Best Gifts for 17 Year Old Girls

Best Gift for 17 Year Old Girl

In this advanced modern era, shopping for teenagers is quite difficult as they change their likings disliking timely and also want to experience new items every time.

If you want to gift any 17 year old girl then you have to keep a proper knowledge of that so that you can gift her at least close to that what they like. Don’t worry! you have come to the right place.

In this article, we will provide you best gifts for 17 year old girl from which you can make your choice and happily gift them and they will definitely like as well. So read this article and enjoy our product listing.

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Best Gift For 17 Year Old Girls (Mom’s Favourite)

Samsung Galaxy Factory Unlocked GSM Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy Factory Unlocked GSM Smartphone is so popular now as it comes with a great price and features. It has 512 GB external micro card and space upto 32GB and 3GB memory means it has option to handle heavy gaming or multiple apps at a time which makes it the best gift item for teenage girls.

Key Features

3GB memory with 512GB expandable memory and 32GB internal space

Dual sim slots

Available in several fun colors

CLARKS Women’s Sillian Sway Ankle Bootie

CLARKS Women’s

Teenage girls like styling herself with new things like boots so you can go for a pairs of quality boots like CLARKS Women’s Sillian Sway Ankle Bootie.

These boots are available in both wide and narrow width options and size from 5-12 that fits almost every feet so it is advised to choose the color carefully according to their choice. The boots are so stylish with quality material and comfortable soles.

Key Features

Available in both wide and narrow width

Provides arch support

Wide range of colors and styles.

Cinema Lightbox

Cinema Lightbox

A 17 year old girl will definitely like a cinema light box and she will happily put it beside the table or in the wall.

It come with almost 100 letters, by using these she can create any messages or make wishes like during birthdays or other programmes on the lightbox moreover there is also a compartment to keep the letters inside it.

Key Features

8 letters can be flitted in a row

100 letters with compartment box

White LED lights

Includes USB cables

Photo Clips Decorative Light String Holder

Teenage girls are sometimes so emotional and they want to explore memories with friends and families. So with this Photo Clips Decorative Light String Holder she can create an amazing atmosphere in her room and explore her old memories amazingly. 

Key Features

Waterproof battery box design

50 LED clips and length about 17 feet

Wire color transparent and light is available in many colors.

Remote function and 8 modes

Women’s Pullover Hoodie


Giving hoodies to a 17 year old girl is not a bad idea at all moreover they like roaming around with pullover hoodies.

Hoodies can be found in different themes like if she is a great fan of Harry Potter then she will definitely like Harry Potter themed hoodies.

Key Features

 Kangaroo pocket and drawstring

Available in many colors

Beautiful design of Harry Potter glasses print and attractive style.

Handwriting Jewelry

Teenage girls like casual jewelries and today many customized jewellery is available in the market.

In handwriting jewelry, you will get the option to write anything so you can customize her name or write any message into a bracelet or chain and gift it to her.

Key Features

Comes with customization options.

Handwriting styleBackpack


A stylish, nice and lightweight backpack will be loved by teenage girl as when she wants to go out casually and won’t carry so much things, she can use it.

She can put her important stuffs like wallet, lipstick, mobile, ipods etc into the backpack and can easily carry it.

Key Features

High quality material

Soft, durable and washable.

Easily portable and suitable for shopping, traveling, and work as well

Adjustable shoulder straps

Canon EOS M50 Mirrorless Camera kit

Canon EOS M50

Teenager sometimes desire to learn photography and if the girl you want to gift is serious about photography then it will be your best choice. 

This camera has a digital display which helps to eliminate blurry photos and videos as well. It is.quite expensive but totally worthy moreover it is easy to use.

Key Features

Mirrorless camera

Comes with digital display instead of optical view finder.

Prevents blurry images.Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Glossy

Posse Mini Gloss Bomb Set

Fenty Beauty

Girls of age 17 love glossy lips as it is perfect for any makeup look especially with natural looks. This set from Fenty Beauty will definitely loved by them. The lip gloss is very nourishing and it hydrates lips as well. So it will be a pleasures gift if present it on her birthday or any other occasion.

Key Features

Hydrating components to hydrate the lips

Perfect for finishing touch

Gives a glowy and sun kissed look

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan Salt Lamp

It’s an popular lighting option for decorating a 17 years old girl’s room. It is natural and handcrafted and comes with a extra bulb and also with adjustable brightness option.

The Himalayan Salt Lamp helps to fall asleep quickly, reduces headache and migraine problems and gives relaxation by its air purifying properties. 

Key Features

Featured with lot of health benefits 

15 watt bulb and a extra bulb

About 6-8” tall and 4-7 lb in weight.

Adjustable brightness and air purifying properties

TYLT Mini Boom Bluetooth Speaker

When teens do their homework, they want some musics to hear, so TYLT Mini Boom Bluetooth Speaker is a good and elegant choice to gift a teenage girl. It is cordless and uaes Bluetooth 4.2 which you can connect with phones. Though it is tiny in size but it will provide you very good sound with no distortion.

It is available in many colors like silver, golden, black and it also include micro USB cables.

Key Features

Bluetooth 4.2 version

Built in mic for accepting phone calls

Alexa or siri can be used also.

Microsoft Surface Pro 6

Microsoft Surface Pro 6

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 has versatile features like it is a portable tablet laptop and has a removable keyboard. It also comes with enough spaces for storage and ultra fast speed along with 12.3 Pixel Sense Display.

Moreover 11.5 inches screen space with intel i5 epic graphics and battery duration is 13.5 hour approximately. This product is so fascinating for teenage girls as they can do lot of things with it.

Key Features

12.3 display with high resolution

10 point multi touch

Combination of functional tablet and laptop

Set of 2 Friendship Lamps by Filimin – Classic Design

Set of 2 Friendship Lamps

Teenage girls love to decorate their rooms so Set of 2 Friendship Lamps by Filimin are a great choice to gift them. It is unique light with classic design and it has two lamps that works with touch to keep the favourite person in touch.

Two lamps are connected by wifi and when one is thinking about the other person just touch the lamp and it will turn on.

Key Features

256 colors combinations are available 

Customize options are open

Classic and unique design.

BedShelfie The Original Bedside Shelf

BedShelfie The Original

BedShelfie The Original Bedside Shelf is a space saving bedside table which can be fold up when not to use and can be used to store necessary items right by the bed. A 17 year old girl may want to keep essential things like laptop, bluetooth speakers so this could be a good choice. 

It is available in several size and colors and has a extra large clamp which helps to keep it without any tools.

Key Features

Made with eco-friendly bamboo.

Can hold upto 15 pounds.

Two wire slots for easy charging

Rivet Distressed Color Medallion Rug

Rivet Distressed Color Medallion Rug is also a decorating option for teenage girls because it works with bohemian style which teenagers love a lot.

It is mainly 5.3 feet bt 7 feet but you can go for any size you want. Moreover it is durable and easy to care as the front part of it is made by 100% polypropylene and back part of it is 100% jute. It reduces sound and gives a space to get feet off from cold flooring. 

Key Features

Made by polypropylene and jute.

Durable and easy to clean

Comes with bohemian unique style.

Anker ROAV – Jump Starter Pro – Black

Anker ROAV

You can give a teenage girl Anker ROAV – Jump Starter Pro – Black to keep her safe when she will drive in the road. If the battery of the car she is driving becomes dead, she herself can restart the car with this amazing tool.

It comes with LED flashlight, 7 modes and 6 hours of running time and moreover it is rechargeable with any USB cables. Just you have to match the device with the vehicle you have.

Key Features

Rechargeable with any USB port.

LED flashlight with 7 modes

6 hours running time

Nature’s Blossom Soy Candle Making Kit

As we have told that teenage girls love to decorate their rooms and decorated room with candles is so amazing. They love candles but they don’t have any idea of making it so you can surprise with this Nature’s Blossom Soy Candle Making Kit.

It has everything necessary to create candles with lovely boxes. Furthermore it has lemon, lavender, chamomile flavors, melting pitchers and candle containers along with a candle making guide.

Key Features

Can be made two-three candles

Vegetable -soy based candles that works for allergy sufferers. 

Comes with three different flavours

Wazor Professional Salon Hair Dryer

Teenage girls love styling tools and Wazor Professional Salon Hair Dryer is a good choice with all professional features and affordable price.

To dry hair quickly, it comes with massive airflow and offers to style hair with infrared heat and nano ionic technology.  As well as it also has diffuser, concentrator nozzle and wind comb which provide the best styled hair however the hair type is.

Key Features

1875 W AC motor

Three heat and two speed setting options

Suitable for all hair types

Amazing Herbal Self Care, Skincare Gift Set

Amazing Herbal Self Care

At this time of age, teenage girls want to take more care of themselves so gifting them a skin care set will be an awesome idea. 

Amazing Herbal Self Care, Skincare Gift Set is amazing as it contains all the quality ingredients that work best to improve the skin and also don’t contain any creepy ingredients.  The set includes oil, body powder, lip balms and butter salves to provide gorgeous and healthy skin. Also it comes with a amazing recycled gift box.

Key Features

Parabens, synthetic fragrances, gluten, talc free.

No preservatives

Avoid wrinkles longer.

Clarisonic Skincare Mia Prima Facial Cleansing & Pore Minimizing Device

Clarisonic Skincare

It is a skincare option for teenage girls who are facing problem with acne or other skin issues. It is recommended by US dermatologist and it provides better and cleansing skin 6 times better.

It is safe to use twice a day and it also safe for sensitive skin and it exfoliates the skin, removes makeup and completely innovative that will transform the teenage girl’s skin care routine. 

Key Features

Waterproof and cn be used in shower or bath

Can bs used upto 100 minutes per charge.

Brush head is replaceable.



It is the best option for a 17 year old girl who loves music and teenage girls are so fascinated with guitars and some girl’s hobby also playing guitar.

If she doesn’t know how to play it, don’t worry, after receiving this she will be desperate to learn it. Jasmine S35 Acoustic guitar is good choice for gift.

Key Features

Smooth finishing and attractive design

Good sound quality

Back and sides are laminated

Item Weight5.63 pounds and Product Dimensions 18 x 8 x 48 inches

The Driving Book

The Driving Book

A 17 year old girl eagerly wants to learn driving and wants to have a driving licence. There is so much to learn driving and what to look out for in the road during driving even if she achieve a driving licence. 

After passing the road test, she needs to know some theoretical points as when to fix a tire, when the weather is bad and so more things.  So The Driving Book will be definitely helpful for her.

Key Features

Suitable for new drivers to learn about the aspects of driving. 

Covers every scenario for new drivers

97 Things to Do Before You Finish High School

97 Things to Do Before You Finish High School

A Highschool going girl enjoys some freedom but not too much and as they are not child anymore, they need to figure out what they like, what they want to do, how to spend times in leisure.

This book is great to provide a 17 year old girl all possible knowledge to gain before entering the real world after finishing high school.

Key Features

101 real life tips

Infinity Scarf

Girls love to wear fashionable things and this scarf is so cute and fashionable that a 17 year old girl will definitely like it. You can choose from different colors and different styles as well. Moreover it is lightweight and easy to carry in any season.

Key Features

Light and comfortable


Size- 32″ x 37″

Narwhal Slippers

Narwhal Slippers

Narwhal Slippers are so much adorable and it is a easy way for teenagers to stay warm. It has built in heaters and rechargeable with USB.

A 17 year old girl will love to have it in winter as they can turn on heater of the slippers and feel the extra warm.

Key Features

Adorable and super cute style

Comfortable to use

Wireless and USB powered slippers.

Harry Potter Vintage Diary Planner

You can give a 17 year old girl Harry Potter Vintage Diary Planner so that she can express her thoughts through writing.

She can plan her routines by this diary like important dates to be remembered, assignments etc. Moreover if she a a fan of Harry Potter then this gift will be amazing for her.

Key Features

Perfect for planning important dates and write it out.


Tumbler Glass

Tumbler is a great gift for 17 year old girl as she can take her favourite drink or beverages with it while going to school in the morning. 

This will keep the beverages hot or cold whatever the temperature is along with for a long period.  Moreover it has insulated vacuum design built in this tumbler.

Key Features

Made by stainless steel

Keeps hot for 3 hours and cold for 9 hours.

Classic design

Shatterproof LID

Bath Bombs Set

Bath Bombs Set

Bath Bombs Set is available in different fragrance and colors that is si eye soothing and teenage girl will be so excited after having these as a gift.

It is set of 12 bath bombs and they prodive a relax bath after spending a hectic day or tough time at school.

Key Features

Set of 12 bath bombs. 

Each have different fragrance

  • – Angel
  • – Victorian Rose
  • – Black Raspberry Vanilla
  • – Fun in the Shower
  • – Fun on the Beach
  • – Love
  • – Kiwi & Strawberry
  • – Mango papaya
  • – Lavender
  • – Melon Ball
  • – Lemongrass Green Tea
  • – Shea & Coconut
  • Product Dimensions 8 x 6 x 2 inches
  • Item Weight2.2 pounds

Mermaid Makeup Brush Set

Mermaid Makeup Brush Set

Mermaid Makeup Brush Set will be an amazing gift for 17 year old girl if she love to wear make up. However there are some teenage girls who are not allowed to wear make up.

It comes with 10 pieces of brushes, synthetic hair and plastic body. The brushes are so unique in design and they are easily washable. Moreover, the brushes are durable and cruelty free.

Key Features

Rose gold color and attractive design

Multi using

High quality and eco friendly material. 

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera

Fujifilm Instax Mini

Taking photos is a great way to store the memories to explore good times in future.  Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera is so fascinating and amazing gift for 17 year old girl by which she can capture her favourite moments.

It has 40 sheets, color filters, a case for the camera, a selfie lens and frames. Moreover it is so adorable,  cute and also durable.  Along with it has instant Film 20-packs, 64-photo album, camera Case with adjustable strap, selfie lens, , 10 hanging frames, 4 colored filters, 10 clips and string,  5 plastic stand-up frames, 60 sticker frames, and microfiber cleaning cloth.

Key Features

Lightweight and portable

Can snap in a second

Colorful accessories

Stylish and unique design and durable.

Juicy Couture Viva La Fleur Perfume

Juicy Couture

You can give her a perfume so that she can feel fresh and smell good. Juicy Couture Viva La Fleur Perfume is an ideal choice for teenage girls and it’s smell is really nice.

Key Features

Flowery scent that feels so good

Suitable for teenage girls

Nintendo Switch Lite

Nintendo Switch Lite

Nintendo Switch Lite is great for game loving teenage girls as it is extremely light and portable handheld. It will give the freedom to play game even not being at home also and it has so many controlling options with 5.5 inch touch and wide screen display.

It has also option for taking pictures and available in several bright colors.

Key Features

 Lightweight and portable

Optimized for personal, handheld play

Available in four bright colors.

AerWo Macrame Wall Hanging


AerWo Macrame Wall Hanging is perfect to decorate wall or window and a teenage girl will love it because of it’s bohemian style.

It is 100% cotton and easily washable along with it is affordable so that you can buy two and cover the full space of the wall.

Key Features

Tribal Aztech inspired artwork

7.8 x 20 inches

Affordable price

Industrial Style Folding Laptop Desk

Industrial Style Folding Laptop Desk

Girls need space to keep important things like diaries, laptop, tablet, bluetooth speakers, headphones, gaming devices etc. So Industrial Style Folding Laptop Desk will be great choice for them.

It is so good because it doesn’t consume space as you can fold up and store it under the bed moreover it is so reasonable in price.

Key Features

Size – 39.4 x 19.7 x 29.5-inch

Need to extra tools

Doesn’t consume space.

YOGABODY Yoga Trapeze

YOGABODY Yoga Trapeze

Teenage girls now like to do workouts to keep them fit and yoga is also a part of it. YOGABODY Yoga Trapeze is a great for them to start new body toning exercise poses and try new poses along with use body strength to build muscles and it provides less chance of injury.

The product comes with a DVD to show how to use and set the device.  It is also used for pilates and dances.

Key Features

Enhances banalce , strength and flexibility

Can hold upto 600lbs.

Adjustable strips with rubber handle grips.

Stylish carrier bags.

Turning Points of a 17 year Old Girl

This is the stage where a 17 year old girl faces some noticeable turning  points of her life. After 17 she just has 1 year to take preparation for facing the real world. Turning points are mainly some stages that she might go through and here we will discuss about this stages of teenage life.

Physical Stage

She is now at growing stage so she might has to deal with acne problem or body image and other physical changes also. You have to take care of her and encourage her to have a healthy diet.

Emotional Stage

She just have few times to get prepared for new life but she might be scared of or excited too. Talk to her and discuss about how will she organize her life and become independent.  Try to give her emotional support she needs that time.

Social Stage

She might be excited to making new friends and getting into a relationship as she feels interest in love and also can get intimate for curiosity. You should guide her so that she can recognize true person and true love so that she may not take risks of her life.

You must have to concern about these stages of a 17 year old girl and take care of her all possible ways. Remember just 1 year left to make her  ready to enter into real life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I give her such a gift which she can take with her while leaving the house?

Yes, you can. At this time she will be planning to get the opportunity of higher studies or to get some work and move away from home. So you can gift her which might be helpful for her while moving away like trunk.

But, if the girl is leaving house with husband then you can give her which will help her to start new life.

Q2. Is a 17 year old girl still a child?

Basically anyone under the age of 18 is child but technically a 17 year old girl remains in the middle of adult and child. Age of 17 is too old to act like a baby, on the other hand too young to act like an adult. But by law, she is still a child.

Q3. How to encourage a 17 year old girl to spend time outside?

You can talk to her and discuss about your teen’s life and make her excited to go outside. You can plan a weekend trip or hiking, to go music festivals, exercise together, go restaurants together, visit museum or historical places and many more things has to do.


Shopping for a 17 year old girl is not that easy and in making it simple and easy you just keep in mind her likes, dislikes, favorite color etc and buy. 

In the article we have provide you best gift for 17 year old girl which might help you to buy a gift. Don’t get confused while selecting gift. The above list will help to give fair idea of your selction. We hope she will definitely like your gift.

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