Best Gift for 15 year Old Girl in 2021

Best Gift for 15 year old girl

Buying gifts for a 15-year-old girl is quite difficult because teenage girls follow trends so much and it is not easy to catch the trend as they shift so fast. But don’t worry, you have come to the right place to choose the best gift for 15 year old girl. We covered the best items that are relatable with new trends, cool, stylish, and obviously according to their taste. Hope, our article will be helpful for you. 

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Best Gift for 15 year old girl (Top Picks)

1. LED Photo String Lights-Magnoloran 20 Photo Clips Battery Powered Fairy Twinkle Lights

LED Photo String Lights

This can be a great gift for a 15-year-old girl to make a collection of her school memories with pictures. It isn’t only a feature of pictures or works of art, yet in addition, an ideal apparatus to review one’s extraordinary and magnificent memory with this LED Photo Clip String Lights. They are perfect for hanging photographs, occasion cards, kids’ work of art, or whatever lightweight crafts or decorative things you want.

The lights add incredible beauty to the wall or background wherever they will be hanged. 

2. EASEHOLD Makeup Vanity Mirror

Makeup Vanity Mirror

You can make her astonished by presenting this amazing and stunning EASEHOLD Makeup Vanity Mirror on her 15th birthday. The four LED light bars and 38 LEDs provide the soft and bright light which will assist in the dark or poor light areas.

With this mirror she can see every detail of her beauty while getting ready because it has a wide angle. Moreover, she can fix it at any desired angle. 

3. Shower Speaker

shower speaker

It’s a very common habit to sing during shower time and this Bluetooth shower speaker is the funniest gift for the bathroom singers. It is an auto tech waterproof Bluetooth speaker with FM radio, mic, and LED mood light, moreover, it is a wireless speaker and easily portable.  

Along with it has super bass and HD sound that it can be used for bathroom, kitchen, outdoor even pool or beach parties. The compact, sleek design with high-quality silicon material makes it so durable, and also it is so lightweight and portable that the user can carry it anywhere he wants.  

4. Mikado Evergreen Bracelet and watch Combo Set 

Mikado Evergreen Bracelet

Today, watches are something other than watches, however, styling accessories as well. Consolidating amazing craftsmanship with a classy stylish, watches are far beyond simple things; they work as art also. This MIkado bracelet and watch combo set brings a fashionable combo you can gift a 15-year-old girl. The watch comes with a very simple and elegant design and a thickened rugged leather strap that is very comfortable and stylish.

Along with this, the bracelet is fashionable also. She will love to wear this stylish bracelet-watch combo. 

5. Acrylic Jewelry Box 

Acrylic Jewelry Box

Jewellery is the weakness of a girl and she loves to organize her jwelleries so that while hanging out or at any party, she can easily find out the perfect matching jewellery easily and quickly.

So this jewellery box will be so suitable for her. The box has 3 different drawers where she can keep a large amount of items than an ordinary box. The velvet lining inside the box keeps the jewelleries safe from scratches and damages.

Also the crystal clear material gives the box a classy cool that she will definitely love. 

6. Pearl Hair Clips 

Pearl Hair Clips

A 15-year-old girl loves to become trendy, and pearl clips are new trends of fashion. So, you can gift her these pearl clips; she will definitely love it. It is a package of 10 clips on different styles. This will add a little sparkle to her hair styling and make the look more charming and elegant. They hold the hair pretty tightly, but they won’t hurt.

These are beautiful and amazing hair accessories to bring a beautiful hairstyle.  

7. Doinkit Darts Kid-Safe Indoor Magnetic Dart Board 

Indoor Magnetic Dart Board

Here is presenting the fun game classic darts that doesn’t harm pets, people, and walls as well. The arrows of the game are so light and durable and they have powerful magnets that they stick to the board all the time, moreover, the arrows fly straightly. The magnetic tips are so strong that you don;t have to replace them and they won;t lose their strength.

It is a family fun game that helps to create a quality time among the family members. 

8. Ravensburger Labyrinth Family Board Game

Labyrinth Family Board Game

Children love to spend time with parents and family members as well. So giving this family game as a gift and playing with him will be the most appreciating work you can do on his 15th birthday.

This game will help him to gain working experience as a team because the game can be played in a pair of 2 or 4. The set comes with treasure cards, maze cards, playing pieces, and a board where to play. The main goal of the game is to find the maximum target of treasures.

It will encourage the teenage boy or girls to spend quality time with their beloved family. 

9. Light Pink Felt Letter Board

Light Pink Felt Letter

This Light Pink Felt Letter Board will be the perfect complement to a 15 year old girls room decor. The board comes with a warm oak frame and 300 pieces of letter characters which let her arrange her words according to her desire or mood. She can write her favorite quotes to keep her motivated, any wishes, the menu of the party or any announcements etc.

Along with these, you also can write a wish for her with love and keep this at her room to surprise her and make her feel special. 

10. Cinema Lightbox

Cinema Lightbox

A 15-year-old girl will love this present- a cinema lightbox and she will happily put it beside the table or dressing table or wall. It comes with almost 100 letters, by using these she can create any messages or make wishes like during birthdays or other programs on the lightbox moreover there is also a compartment to keep the letters inside it. In the box, 8 letters can be fitted in a row and it comes with a LED light and USB cables as well.

You can also surprise her by writing there Happy Birthday or any kind pf wishes and keeping it into her room. 

11. Watercolor Brush Pens by Genuine Crafts

Watercolor Brush Pens

Expressing creativity and thinking through drawing can be the most amazing thing to see. If your 15 year old girl loves arts or crafts, present her this Watercolor Brush Pens by Genuine Crafts, she will be really happy. These brush pens are suitable for all skill levels or arts and crafts and very easy to use.

Moreover, she can comfortably carry it anywhere and without any hassle and leakage problems as it comes with a convenient storage case.

12. Gourmet Chocolate Gift Box

Gourmet Chocolate Gift Box

Who doesn’t love chocolates and teenagers are fond of chocolates. This 36 pieces of chocolate box from Godiva Gold Collection is the amazing gift for your 15 year old girl which comes with a luxurious gold gift box. All chocolates come with exciting flavors and amazing taste like dark, white and milk chocolate, creamy caramels, classic Belgian fillings such as smooth ganaches and fruits and nuts.

Every bite will give her a superb and amazing taste. 

13. Mpow 059 Bluetooth Headphones Over Ear

Mpow 059 Bluetooth

Who doesn’t love to listen to music, and teen girls love to wear headphones to listen to music and to do her homework at the same time. So, this Mpow 059 Bluetooth Headphones can be a fantastic idea to present a 15-year-old girl. It provides very clyster clear and high-fidelity stereo sound and also features cushioned material in it makes it very comfortable to wear it for hours. The headphone works in wireless mode and has a built-in mic.

Also, the foldable headband of it saves the desk space and also makes it easily portable in her bags as well. 

14. Jiur Moon DreamCatcher Handmade for Bedroom Wall Decor 

Jiur Moon DreamCatcher

Girls love to decorate her room and teenage girls love to decorate her room with fascinating things, so this Jiur Moon DreamCatcher Handmade for Bedroom Wall Decor will be an ideal gift for her. The boho design with woven tussle and wood beads is the perfect artwork for wall decor of a teenage girl room and also great for balcony, living room, and party as well.

It is a very thoughtful gift with lots of love. 

15. Ikee Design Acrylic Jewelry & Cosmetic Storage Display Boxes

Acrylic Jewelry & Cosmetic Storage Display Boxes

She loves to put makeup on, and she loves to organize her makeup as well. So, a makeup organizer can also be an ideal gift for her. It is a makeup organizer made of high-quality acrylic plastic which is suitable to store brushes, lip glosses, pallets, and jewellery also. It has a removable black mesh padding that protects the jewellery.

The drawer slide-out is so smooth. The organizer box helps to keep her counter clean and makes it easy to find out important things. 

16. Moon Light: Night Light Galaxy Lamp

Moon Light

A fascinating room decor item can be a very good idea to gift your 15 year old girl as teenage girls love to keep their room decorative. This moonlight comes with the best material for 3D printing-DURABLE SUPERIOR PLA and the remote control and touch button system allows to change the color of the atmosphere of the lamp. The large capacity battery of 500maH provides 15hrs service that is really amazing.

The item is best for a party night as well, so she can keep it with her on her birthday party or any kitty party with friends. 

17. Portable Travel Makeup Bag 

Travel Makeup Bag

Makeup is an essential thing for girls nowadays and a travel makeup bag will help her to take her makeup stuff organizedly. This makeup bag is made of high quality PU leather that is water resistant, scratch proof and wear resistant. She can keep not only cosmetics, but also jewelleries, toiletries, electronic accessories etc as it has a lot of space. Hidden zip pocket is also there to keep personal items.

It is a perfect gift for a makeup lover girl. 

18. Kemy’s Girls Snow Purses

Girls Snow Purses

This Kemy’s Girls Snow Purses are basically over shoulder messenger bags that are very suitable for your teen girl to carry her important and daily necessary stuff. She can take the bag over the shoulder or crossbody purse, however she wants to carry it.

This bag is perfect for her everyday use, shopping, hangouts or short trips as well. It can hold makeups, notebooks, wallets, umbrellas, phones or gadgets as it has so much space inside.

Your 15 year old girl will definitely love it. 

19. STMT DIY Journaling Set

DIY Journaling Set

Teenage girls love to write down their dreams, thoughts, beautiful memories, expressions, wishes etc. STMT DIY Journaling Set will be a satisfactory gift for her.

It is a customized spiral journal that has 70 sheets and also includes gems, glitters, stickers, frames and so on there to make it more stylish and fabulous. 3 magnetic folded bookmarks and tassel keychain are another special feature of it.

Every teen girl will love to draw her thoughts in this trendy journal set. 

20. STMT DIY Wooden charm & Tassel Jewelry Art & Craft Kit 

 DIY Wooden charm

Spending leisure time with making some DIY jewelry and crafts can be a great idea for a 15-year-old girl. To inspire her to do these, you can gift her this STMT DIY Wooden charm & Tassel Jewelry Art & Craft Kit. In the package, it has 10 pieces boho-chic jewelry, colorful tassels, and 4 pieces etched real wood charms by which she can customize her jewelry with a boho touch.

Moreover, she can show her creativity by making a variety of jewelleries like beaded bracelets, knotted necklaces,s or chains, and can wear it in girls outings or holidays. 

21. Klutz Nail Art Craft Kit

 Nail Art Craft Kit

Teen girls love to stay trendy and stylish. Nail art is the craze of new generation girls so giving her this Klutz Nail Art Craft Kit will be a perfect idea and relatable with her desire. The package contains 35 different and easy designs, 6 colors nail polishes, and a fine detail brush. The nail polishes are non-toxic and peel-off polish so they are kid-friendly as well.

There is also a guide book where she can find perfect and easy instructions and helpful tips. 

22. Jewelry Pendant Necklace Inspirational Gifts

Jewelry Pendant

It is a heart-shaped stunning and shinning cubic zirconia pendant necklace. The pendant comes with a special inspirational message written in it – “Always Remember You’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think and LOVED more than you know”.

The special thing about this pendant is, it is lead-free, nickel-free and the main thing is it is comfortable for sensitive skin as well.

Your 15-year-old girl will get warmth by getting this lovely pendant with this lovely message as her birthday gift. 

23. Teen Trailblazers

Teen Trailblazers

Teenage girls need motivation and inspiration to build up their future success. It will be easier if they read some life stories of some successful persons.

The Teen Trailblazers are the stories of 30 fearless girls who did some extraordinary things to change the world before they were 20. It is a very informative and motivational book with lots of fun and love and a unique perspective.

This book may help to change the thinking of your 15 year old girl. 

24. Hair Chalk Set For Girls

Hair Chalk

It can be an exceptional gift for your 15-year-old girl as nowadays all girls love to styling with many things and coloring hair is another style and trend.

It is a package of temporary color chalk pens which is a very effective temporary hair color that will help her to change her hair color for special occasions or parties according to her desire and mood.

It has 10 different hair colors that are easy to apply and easy to remove. She will love to have this amazing, gorgeous hair colors. 

25. Aisuo Night Light – 5 in 1 Lamp

Aisuo Night Light

Another decorative item of the list as we have said that teen girls love to decorate their room very nicely and they love decoration items. But, this Aisuo Night Light – 5 in 1 Lamp is also a very useful item as an mp3 player, Bluetooth speaker, digital alarm clock, and dimmable touch control night light.

The large capacity battery of 4000 maH power gives long time service of playing music and long lighting time. Along with these, it has an LED display that is easy to read and built-in speakerphone and microphone is another interesting feature of it. Your 15 year old girl will admire this exceptional gift. 


It is not easy to find the perfect gift for a 15 year old girl that matches her taste and choice. We did a lot of researches and analysis to understand the taste of choice of them and then made the list of the best gift for 15 year old girl.

We hope our article will help you to choose the best gift for your dear once.. 

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