Toys & Gifts Ideas For 12 Year Old Boys

Best Toys and Gift for 12 Year Old Boys

At 12 years, your boy is just about to become a teenager. As expected, his interests will gradually start to change from a toddler’s to a teen’s interest. The pre-teenage phase of life is the period that they would start to learn new skills and interact with friends, and thereby start adapting to new trends. Their interest in toys becomes more developed and sophisticated and they tend to aid their mental developments.

As a parent or guardian, you do not want to make a mistake buying a gift & toy for a 12-year-old boy that is less appealing to his interests neither should you buy something too technical for him. We have made the task of getting the perfect gift for your 12 years old boy easy. Thus, we have identified some of the best gift & toy for 12-year-old boy out of the pool of numerous gift items for a boy in the list below. 


Best Toys & Gift for 12 Year Old Boys (Our Picks)

1. Sky Lite Rotating Laser Projector

Sky Lite

12-year-olds are expected to possess the mix of a toddler and little of teenager’s traits. Such traits are the need for nightlight; where the kids enjoy the beautiful illumination of light in their room at night. The Skylight laser projector produces a revolving picture of the galaxy in the room at night. The beautiful room illuminator is bright enough for the boy to walk from his room to the bathroom when the needs arise in the middle of the night. This is the perfect gift to entertain your 12-year-old boy; and also, to make him learn about the planets around him.

There are different options of brightness levels, effects, and lighting motions. The LEDs power the blue nebula which projects the galaxy of stars.

What we like most about it

We can take on the fact that this toy serves as a teaching gadget to the kid while he is having fun.

  • Comes with exclusive features like portrait mode, night sight, HDR+, etc
  • 4 Beautiful Rotating Light Effects
  • Automatic Shutdown after 4 hours
  • The cable is quite long
  • The kids can learn about the galaxy
  • The display is soothing
  • While it rotates, there are different opinion about the sounds it produces

2. Spikeballs, Trio Ball Kit


If your boy enjoys outdoor activities, the Trio ball kit is a handy toy for a pre-teenager. The spikeball kit comes with a center playing net, three balls, a rule book, and a drawstring bag for storage. The ball is similar but smaller than a volleyball. And the serving techniques also different from that of volleyball. Spikeball encourages team collaboration in your kid as he plays with his friends.

The game is a 2 on 2 game; where the players on each team can only touch the ball a maximum of 3 times before hitting it on the center net. The other team takes it from there and repeats the process. The team that is unable to return the ball to the center net loses; a point is counted for the other team.

The toy pack is very light and easy to carry. It can serve as a recreation toy at the beach, outdoor parties, or in the backyard. The center net is also adjustable to alter the level of difficulty. Likewise, there is a mobile app that allows connection with other players around.

What we like most about it

It is very easy to set up and keeps the kid active physically and socially

  • Encourages the kid to Exercise
  • Older kids can also participate
  • Allows Team Involvement and Social interactions
  • Extra balls
  • Adjustable difficulty level
  • The danger of connecting with strangers via the mobile App

3. Beginner Drone with Camera, Altair 818 Hornet

Beginner Drone

Can you remember the fun of flying a kite during the olden days? That feeling of being the pilot of your aircraft is immeasurable. According to most mommies, the kids love the fun of flying the Altair Aerial drone for beginners. The term beginner is used mainly because the aircraft is easy to operate. There is no need to keep hands on the throttles to maintain a certain level of altitude of the flight.

There is a 720p HD camera with a 120 wide-angle view attached to the drone; the pre-teenage can have a direct view of what the drone sees on his smartphone.

The design is quite sturdy and the height of the flight is also amazing. In that vein, the replacement parts are readily available and easy to fix. This is the best gift toy for a 12-year-old you can get at this cheap price.

What we like most about it

The major highlight of this cute toy is the ease of operation; it keeps out frustration and the drone can compete with any version that his peers might possess. Likewise, the gadget is cheap compared to the value it offers.

  • 15 minutes of full flight on only 2 batteries
  • Easy to operate, with just a button take-off and landing
  • Direct view via a smartphone
  • Replaceable body parts
  • 720p HD camera
  • All directions flight mode (Headless)
  • Easy to switch from beginners to expert mode
  • The expert mode requires a lot of practice

4. Marky Sparky Foam Arrow & Faux Bow Archery Set

Marky Sparky

The Archery set by Marky Sparky is made just for kids about the age of 12. The Bow and Arrow are made of faux and the edge of the arrow is protected by a foam to eliminate danger associated with the shooting of arrows. That does not mean the archery set is not strong enough! The arrow can cover up to 100 ft. within a second. You can thrill your boy’s fancy with this classical outdoor toy. It comes with six arrows and a quiver with a solid feel bow. The base of the arrow has a design that is well balanced and gives an authentic feel of a normal arrow. The boy cannot miss the target with this sleek design. 

What we like most about it

The Marky Sparky Archery set is great for balance and target practice. And also aids the hand and sight coordination of the kid. With another pair of toys for the 12-year-old boy, the fun is unlimited when engaged in an archery war with his friends.

  • Safe to play with and handle
  • Ignites the adventurer in your kid
  • Aids balance and sight coordination
  • Travels up to a distance of 100 feet in seconds
  • Made too simple for advanced kids in archery
  • The foam attracts specks of dirt as they fly about

5. Doinkit Magnetic Dart Board

Doinkit Magnetic

With dart games, the first thing that comes to mind is the danger associated with the sharp edges of typical darts. The Doinkit dartboard game is made of powerful magnets that attract the darts to the board.  Therefore, the kids can enjoy the fun of hitting the bullseye without any risk of injuries. One more thing your 12 years old boy will love about this choice of gift is that the dart game aids his target practice.

The Doinkit dart’s tip has a heavy front design due to the neodymium-magnet in it, and the material makes the design have a balance construction just like the real darts. And you can also hang the board on the wall in his room or in the living room where every family member can also participate in the fun.

What we like most about it

We choose the Doinkit dartboard because of the multiple functions it offers to the kid. It is a perfect gift & toy for a 12 years old boy. 

  • Allows your boy to socialize
  • The dartboard is safe for everyone
  • Aids improve hand-sight coordination
  • It adds beauty to the wall
  • The board looks fragile and the edges fold easily

6. Monster Jam Official Megalodon Storm All-Terrain Remote Control Monster Truck

Monster Jam

Nothing is more fascinating to a 12 years boy than driving his car around the house and outside just like daddy! They love the cruise and the fact that the Monster Jam All Terrain Remote control Monster Truck can move over any surface; smooth rough and even on water.

The toy offers maximum fun both indoor and outdoor; you can keep him occupied with the Monster Jam All Terrain Remote control Monster Truck while at any party. Whether you are at the pool party, beach, or in the yard. With a highly sensitive remote control, He can play around with his friends in toy car races and enable him to interact.

What we Like most About it

The Monster Jam Official Megalodon Storm All-Terrain Remote Control Monster Truck is a great choice of gift & toy for 12-year-old boy at just a token. And the vehicle can adapt to every environment

  • The monster car can move on both land and water
  • Enables him to interact with his friends
  • The remote control is very sensitive
  • The price is very affordable
  • Could be sturdier

7. Xbox Series X


This is a cool gift or toy for a 12 years old boy. The Xbox series X console is not just only for this age group but for every age group. We recommend it for 12 years old because of the many educational and adventurous games the kid can play on it. Unlike the regular PC consoles, the series X Xbox is cheap and the value it offers is far greater than the cost.

This is a toy that the pre-teenage can share with his friends and siblings while having amazing time-outs. Whether within the comfort of his room or the living room. It is also a game that promotes father and son bonding; the father can engage in playing games with the son and share quality time with him.

What we Like most About it

This is a kind of gift or toy that will last for a long period, even as the kid grows old. The game can be played alone against the computer and also played with other players.

  • A perfect gift that promotes parent and son bonding
  • The value of the console is far greater than the cost
  • Many games promote the kids’ intellectual development
  • Indoor games only
  • The need to provide an extra monitor or TV for the kid

8. Flag Capture by REDUX

Flag Capture

The capture the flag game can be the best choice of the gift or toy to offer a tween to encourage physical activities. The game is just like the traditional flag capture game with the territory, jail, and the flag. Although you can play during the day; it is most interesting when played at night.

There are 23 pieces in the pack; 8 wristbands, 8 jail makers, 2 flags, and 5 territory lights, with batteries that can last up to about 12 hours.  The game can be played in a team of 2 to 4 players. Each player wears a reflective headband and strategies about how to win. The kid will enjoy the time out with friends playing the capture the flag game.

What we Like most About it

The game is ideal for physical activities and allows the tween to mingle with other kids.

  • The game encourages team collaboration and critical thinking in kids
  • Great idea for physical activities
  • Allows socialization
  • Long-lasting batteries
  • We could not find any

9. LEGO Technic WHACK! N BASH!

LEGO Technic

Kids see different stunts in movies, such stunts are the head-on collision of vehicles. It’s cool to make them feel that they can create their crash vehicle and create stunts with the LEGO Technic WHACK! The vehicle was designed specifically for kids’ crash stunts.

The kid can dismantle it and assemble the parts back into a speed monster vehicle that is ready to take on any obstacle on its path. It is made of a rigid front bumper and a big spoiler rear. The tire profiles are low and the wheel is wide, which makes it ready for speed and impact. There is also a toy engine that pops out on colliding with an obstacle in a WHACK! ‘N’ BASH! Game.

It is very easy to operate, suitable for a 12 years old boy. Once pulled back and then released, the crash vehicle speeds off and the engine pops out when it crashes.

What we Like most About it

The stunt car encourages the kid to make use of his hands and the toy is quite durable.

  • Easy to assemble
  • A sturdy bumper that is compatible with a crash
  • Wide tires with a low profile with great balance
  • Requires no batteries, just pull back to wind the engine and release for speed
  • There is little control over the speed and its direction

10. MERGE Cube


You are probably looking for a gift or toy for your 12 years old boy that engages him to study Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. This merge cube is the perfect toy you can depend on. The cube works with an application on a smartphone or a tablet. When the reality cube is placed directly in the front of the phone camera, on the screen of the phone you will see the code transform into different things that the kid can learn from. Ranging from the world around to the parts of the human body.

What we Like most About it

The reality Merge cube also offers a platform for “Merge membership” programs that allow the kids to interact and learn about discoveries.

  • The smart way to make the kids get familiar with the STEM at a tender age
  • The Merge Reality cube does not require batteries
  • There is a stand to hold it in place
  • Cannot work without the smartphone camera

11. Learn How To Code Guidebook

How To Code

Technology is advancing every day at a rapid rate, and parents ought to ensure that their kids are not left out of the trend. One of the ways smart parents can help their wards to learn about the technology surrounding them is to provide them with the learning tools. A step-by-step guide on how to code while also catching fun is a sleek way to make your 12 years old boy develop the right skills and mental capability on his own.

The kid can create those games he had been fantasizing about by himself and also adopt the algorithms approaches in his studies at school.

What we like about it

The How-To-Code Guidebook is just a perfect gift that brings out the creativity of the smart kids.

  • A fun way to educate the boy
  • Allows the boy to grow his imaginary thinking
  • Readily available
  • It is not an electronic guide

12. The Boy’s Book of Survival

The Boy’s Book

As your 12 years old boy prepares on becoming a teenager, the experience could be challenging. He needs to be able to protect himself from harm. And that is a major reason why the book, “How to Survive Anything, Anywhere” is one of the necessary gears to equip your boy. Because he will be exposed to different situations at school and in the neighborhood.

The boy’s book of survival teaches the tween how to tackle dangerous situations he might find himself; such as snake bites, assembling a ladder, etc. And also, the book aids his reading abilities and survival instincts. He can take it along in his backpack to everywhere he goes and refer to it whenever he needs it.

What we like about it

The boy’s book of survival is a perfect example of the ideal gift & toy for 12-year-old boy. Because it provides the kid with a balance of practical and fun needed to navigate the world.

  • Aids Reading Abilities
  • Guides the boy in dangerous situations
  • Not every boy will appreciate the gift, especially the ones that do not like to read

13. LETSCOM Bluetooth Headphones


If your son has a smartphone, you can get a mobile accessory such as the Letscom Bluetooth headphone for him as a gift. Instead of the traditional cable earpiece that might end up entangling around his neck and arms while listening to his favorite music, the Bluetooth headphone will alleviate such occurrences.

The wireless connection to the smartphone enables him to play freely and still be able to listen to whatever from his mobile phone. The headphone does not only connect to the smartphone, it can also connect to any Bluetooth-enabled devices for effective communication.

Letscom Bluetooth earphone offers 15 hours quality listening experience and takes just about 1 to 2 hours to fully charge. Also, the Bluetooth connection is 5.0 which works at a range of about 900 ft. The speaker is made of high-quality 11mm copper with noise cancellation that fits in perfectly to every size of ear.

What we like about it

The Bluetooth headphone is cheap and is great gear for physical activities

  • More freedom of movement
  • Long-lasting batteries and short charging period
  • 5.0 Bluetooth connection
  • IPX7 waterproof
  • Noise cancellation
  • 11mm copper speaker
  • Top brands produce better sound quality

14. Batlofty Handheld Video Game Console


If you are stuck on choosing the perfect gift and toy for a 12-year-old boy, you might want to go for this batlofty handheld video game console. Every young chap dreams of having one. The game console has the appearance of a Gameboy with an extra Nintendo- Esque joystick that allows 2 players.

You can play over 400 retro games, such as contra, Pacman, street fighter, Pokémon, super Mario, Tetris, car race, and many more on this console. And the battery can last up to 5 hours of maximum entertainment. The screen is a 2.8” LCD, but it can also be connected to the TV or a computer monitor to have a bigger gaming display. So the kid can have fun playing games anywhere and at any time.

What we like about it

We like three things about this Batlofty Handheld Video Game Console; it is very portable, it can be connected to a larger screen for a better display and the cost is budget-friendly.

  • Play video game anywhere and at anytime
  • More than 5 hours of fun gaming experience
  • 2-players compatibility
  • AV-out to connect to a TV or a Personal Computer
  • Pocket Size game is easy to carry about
  • The 2.8 inches LCD screen

15. Fender FA-115 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

Fender FA-115

Most kids grow to love music and the zeal to learn how to play musical instruments is usually very huge. Parents, you cannot get it wrong by choosing an acoustic guitar for your 12 years old boy. This Fender FA15 Dreadnought Guitar comes in a full exciting package! It includes picks, clip-on tuners, extra replacement strings, straps, and an instructional DVD. You can also watch some videos online for more updated lessons

Owning a musical instrument is a fast way to learn and practice how to play musical notes in the comfort of his room or the musical class.

What we like about it

We choose this Fender FA15 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar as one of our top 35 gift & toy for 12-year-old boys because of its high quality and affordability. It offers many years of usability.

  • The strings are made up of steel
  • Comes with extra replacement strings
  • The guitar comes in black, brown, and sand dust color
  • Comes with instructional DVD that aids fast learning
  • The design is meant for only the right-handed kids

16. Nintendo Switch Lite


You can buy the Nintendo Switch video game, the lite version for your 12 years old boy as a gift or toy; instead of buying the more expensive regular version of the Nintendo Switch handheld video game. This Nintendo switch lite version has almost the same features as the regular Nintendo but at a cheaper price.

Thanks to the long-lasting batteries, the kid can still play the most popular video games on it for several hours. It has a 5.5 inches LCD screen. Likewise, its lightweight and portability make it easy to be carried about in the pocket.

What we like about it

The Nintendo switch lite version offers similar qualities as the regular Nintendo switch at an affordable cost. It is very portable and user-friendly; any young lad will love to have one of them.

  • Affordable
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Comes in different exciting colors
  • Can only be played in handheld mode

17. Wizard Chess Board (Harry Potter Set)

Wizard Chess

With a wizard chess game set, you can complement the creativity, logic, and critical thinking skills of your pre-teenage. The board games are known to enhance a child’s cognitive skills and also aids academic performances in subjects such as STEM. 

All the pieces represent the famous novel, Harry Potter characters that makes the board game even more interesting than the regular chess games. The height of the characters ranges from 2 inches to 4 inches and the board has a dimension of 18.5 x 18.5 inches. This Harry Potter wizard chess encourages social interaction as he plays against his friends or even you.

What we like about it

The harry potter wizard chess game is the best gift & toy for 12-year-old boy that loves the harry potter series. He can interact with the characters directly instead of reading the novel or seeing them in the movies.

  • The game aids cognitive skills in kids
  • The game is an imitation of popular Harry Potter Character
  • There are separate drawstring bags for each color of the pieces
  • The board game is light in weight and it easy to store
  • The material of the chessboard is not of high quality

18. Threeking Smart Robot


No matter the age, Robotics is fun for everyone. With this Threeking Smart Remote control and Gesture robot, your 12 years can be entertained with the feel of being in charge. The robot is programmable to perform 50 moves and it is also sensitive to hand gestures.

The robot can sing, dance, talk, walk and turn around; just as it was programmed. It also responds to hand gestures.

The arms, knees, and fingers are flexible; they can bend and move smoothly. There is also a wheel under its foot that enhances its smooth sliding moves as it dances and slides on the floor. There is a USB port for recharging the batteries that can last up to an hour of continuous activities.

What We Like About It

The robot is a step to let your 12 years old boy grasp the concept of programming. The sensitivity of the robot against obstacles is amazing.

  • Charges via USB port
  • Can be programmed to perform about 50 movements
  • Sensitive to hand gestures adding more to the fun
  • Some 12 years old might not consider it mature enough
  • There is a little musical function installed in it

19. Altair AA Wave RC Remote Control Boat

Altair AA

Looking for some water fun for your 12-year-old boy? The Altair Remote Control AA Wave Boat is the answer to your worries. The boat can move at a speed of about 18 miles per hour and the remote control is so sensitive that it will still detect the vehicles at a long range of about 100 meters.

There is a self-right feature installed in the vehicle, that enables the boat to stay afloat and upright should it capsize as it journeys in water. The boat offers lots of fun and can be used for speed boat race competitions among the young lads.

If you are concerned about safety regarding the propeller; the child-safe propeller will not rotate unless it comes in contact with water. When the boat is drifting out of range or the battery gets low, the alarm system triggers so that proper action can be taken.

What We Love About It

We love this Altair toy speed boat because of many reasons such as the anti-capsizing, self-upright, and safety features. Most 12-year-old boys will love this AA Wave RC Boat by Altair, even if he has never thought about it before.

  • The boat has a child-safe propeller
  • Requires no assembly
  • Self-right and anti-capsizing features
  • Long-range remote control
  • Alarm warnings against low battery and out of range
  • The playtime is just 20 minutes

20. Digital Coin Bank Savings Jar

Digital Coin Bank

According to Ben Franklin, whatever cent you can save is the same amount you have earned. Parents can encourage their 12 years old boy to save money by offering them this beautiful piggy save that comes with a digital counter. The digital Coin saving jar helps the boy to keep tabs on the total amount of money he has saved overtime via the LCD screen attached to the mouth of the jar.

The digital saving jar has been programmed to accept and automatically count every type of American coins such as Quarters, Pennies, Dollar coins, Half Dollars, Nickels, and Dimes. The jar has a 1.5-liter volume capacity that is strong and durable. The lid also has a function that makes it possible to subtract any amount of money retrieved from the jar.

What we like about it

The Digital Coin Bank encourages saving in young lads irrespective of their ages and the kids can monitor the amount of money he has saved.

  • Automatic counter
  • Beautiful LCD screen display
  • Addition and subtraction button to keep tabs on the amount added (in case of a bill) or retrieved from the jar
  • The counter does not count dollar paper notes

21. Cinemood Hand-held Cinema Projector


When all gifts or toys seem not to be the choice of your 12-year-old boy, then this mini projector should. The mini projector is a portable device that can fit into a backpack or even inside a handbag. The kid can project videos from Amazon Prime, YouTube, Netflix, and also the phone screen on the wall or any flat surface.

There are preloaded videos that last more than 120 hours on the device to keep the kid entertained. It’s desirable because of the rechargeable battery that can last 3 hours. You can connect your smartphone or any other Bluetooth-enabled devices to the mini projector and the 12-year-old can enjoy seamless videos with friends and family.

What we like about it

The cinema projector works seamlessly with Bluetooth-enabled devices and can be used to minor small screen displays into larger displays. And the gift is easy to move about in a small handbag or backpack.

  • A portable device that can fit into a small storage
  • Bluetooth enable device
  • More than 120 hours of preloaded videos
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Last for only 3 hours

22. Ravens-burger Marvel Villainous Board Game


If your 12-year-old boy is a fan of the marvel comics, the marvel cartoon characters of the Infinite Power by Ravens-burger is a board game of strategies designed for ages 12 and above. The board games tell the story of your favorite heroes and villains.

The game can be played by 2 to 4 players and it involves strategic moves to overcome the various challenges, to victory. This game provides the platform for the kid to be critical and logical. He can choose between the Hela, Thanos, or Kill-monger villains to succeed over the heroes.

There are 5 villain sculptures movers. Each villain has its domain, fate deck, and guides. Other features are the power token, shared fate deck, soul makers, and a vault.

What we like about it

The instruction manual is clear and makes learning to be fun and interesting. The game brings fans of marvel together and the kids can develop strategic thinking by playing this game.

  • Encourages team play
  • Suitable for everyone
  • 40 to 80 minutes of play
  • Comes with a clear instruction book and guides
  • There are some typographical errors on the board

23. Book: How to Be a Math Genius

Book: How

A book is also an amazing gift you can give your 12-year-old boy. As he grows up to become a teenager, he should develop academically. This book, “How to be a math Genius” will guide him to academic success. Interestingly, the book was written to engage pre-teens, no matter their academic statuses in class; even a struggling student can have a full grasp of mathematics at once.

Contrary to the regular mathematics textbooks, the book makes use of things the 12-year boy is already familiar with in his day-to-day activities. A regular mathematics textbook will throw problems and facts at pupils but this book uses puzzles and games that are relevant to learning; so the boy is encouraged to learn.

What we like about it

The book helps students to understand mathematics in the simplest way possible. It equips the 12-year-old with necessary information about math.  And the use of puzzles, games, and life experiences deserves a salute from us.

  • The book makes use of familiar fun stuff to explain mathematical problems
  • Motivates the student to learn and solve problems with puzzles and games
  • There is a history of math genius written in the book
  • More emphasis on the importance of mathematics than teaching

24. Book: 5,000 Awesome Facts (National Geographic Kids)

Book: 5,000 Awesome Facts

The coolest boy in the class is not the one with just the sleekest toys; a knowledgeable 12 years old boy will stand out! This book, 5000 facts about everything by the National Geographic Kids is the second version of the initial fact book.

The book contains amazing topics that encourage the boy to explore and seek more knowledge about things around him. Traditional books might be boring, but this 5,000 Awesome Facts book also offers fun facts that trigger the kid’s interest to want to learn more about new topics. Also, it fosters your boy to want to talk about his discoveries; a way to get him closer to you and socialize easily with his colleagues.

What We Love About It

The book offers in-depth knowledge about different topics that can develop a kid’s intellectual capacity. The pictures are clear and engaging; no boring moment reading this book. 

  • Interesting facts and fun-filled challenges
  • Foster better socialization and communication
  • The prints are clear and engaging
  • The texts seem too tiny on pages with more than 50 facts

25. SKMEI Multi-Function, Waterproof wristwatch


A perfect wristwatch to complement a 12-year-old dressing can go a long way in impressing him. A kid wristwatch is a multifunctional gadget that has both analog and digital displays. The features include alarms, date and time, stopwatch. With just a push of the light button, the LED backlight illuminates the LCD screen to display the digits vividly at any time of the day.

You do not need to worry that water might damage the wristwatch if the kid decides to play with water while wearing it; the watch is 50m water-resistant. There are 3 major matching colors to choose from; red-black, blue-black, and green-black.

The wristband is made up of a durable rubber which guarantees many months of usage.

What we like about it

The SKMEI Multifunctional, Waterproof wristwatch has a beautiful design and will aid the child in keeping to time as a responsible person. It is a highly rated gift & toy for 12-year-old boy.

  • Dual time watch (Analog and Digital time)
  • Shock and water-resistant of about 50m
  • Hourly and Daily Alarm
  • Anti-vibration and Anti-magnetic properties
  • Affordable
  • Poor battery life

26. Outdoor DiscQvery Adventure Set

Outdoor DiscQvery

Get a full pack of outdoor adventure kits at just a token. Present this to your boy and you would be the coolest parent in the world! The kit is a complete package for kids that engage in outdoor activities because it has all the gadgets needed to maximize all the fun out there.

The 6 in 1 adventure set consists of a binocular with 4 times magnification, a whistle for alert, a compass that he can use to learn how to read a map, magnifying lens for studying tiny insects, a mechanical rechargeable flashlight, and a hiking backpack for storing these items.

What we like about it

This 6 in 1 outdoor adventure pack is the perfect gift for a 12 years old explorer.

  • The outdoor adventure package is affordable
  • The flashlight requires no batteries
  • Perfect for picnics and camping activities
  • The backpack is not very strong



This captivating toy is an ideal gift for a 12-year-old boy who is aspiring to be an Engineer; as it will help grow their intellectual capabilities and fuel their imaginations to optimum aptitude.

This Do-it-yourself robot can also help to teach kids elementary coding and robotics and help them understand ways to solve underlying and analytical problems and bolster their creativity.

There is no better time than now to encourage children to thread on the path to swatting the background hypothesis behind these technologies.

What we like about it

 The Deluxe Eco robotics is a unique bot that can be built and rebuilt into 14 different robots.

  • It improves engineering Skills, analytical problem solving, logic, sense of reasoning, and creativity
  • A transfixing way to explore Solar Power
  • Made with durable and very strong plastic pieces
  • It comes with a well-detailed and impressive manual
  • The robots move on water and land
  • Includes stickers for beautiful home decoration
  • It requires no batteries
  • It depends solely on direct sunlight to be able to move around

 28. 3-D HOME KIT


A 3-D Home kit is a perfect gift for a 12-year-old as it helps develop skills and passion as they come up against hands-on ways how architects, designers, and engineers work.

This 3-D Home kit allows a 12-year-old boy to understand the work and rewards of being an architect, as they work on the design of a three-dimensional prototype of their own dream house.

The 3-D Home Kit brings forth entire materials for scheming plans and constructing a model of arguably every house on a poster board even up to four stories high.

What we like about it

It comes with a utility knife, duct tape, scissors, adhesive, and a ruler

  • Builds outstanding prototypes of homes and reshape projects out of cardboard
  • Scale ruler and slope calculated is included
  • Naturalistic Illustration of roofing, brick, interior, deck, stairs, cabinets, floors, siding and so much more
  • Model building manual is included
  • Easy to use
  • Assistance is highly recommended for younger kids

29. National Geographic Kids Why?

National Geographic

This is a very impactful book and a perfect gift that provides your 12-year-old son the opportunity to interrelate with you about nature, humans and their bodies, animals, architecture, and more. The book, National Geographic Kids; Why? Provides answer to everything, with over 1,111 possible answers. Ask him to allot a portion of what he has learned over a cup of tea and some cookies. Ask if they know why snot is yellow. Then you should turn to the segment on the human body to ascertain.

What we love about it

This type of training process, enjoined with reciprocity, can create useful encounters and beautiful memories that will stay with your 12 years old kid for the rest of his life.

  • It contains over 1,100 topics to search from
  • Several colorful and beautiful images come with the answer to each question
  • It motivates learning in a very interesting way
  • This book contains a detailed description
  • We could not find any

30. Activ Life LED Bike Wheel Light

Activ Life

This is yet another cool gift for your 12-year-old son to make feel safe for a nighttime bike ride and of course, look cool for a daytime ride as well. As discern on CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX News, LED wheel bike lights from Activ Life are the promising new thing to enter SoCal and it is also setting trends across American cities. With Activ, your bike will become increasingly visible and keep you and your loved ones safe at night or in a low light condition or environment by switching from “consistent on” to “flashing” mode.

The best part is, it comes with an easy-to-follow installation video so you might as well not read the instruction.

What We Love About It

It is very affordable and it is also a gift for a 12 years old kid that will make them feel cool and safe as it is visible to traffic.

  • They are available in different and multiple colors
  • It comes with an easy-to-follow installation that allows the wire to fit perfectly on the rim
  • It ensures safety in a low-light environment or condition
  • It comes with an extra set of batteries
  • The light could break if kids get rough with their bikes

31. Black Ops 1911 Airsoft Guns Ready to Play Kit

Black Ops 1911

Are you looking for the best gift toy option for a twelve-year-old boy? This is the perfect gift for a 12-year old boy interested in target shooting, although adult supervision is of the essence. It is affordable with the complete 1911 Tactical Combat Kit containing 2 spring-powered 1911 airsoft pistols, a reusable get target, and two 400 round containers of 12g airsoft BBs. It also has the realistic look and feel of 0.45 caliber with real size 12 round mag and cocking action. The air gun is easy to use and has two packages which makes a total of 800 airsoft BBs.

  • It contains a reusable 12-inch sticky target
  • It includes user manuals for target practice
  • It comes with two packages totaling 800 airsoft BBs
  • This product set cannot be shipped to the state of New York
  • It requires the supervision of a responsible adult

32. Akai Professional MPK MKII Drum Pad & Keyboard Controller

Akai Professional

This beautiful gift is one that will thrill your 12-year-old son especially if he’s aspiring to be a young “Ed Sheeran” on the go and just about anywhere. This drum pad and keyboard controller will give your son the chance to take control of making music in exciting new ways. It is movable as it is small enough to fit in a backpack and also gives a 25 velocity-sensitive synth-action mini key, a 4-way thumb stick for mod duties and pitch bend, and a high and low octave button. More reason why this is a perfect gift is, it also comes with eight backlights, sensitive velocities with MPC-style pads with note repeat and full level, together with eight knobs assigned to them.

What we love about it

It comes with over 1450 downloadable sounds and a software package that includes MPC Beats and six mind-blowing virtual Instruments such as Electric, Bass Line, Hybrid 3, Tube Synth, Mini Grand, and Velvet, and a 2GB of sound content that will ignite your creativity right immediately.

  • It consists of 8 assignable endless knobs for mixing, tweaking plug-ins, and many more
  • The ultra-compact design allows you make beats anywhere
  • It contains a built-in arpeggiator with adjustable resolution, range, and modes
  • It includes the entire music production starter Kit
  • It is rugged and builds for on-the-go tenacity
  • It requires some days of learning and practicing before you get professional

33. Spontuneous


This fun and exciting board game requires no musical talent. Spontuneous is going to be a super exciting gift for your 12year old son. It is a board game that is going to leave other players baffled by the keywords you choose.

Your kids will be so occupied trying to be the first to voice out a song, that they will not even be self-conscious about the quality of their voice even shy players tend to be competitive.

You can also streamline the genres of songs and avoid made-up songs by YouTube content creators, but you can also make your own rules. It’s a great and lovely gift every 12-year-old kid should have.

What we love about it

The game allows players to play the game their way and also gives quiet people a fun moment as well.

  • It’s multiplayer
  • It’s highly interactive
  • It requires no musical skills
  • Intergenerational play may be difficult

34. APEMAN Trawo Action Camera 4K Wi-Fi Underwater Waterproof


This super cool gift is surely going to make your 12-year-old son leap with excitement. The camera optimizes recordings via the use of HDR, noise level reduction, or mapping.

This amazing camera can convert images into realistic reproduction of color from all corners and play a video with a more response time. APEMAN Trawo Action Camera also comes with a wireless remote control which means you can put it on your wrist while skiing, biking, hiking, and more. It also possesses the recording function. And seven white balance modes of fluorescent, incandescent, black and white, time-lapse, dash cam, burst photo, loop video, and even self-timer.

What we love about it

It’s a high-quality gift at a low cost and it also comes with mounting accessories.

  • It features Wi-Fi connectivity
  • It can record through the use of HDR, mapping, and noise reduction
  • It can work perfectly for underwater adventure to 40M (130feet) and 170° adjustable angle that allows you to see more and capture wider
  • It uses electronic Image Stabilization technology to reduce the shaking and blurring during movement
  • It supports class 10 or higher memory card
  • The battery can last for 120 minutes only

35. Toysmith Giant Rocket Balloon set

Toysmith Giant

This amazing gift is a balloon set that blasts off into the skies. The balloons pack contains eighty-five balloons in several colors and also comes with an air pump. It is perfect for outdoor games and entertainment, even parties and other events. The rocket balloons can be pumped up to 40-inches. The giant rocket balloons can be used again after every hour of entertainment. It is recommended for 12-year-olds and above.

What you love about it

They come with an air pump and they can be reused.

  • It is suitable for outdoor entertainment, parties, and other events
  • It challenges kids’ imagination and keeps them active
  • It is committed to providing the most mind-blowing toys along with safety standards
  • It can be used again after every flight for hours of entertainment
  • It requires adult supervision for children under 10 years old
  • Air leaks from the balloon can choke children under 10 years old

What do 12-year-olds like to do?

Execute “Do It Yourself” projects

The pre-teenage phase of life is the period whereby the boy’s level of imagination and creativity becomes more advanced; they want to build and create things themselves. That is the reason they are usually excited to lay hands-on projects that they would be able to execute on their own. Such projects help to boost their critical thinking and learning capability.

Learn To Code

Most twelve years old love to play games; activities such as gamified coding enable them to have fun while they learn new algorithms. The coding activities aid their critical and logical thinking. Hence, helps in developing their communication, problem-solving, and collaboration skills which are applicable in the classroom and among their peers.

Play Board games

As their creativity develops rapidly, pre-teens tend to like to learn how to play board games or even try to formulate board games with suitable rules. These board games can serve as a useful tool that brings pre-teens together as a team or to be able to play independently. Moreover, playing board games has been known to improve social interactions, cognitive skills, and aid critical thinking.

Learn to play an instrument

Your twelve years old boy might be a music enthusiast; a rock star wannabe! – learning how to play a musical instrument like their favorite artists will be top of their to-do list. Starting from the easy-to-learn musical instruments, such as harmonicas, drum sets, guitar, and the likes. Musical instruments help to boost the child’s memory and focus. Also, it helps to improve his ability to multitask.

Play Video Game

Although, playing video games has no age limit; a 12 years old boy loves to explore the world of fantasies. They want to share a game with their friends and establish superiority. There are loads of interesting video games that engage the little man mentally and also offer him an avenue to socialize with his peers.

Overcome an Obstacle

It is every child’s dream to be able to overcome any challenges they might be faced on their own; 12 years is a phase of life that they would want to convince their parents and siblings that they are mature enough to take care of themselves. One of such is the opportunity to show off their talents and independence by overcoming every little obstacle.


What do 12-year-olds want for their birthday?

Most pre-teenagers want something unique and fancy as birthday gifts. These gifts must bring memories when they flashback to their birthdays and makes them feel special.

How do I keep my 12-year-old boy entertained?

Keeping a 12 years old boy entertained is quite easy; just make sure you know what his hobbies are and try to get a toy or gift that matches them.

What is the best gift for a 12-year-old?

There are no specific gifts for 12 years old; what is most important is that the kid loves the gift and it is useful to him or her. So, get something that relates to their hobbies and can last the test of time.

Is 12 still a kid?

The age of twelve is that period where the child demonstrates the mixed traits of a baby and a teenager. Hence, they are more developed mentally, physically, socially, and emotionally than toddlers but not as much as teenagers. Although, the rate of development varies at 12 years old; some are more advanced than others.

What do 12-year-olds think about?

Nobody can tell specifically what runs through the mind of a preteen. However, we can assume that they are thinking that they are old enough to be seen and treated as teenagers. Most of their needs change and become more sophisticated.


After very thorough consideration, we have made the job of brainstorming on the appropriate gift for your boy easier. We are confident that, with our list of top 35 gift & toys for 12-year-old boy ideas, you can never miss out on putting an amazing impression on your little man’s mind. We would like to read about your testimonies in the comment section.

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