Best Gifts for 20 Year Old Boys in 2021

Gifts for 20 Year Old Boys

It’s difficult sometimes to guess the likes and dislikes of a 20 year old boy as he is not a kid anymore and he wants to use cool things.  So in order to buy gifts for him on any occasion like birthday or other occasions, you should be wise and concern about his choices and should pick the things which are cool and useful as well.

So we are here to help you by providing a list of best gifts for 20 year old boy. So it highly recommended going through the article and making your decision accordingly.

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Things to consider before buying gifts for 20 Year Old Boys

Buying a gift for a 20 year old boy is not that easy, moreover you have to keep in mind some points so that you could be satisfied and he will like it as well. 

Preference of Age Group

First of all remember he is not a child anymore. So according to his age he must prefer to have modern, cool and elegant things or advance technologies also. Try to gift him as we want to have. 

Specific choices  

Some boys have some specific preferences like some are book lovers, some are tech lovers and also can be found fashion lovers etc. So try to know his preferences and then make your decision to buy. 


Well, price is the most important topic whatever you want to buy. It is not necessary to think that only pricey things are qualitiful along with lower price things will not give you best service. So now what you can do is just you make your budget first and heck the quality of the product with your budget.         

These are the common considerations, but you can also search for what he actually needs in near future. In the mean time if he want to buy anything for him, you can try to find out and surprise him by giving him that as a present.    

Top Gifts for 20 year Old boys in 2020 (Top Picks)

1. Addida’s Men’s Stakeboarding the Bushenitz Snickers

Addida's Men's Snickers

This is the coolest sneaker and as 20 year old boys love cool things that’s why we put this item top of the list.

It is made of 100% Leather and synthetic and comes with rubber sole along with removable insole.

The style of the sneaker is combination of adidas Action Sports and Dennis Busenitz. The sneaker also features cupsole construction, a durable upper and a GEOFIT collar.

Moreover it has ankle protection which prevents errant heel flips and the upper material gives a lot of arch support and has a thick padding. It is quiet durable and it’s not slipper or gripper at all.

2. Smartphone Projector 2.0

Smartphone Projector 2.0

This item is so fascinating and will definitely get you excited after getting this as this is totally a fun gift. It is made by cardboard and has glass lens and maximum size of 80mm x 160mm and 3.2 x 5.7 inches phones can be fitted into it.

Product Dimensions 7.3 x 6.9 x 4.1 inches and Item Weight 9 ounces along with it can magnify upto 8 times of the Smartphone screen.  Though it is not perfect for commercial or professional use but the compact design is so light and easily portable so that he can use it for mini get together.

So overall, this is perfect gift for a gadget lover person.

3. JE Wireless Charging Pad

JE Wireless Charging Pad is so cool and useful as well for those who use phones a lot. It can be used in the car or office for fast charging as it has 15W fast charging system with Q 3.0 adapter along with High quality silicon material which is non-slip and it protects the phone from sliding back.

Moreover it is a 3 in 1 wireless charger with GPS tracker and storage box. You can use this with Samsung Galaxy Edge/Note, iPhone11/11Pro/11Pro Max/Xs/XR/XS/X/8/8 Plus, All QI-Enbed phones.

4. Timex Stainless Steel Hand Wound Movement Watch

There are some boys who love to make collection of watches and this watch will be so perfect for them for it’s classic style and stainless steel back and it is water resistant up to 100 feet.

It comes with leather straps and adjustable buckle closure along with manual movement and three analog systems.

Let’s see the Measurements of the watch

  • Case Width: 32 3⁄5 mm
  • Case Height: 32 3⁄5 mm
  • Case Depth: 10 mm
  • Band Circumference/Length: 9 3⁄4 in
  • Band Width: 17 7⁄10 mm
  • Weight: 1.2 oz

5. Shower Speaker

Shower Speaker

It’s a very common habit to sing during shower time and this Bluetooth shower speaker is the funniest gift for the bathroom singers.

It is an auto tech waterproof Bluetooth speaker with fm radio, mice and LED mood light, moreover it is a wireless speaker and easily portable. 

Along with this, it has super bass and HD sound that it can be used for bathroom, kitchen, outdoor even pool or beach parties.

The compact, sleek design with high quality silicon material makes it so durable and also it is so lightweight and portable that user can carry it anywhere he wants. 

6. Personalized Swiss Army Knife

Swiss Army Knife

At this age, they like to keep some personal safety tools with them and it’s so fascinating. The Victorinox Personalized Army Knife is the original Swiss knife with 33 options that make it versatile.

Have a look what will provide with it-  Corkscrew, Large Blade, Small Blade, Can Opener with Small Screwdriver and Bottle Opener with Large Screwdriver, Philips Screwdriver, Mini-Screwdriver, Reamer, Key Ring, Wire Stripper, Tweezers, Scissors, Multi-purpose Hook,Toothpick, Wood Saw, Hook Disgorger, Fish Scaler, Ruler, Nail File, Metal File, Metal Saw, Fine Screwdriver, Chisel, Pliers, Wire Cutter, Nail Cleaner, Wire Crimper, Straight Pin, Magnifying Lens, Pen,  Sewing Eye

The product comes with lifetime warranty so this is so much profitable gift.

7. X-Pro3 Mirrorless Digital Camera

 X-Pro3 Mirrorless Digital Camera

The 20 year old boy who loves photography this X-Pro3 Mirrorless Digital Camera will be an amazing gift for him. As it comes with LCD screen so that he can use the viewfinder to get the best shot. It is the best selling camera of the decade for it’s Advance  Hybrid Optical Multi Viewfinder.

The best feature is the 3. 69M-dot OLED electronic viewfinder (EVF) which provides exact, fast and high-quality representation image look. Moreover it’s a combination of X-trans CMOS 4 sensor and X-Processor 4 which maximizes the quality with high range along with it features Bluetooth 4.2 version. The 16 digital simultaneous modes provide the stunning photographs.

8. Keith Haring Puzzle

Keith Haring Puzzle

If the boy is a puzzle lover, this Keith Haring Puzzle will be the best gift for him. It comes with 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle with 100% recycled blueboard paper.

Puzzle is 19. 25 x 26. 6 inches completed and it comes in box of 14″ x 10″ x 2. 37″ in size. Moreover the puzzles are made with high quality material that make them strong and they won’t break along with they can easily fit to the puzzle board.

9. Neck Massage Pillow

Neck Massage Pillow

It is the best gift for 20 year old boy who loves self caring and want to spend relax time. As going for massage to the spa is expensive so this neck massage pillow will be a wise solution. It is featured with specially designed rotating balls with 3D multi directions which penetrate the tissues and muscles and relives aches, pains, knots and tensions as well and it can be used for multi purpose like for shoulder and back pain also.

Moreover it comes with AC charger and car adapter so that he can use it anywhere he can just by sitting on a chair or car seat. As it is so lightweight and portable so it can be easily carried away anywhere.

As well as it comes with overheat protection system that’s make it so suitable for the people with back, shoulder and neck pain.

10.  Airtight Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker and Tea Infuser with Spout

It is an awesome gift for cold coffee and tea lover as it provides smooth coffee everytime with rich taste.

Cold brewing is always better as it contains 70% less acid than hot brewing and the coffee brewed by this machine can be stored long time and also be mixed with any beverages to make the new varieties.

Coffee lovers don’t want to compromise with the quality and the product is definitely worth it as it comes with rust free and superfine filters which are laser cut, BPA free silicon seal and stainless steel filter as well that provide the super smooth, thick coffee.

11. Bluetooth Smart Light Bulb

Bluetooth Smart Light Bulb

As at this age, boys want to try new and advance technologies, Bluetooth Smart Light Bulb can give them a new experience.  This is multicolor, bluetooth enabled and has high efficient LED energy bulbs which can be operated by smartphones or other mobile devices.

It can be controlled and change the color by the mood of the user and make favourite color in the room with it’s 20 pre programmed color modes. Moreover the light can be fitted in any standard E26 base light fixture and is the size of an A19 bulb. Along with it has a lifetime of 20,000 hours and comparable to a 60W incandescent bulb, so he can look cool and save money as well.

12. Waterproof Waxed Canvas Satchel

Waterproof Waxed Canvas Satchel

If you want to give a 20 year old boy any gift which will be helpful for him in future like the professional world, this Waterproof Waxed Canvas Satchel can be right choice. 

It is the most popular bag as it can hold laptop, important paper works and many more things as it is 16.5 inches in size and it is made with genuine leather.

It comes with removable and adjustable straps with it so it can be used it multipurpose like work, college, business or travel as well. It has 1 back pocket with zipper to keep important articles, 2 slip pockets to keep small and quick accessories and 2 side pockets to keep umbrella or bottles.

It is so durable, waterproof and compact design that is so lovable.

13. Thor Hammer Bottle Opener

Thor Hammer Bottle Opener

This is the most amazing gift for Thor lovers and Thor Hammer Bottle Opener will add fun twists to their life as it looks as like the Thor’s hammer from Marvel movies.

It is so durable, strong as it is made from crafted plastic and  the bottle opener has realistic bronze shade just like the replica of the hammer. It can be used in catering, bar, kitchen and it looks so cool and aesthetic as well.

14. Star Wars Plate Set

We have Star Wars fans too in this generation, so you can gift Star Wars Plate Set to a Star Wars lover to make him surprise. 

You will find the awesome characters like the wise old Jedi Yoda, the sith lord and villain Darth Vader,  and the trusty sidekicks Chewie and R2D2 feature in pop art prints on this amazing plate set which will definitely make nostalgic to the fan. Moreover you can make a star wars theme party for him and use these plates in the party to make him more surprise. It can be used regularly and it is dish water safe.

15. Star Wars Waffle Maker

Waffle Maker

Another gift for Star Wars lovers and waffles lover as well along with Star Wars Waffle Maker will creates double dose of death star.

It can create both light and fluffy, darker and crispy waffles as it can be controlled and operated easily and it has an indicator light which shows when the waffle is cooked. It comes with stainless steel exterior and inner plates are non stick which can be cleaned easily with dump cloth. As well as it looks so cool and elegant at any countertop. 

16. Whiskey Glass Set

Whiskey Glass Set

Yes, a set of Whiskey Glass can be the most surprising gift for a 20 year old boy. The unique shape of the Dragon Glassware Diamond Whiskey Glasses will provide a new experience of having whiskey.

The glasses are spill proof, positioned at an anti rocking,  50 degree titled angle, inspired by diamond and these features make it a luxury present.

Moreover the glasses are crystal clear, made with high quality material that makes it suitable for daily use,  dishwasher and freezer safe and it can be cleaned easily. It is a set of two glasses and the design is really amazing, elegant, classy as well.

17. Temperature Control Smart Mug

Temperature Control Smart Mug

Boys love to experience the new inventions so Temperature Control Smart Mug can be a good choice to let them have a new experience. The product is a controlled heated mug which can regulate temperature from 120°F to 145°F.

This can work upto 1 hour with a single charge along with it can be used with smartphones to set temperature and receive notifications. It is made with stainless steel and coated with ceramic which prevents scratching. It can contain upto 14 oz and is easily washable with hands.

18. Bamboo Folio Smartpad Notebook

Bamboo Folio

Everybody wants a notebook to write down the to do lists but it can be best when you have the digital one and Bamboo Folio Smartpad Notebook provides the easiest way to save thousands thoughts.

The item provides many features like digitalized notes can be edited and they can be saved in PNG,SVG, PDF, JPG,or WILL files along with can be written on google doc format. But it requires bluetooth of iOS or Android Smartphone and internet connection to operate and it contains upto 80 pages.

19. Lumos Kickstart Smart Bike Helmet

Lumos Kickstart

Here is a gift for bike lover boys which is wireless and has built in motion sensor that provides full safety without bothering user.

This is a simple, functional, elegant and smart bike helmet with all around LED lights for safety and visibility and 10 LED lights in the front, 11 orange lights in each side and 38 red color lights in rear to make visible wherever the user is.

Moreover this also features a push button to show the turning points in the road and everyone will notice where the bike is going. The helmet comes in the most average size of size 21.3” – 24” and it will be fitted the most adults.

20. 54mm Polarized Round Sunglasses

54mm Polarized Round Sunglasses

20 year old boys try to look elegant,  stylish, cool as well and 54mm Polarized Round Sunglasses can be a choice of fashion accessory for gift.

This polarized sunglasses are specially  designed for reducing glare from surfaces of the sunglass like water, snow and Glare distorts the real color of objects and makes them harder to distinguish. Though it is quiet expensive but it is totally worthy for people who drives much and moreover the glasses are great for creating a stylish look.

21. Cable Guys Stormtrooper Device Holder

Cable Guys

Sometimes it feels irritating to hold the smartphone or any devices for a long time, so here we present a device holder which can also be an ideal choice for 20 year old boy.

Cable Guys Stormtrooper Device Holder is made with high quality PVC and ABS plastic material which make it more durable and it is weighted with solid base. This can hold all the models of cell phones along with Playstation or XBOX game controllers as well. The length of it is 8″ and comes with 2M USB cables with adapter. He can also charge phones by putting phones into this device holder.

So these were a shortlist of all the best gifts of 20 year old boy that you can present him in birthday or any occasion.

Other Things to do on 20th Birthday except Giving Gift

But without gifts you can make him happy by giving your precious time to him, he needs some attention or care that you can give. Here we discuss about some ideas that you can do for him on his 20th birthday.

Play a cricket match with him

Pick a day for him and spend all day long with him, you can arrange a cricket match and play with him. These little time you give will give him more happiness than any precious gifts.

Plan a get together

It’s hard to meet all family and friends due to our busy life but a get together party can reduce the monotonies of our daily routine life. Meeting with old friends or cousins will make his day more special.

Go for a family vacation

Take him along with family for a vacation that will be so relaxing for him and you as well. Moreover this trip can make your family bonding strong enough. 

These things can be so little but precious for our life as we all want some attention and care from our loved ones.


A 20 year old boy is not child anymore, he is an adult and his choices will be related to these advance and modern era.

We tried to help you to escape from market going hassles and make a choice from the list of best gift 20 year old boy, just keep in mind what he likes more and what he doesn’t want to get as a gift.

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