Taking STEM to a Whole New Level of Fun

BRIXO brings science concepts to life easily with super versatile, electricity-conducting building blocks. Hands-on learning has never been this awesome!

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Your Favorite Building Blocks…on Steroids

Ever wanted to build cool stuff that doesn’t just sit on a shelf? It’s time to power up your creations with BRIXO.

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What is Brixo?

BRIXO’s Bluetooth-enabled electric bricks are the next generation of building blocks. We’ve taken one of the world’s favorite toys and have empowered kids and adults to create (and learn!) like they never have before. Our bricks, which are Lego™ compatible, safely conduct electricity so you can make them move, spin, light up, and more. Power up your imagination with BRIXO!

  • Simple

    No programming or prior knowledge required, BRIXO just works.

  • Creative

    With built-in sensors and bluetooth chip, you can program your designs to do just about anything

  • Educational

    Learn about electric circuits by actually building them with BRIXO blocks.

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Share your original designs and find out how to build cool BRIXO models on our new Creations App!

A selection of build instruction
GIFs can also be found here.

Create, Rebuild, Invent!

With BRIXO, you’re not limited to one predetermined model; you have nearly limitless possibilities.
Build a different kind of vehicle, a wacky lamp, a remote-controlled lighthouse, helicopter, or something totally new!
We can’t wait to see what you create.

Our Bricks

Trigger Blocks

Respond to sound, proximity and light and act as sensors

Connector Blocks

Electricity conducting blocks to help you design and build electrical circuits without wires

Power Blocks

Smart, Bluetooth enabled power blocks that can be programmed and controlled using your phone

Light Blocks

Illuminate your designs with lights that shine in different colors

Magnet Blocks

Contains powerful Neodymium magnets to operate the proximity switches

Motor Blocks

Powerful geared electrical motors that bring your model creations to life

You’ve Got the Power

Our easy-to-use BRIXO Control app for iOS gives you the power to control your creations remotely. Download it today, and make your building blocks move, light up, and more—all on your command!