Reply Piggy Bank

Refasy Piggy Bank Cash Coin

Time to give them something they can replace the saving jar with. This ATM-like piggy bank helps them save money in a very simple but stylish way. They get to create their codes and use them anytime they feel like getting their money out. In another way, it is an excellent way of teaching the saving spirit in them and preparing them for adulthood.

16. LCFUN Mini Leather Bag 

Cute Mini Leather Bag

This mini bag is a joy for every preteen girl. They are stylish and very comfortable to carry. Also, they are very durable in the sense that the leather and the color of the metal zippers and designs will not fade easily. It is so affordable yet so stylish that it appears like you are giving a costly brand as a gift; meanwhile, you are only spending less than $50 on this gift.

17. SweatyRocks Lace Up Long Sleeve Crop Sweatshirt

SweatyRocks Women's Casual

A sweatshirt is an essential piece every girl must own, and it is never a bad gift option, especially when your 12 years old girl is a highly stylish person. This sweatshirt comes in different colors you can pick from to suit your girl’s preference, and the fabric is very comfortable and easy to wash.

18. Frenchi Home Furnishing 3-Piece Vanity Set

Frenchi Home Furnishing

She can also have her own vanity set where she lays are preteen makeup sets and cosmetic products alongside her jewelry set. This set helps any dreamy princess introduce the classy Victorian touch to her room and create beautiful vintage elegance. Also, this is a very affordable three-piece set that comes with a mirror, a stool, and a table that can sit any girl not more than 50 KG. Hence, this might not be the right choice of gift if the preteen girl is chubbier than 50kg.

19. Freshwater Pearl Set 

 Gold Freshwater Pearl Necklace

Every 12 years old girl deserve to own her first set of natural pearl at this age if they don’t own one already. Pearls are naturally classy gemstones that go with almost any kind of outfit and occasion. Don’t just let her jewelry box contain fake and priceless items. 

Get her this beautiful set that comes with a bracelet and stud earrings, all with 14-carat gold details. It is something to stun your preteen girl with, and the good news is, it is very affordable and a perfect gift if you are looking for something classy that, is less than $200.

20. Infitrans 3 Folds Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror

Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror

Give her more reasons to look at her pretty face by buying her this vanity mirror set. This mirror comes with its own LED light that makes it very efficient when applying her makeup or skin routine treatment. Also, it is foldable, classy, and comes with different mirror sizes for a closer reflection as she might desire. 

It comes with a solid base that allows it to sit on top of any platform, and it is 360-degrees rotatable. The mirror itself can be adjusted to up to a 180-degrees angle. Thus, it is a perfect gift for a girl that loves staying pretty and loves spending time before a beautiful mirror. 

21. Kids Smart Watch

 Smart Watch

If you cannot afford to buy her that apple watch, why not get her this beautiful smartwatch that does almost everything an apple watch does for less than $40? It comes in interesting colors you can choose from and a high-grade water protection feature. Also, your girl gets to enjoy all the fantastic features of a smartphone fasten on her tiny wrist as this watch comes with Bluetooth connectivity, alarm, camera, music player, and much more.

22. Little England Detangling Brush

Detangling Brush

Because of the new self-awareness, everything about almost 12 years old girl is always deliberately classy. Thus, getting them a detangling brush that is equally classy and handy will go a long way in boosting their self-confidence both in their own space and when trying to brush their hair in public. This brush is classy and very affordable and thus makes a great gift item for any preteen girl.

23. Tioollioo Elastics Soft Bow Knotted Rubber Bands

Bow Scrunchies Hair

Ponytails are not meant to be boring. So instead of ordinary rubber bands in making that very fast ponytail, you can get your preteen girl this lovely set of six elastic bow knotted hair scrunchies. This set comes in exciting colors, and it is also very affordable. Also, it is soft and very hair-friendly and can be used on all hair types.

24. DUSISHIDAN Girls Hawaiian Printed Two Piece Bikini 


Please give them an adorable bikini they can rock on their next trip to the beach or to the pool. This set of Hawaiian print bikini will leave them very confident in their skins, and it is an excellent value for money. The fabric is soft and non-itchy and not in any way transparent, just in case this is one of your top priorities when buying a preteen girl a bikini.

25. IBox Bedside Alarm 

Bedside Radio Alarm Clock

Teach them to wake up on their own with this super-tech alarm clock that serves several purposes. It can be used as a wireless charger for smartphones, and it comes with a Bluetooth-enabled speaker that can be used to play music. 

Thus, every young girl will fall in love with this trio-functional alarm clock with dimmable LED light and beautiful bright pink color. Hence, instead of crowding the table with a speaker, alarm clock, and wireless charging port, she has a device that can do all at once.

26. Best Choice Products 6ftx2ftx2in Folding Gym Mat

Bedside Radio Alarm Clock

If she loves yoga, then she would always appreciate a beautiful yoga mat. Thus, you cannot miss it when you buy her this foldable and well-padded yoga mat. Aside from being a yoga mat, this padded mat can be used as a sleeping mat and exercise mat by any young girl. It is very portable and easy to store away. Overall, it is also super affordable.

27. YouMi Rhinestone Tea Cup

Tea Coffee Cup

This cup is gorgeous and that exquisitely right gift to give a princess. It comes with a saucer and a teaspoon, all decorated with beautiful rhinestones patterns. This high-quality ceramic tea set is BPA-free and can be used daily without any taint on its beautifully decorated exterior. 

28. Elizabeth Taylor PASSION Perfume

Elizabeth Taylor PASSION Perfume

Give her little friends something to keep talking about when you gift her this mature designer perfume. It is not what any young girl use, and the sweet smell that embraces the wearer keeps people guessing. This helps to boost her self-confidence. Also, it is one of the best designer perfume brands, which is very affordable yet astonishingly classy, you can give any preteen girl.

29. Steve Madden J-class Heeled Sandal

Heeled Sandal

Elevate her style with these stone embellished heels. This branded heeled sandal will enhance the elegance of any preteen girl. It is made to be durable as well as very fashionable. The heel is so comfortable and not so high, and as such, it could be a great way to introduce a young girl to the more mature world of fashion where ladies wear high heels.

30. Adidas Racer Tr 2.0 Running Shoe

adidas Unisex-Child Soes

There is no better way to encourage a sporty young girl than getting her very comfortable running shoes. This Adidas Racer TR 2.0 is very comfortable, and it comes in exciting designs and colors that you can choose from. It has a rubber sole for powerful grip with anti-skid protection, and it is also a very affordable and yet branded gift option.

31. Gem Stone King 20.00 Ct Sparkling Cubic Zirconia CZ Tennis Bracelet

CZ Tennis Bracelet

Let her wrist do the talking as you wrap this beautiful zirconia stone bracelet around it. It is one of the pieces you can enrich her jewelry box with and worn every day. It goes with all outfits, and it gives remarkable sparkles that draw attention and enhance your preteen girl’s budding femininity.

32. Connective Summer Straw Hat Bowknot Beach Hats for Girls

Connectyle Kids Summer Straw Hat

Beach day should be fun and funky, but that doesn’t mean they should be less classy. No one does wrong when they have an elegant straw hat on a sunny beach day. Thus, with its sun protection features, this comfortable straw hat becomes one of the nicest gifts to add to the beach way of any preteen girl who loves to be around water.

33. Body&Earth 8 Pcs Gift Basket

Bath Set

Just as you would take her to enjoy a nice spa treatment, how about you bring her spa home to her? This spa basket has all the relaxing home products she might need to enjoy a relaxing spa treatment in her bathroom. 

The products have a sweet-smelling cherry blossom and Jasmine scent and essential oil to moisturize and softens the skin. The products included in this basket include bath salt, bubble bath, shower gel, body lotion, rose petals, and lovely bar soap for deep cleansing and relaxing bath.

Buying Guide: How the Best Gifts for 12-Year-Olds Were Chosen 

In our bid to walk you through some of the factors we consider while choosing our gift, we have provided you with simple elements that must go into your gift choice. At the age of 12, most girls are already quite self-aware, and they know what exactly is impeccable and lovely. Thus, below are some of our deciding factors when we were choosing our unique thirty-three products.

1. Quality 

At age 12, it is more than likely that a girl already knows what quality is and wants to own just quality stuff. The internet is already there to learn about brand names and leading brands they all aspire to own. Hence, the greatest mistake you can make is buying them a cheap and low-quality gift.

When we are talking about quality, we refer to how durable the gift will be in the long run and the amount of thoughtfulness the brand used in ensuring that the gift you are choosing is a functional one. Thus, we went for only products that have specific reviews from organic users, and we relied on our experts’ professional skills to filter the list so you can have a unique thirty-three products to choose from.

2. Safety

Don’t forget that they are still kids. At twelve years old, they will probably need a lot of monitoring to ensure they do not expose themselves to things that may cause them injury. Hence, it would be best if you considered how safe a product is when choosing them. If your soon-to-be teenage girl cannot safely use it on her own, then it’s not a safe gift to consider.

3. Interest 

This is a bit more intimate knowledge parents must know about their preteen daughters. Their interest will guide you in fully understanding the type of gift they would appreciate at any particular time. You cannot expect to give a tea set to a girl becoming so inclined with fashion, as this will not be appreciated the same way they would have appreciated a branded bag or beautiful dress. 

The good news is that our list of thirty-three selected gift items covers a wide range of interests that every preteen girl may have. This means we have a little something for that twelve years old girl of yours insofar you know what our interest is.

4. Milestones 

Just as you may expect from a typical child, preteen girls also go through several milestones that eventually shape their interest, want and desires as they grow older. They form a new opinion about things, acquire new skills and more exposure, and seek their little freedom. Milestones can be in different forms, such as physical, emotional, social, and cognitive milestones.

Physical milestone is characterized by maturity and self-awareness as the child gets more coordinated regarding a set of skills and interest. Emotional milestone, on the other hand, is symbolized by detachment from parents and becoming more independent. 

Social milestone is when they begin to seek social acceptance from friends, and they want to be appreciated more by external people. Finally, a cognitive milestone is when they start to form their logical thought and stance, and they seek to do things the way their peer do them. All of these milestones, if taken into proper consideration, they help parents to decide the most appropriate gift for their 12 years old girl.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What Should I Buy My 12 Years Old Girl?

You need to understand that no two girls are the same, and the key to knowing what to buy your girl is understanding her and what she seems to need. You will still find some twelve-year-old girl very comfortable playing with dolls or a set of her little old mic. On the other hand, some girls are way over that and seriously anticipating to be like full-grown ladies.

Always take time to determine the girl’s personality in knowing what to buy her. Also, in anything you intend to buy her, make sure they are quality and very functional, and make sure it has a bit trait of who they are in the gift.

2. Do I Have to Buy Branded Gifts? 

Preteen girls are indeed aware of brand and quality, and they want to wear or own that thing their friends also own. However, it is not every time that buying brands equate to buying quality. There are millions of exciting gift ideas you can choose from without necessarily purchasing a brand, so you put the interests and milestones of your girl into contemplation.

This doesn’t mean we are saying you shouldn’t buy brands for your preteen girls. Brands might be a little bit more expensive, but if you can afford it or are sure that your girl’s interest is in tune with it and is quality enough, you can buy brands. There also an iota of truth in the saying that ‘young girls love branded items.’ This is because you would have certainly given them something to show off.

3. Do Girls Love Tech Item?

Some parents often think they can buy the boys nice tech materials but girls don’t need tech items but instead needs cup and clothing, and nice shoes. This decade has not exempted ay gender from using tech-inclined items, and girls love when they have accessories and techy things in nature. 

When you get them that ring light, fabulous headphones, e-pads, and smartwatches, you are passing a message across that they can also embrace tech as much as a boy. Also, if your preteen girls are very much tech-inclined, then you cannot escape buying them gifts that are techy and beautiful at the same time.

4. Should I Buy her Educational Gift or Buy Her Item She Needs?

You probably bought her all the textbooks she needs to excel in life, and we are confident if she needs more educational stuff, her school library has got her covered. You can give her gifts in the real sense of it without having to try to engage her with what you buy her. 

The age you buy them stuff to keep them busy, educate them or engage them is over. They are now teens, and they need what they need. However, if your preteen girl shows serious interest in reading and enjoying books generally, then it wouldn’t be a bad idea to give her an excellent book to read. 


Every preteen girl needs that unique gift they can remember you gave them at every point in their lives. However, they would only place you and smile at that gift if it is something they get to cherish and love. We are certain that with the comprehensive guide and helpful insights we have included in this review, you would not only guide yourself but will also be able to choose from our carefully selected best gift for 12-year-old girls. 

You now have access to a fantastic collection of gifts that covers several milestones and interests in girls. They are exciting choices that most preteen girls would love and appreciate. It is now in your hands to choose that great choice, but we promise you, you cannot choose amiss.

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