30 Best Gifts For 13 Year Old Boy In 2021

Gifts For 13 Year Old Boy

Having your son turn 13-year-old is a thing of great joy, one worth celebrating to the fullest. However, it also comes with the uncertainty of what gift for 13-year-old boys to get for him. This uncertainty is probably because, at this age, it’s likely that he has several toys and other gifts acquired over the years. Moreover, he would have outgrown some of the gifts found in the market. 

Therefore, you must take into consideration, how to get a gift that would be highly valued and appreciated by him. The gifts have to be one of great value, capable of withstanding being manhandled, and is very durable and long-lasting.

Getting a gift for your son that would be appreciated by him is easier when you know or can detect his current hobbies and any other habit he currently indulges in; that way your search is narrowed down.


The Best Gifts For 13 Year Old Boy

Despite knowing your son’s new hobby, it can still be difficult getting a gift that catches his interest, one that makes him stand out from the crowd. And also, it should be one that allows your son to socialize with his peers and promotes teamwork, while also building his intellectual capacity. 

Hence, if you are confused about what to get your son now that he’s clocking 13 or for special occasions. Worry no more, as we have taken the initiative to go through the enormous lists of gifts that are presumed best fit for your 13-year-old boy. Consequently, we’ve highlighted the 30 best gifts for 13-year-old boys; these gifts range from tech toys to outdoor games gifts. After carefully searching, we came up with the 30 best gifts suitable for your 13-year-old boy. They include:

1. ArmoGear Laser Tag 

ArmoGear Laser Tag

The ArmoGear Laser Tag set is a must-have for your kids as soon as they clock 8 or older. It is the perfect gift for a 13-year-old boy, especially as it enables him to play with other family and friends. In other words, the laser tag game is played with peers, encouraging a sense of sportsmanship among your kids at such a tender age. The game can be played as an indoor or outdoor game, making it the most advanced laser tag blasters you can find around. 

Moreover, the product comes with actual target vests to protect your kids as they play as it allows them to pair up to form 4 teams as they blast their way to victory.

Special Features

  • Target vests.
  • Flashlight for night vision.
  • Voice-guided directions.
  • Shooting range of 150 ft.
  • Allows multiple players.
  • Ergonomically designed laser blasters.
  • 3AAA batteries used.

2. Light Up Basketball

Light Up Basketball

What better way to encourage your 13-year-old son to practice his favorite basketball game than to get him the Light Up Basketball. This would be very appreciated if he loves the game of basketball; otherwise, the gesture might be lost on him. The product uses 2 Hi-Bright LEDs that allow the ball to become illuminated immediately while playing (it is impact activated). 

Furthermore, the basketball is very durable and comes with 2 LED pre-installed batteries, which are replaceable.  It is, therefore, perfect for teaching your kid more about the dynamics of basketball especially at night.

Special Features

  • 2 Hi-Bright LEDs
  • Activates light with impact.
  • Basketball lights up.
  • Made of durable rubber.
  • Best played at night.
  • 2 pre-installed LED batteries.
  • Batteries are replaceable.

3. LLMoose Soccer Ball Set

LLMoose Soccer Ball Set

There’s also something for the soccer lover, so if he doesn’t love basketball as a sport but rather enjoys the game of soccer, then by all mean’s get him the LLMoose Soccer Ball Set. It would be a great tool to help your son keep fit while having lots of fun with his buddies. The set comes with an over ball contained in a different box. 

Furthermore, each ball comes with4 batteries to provide additional battery life while playing. It has LED lights also that glow when it is dark, with foam bumpers that keep your furniture safe from being harmed. 

Special Features

  • Set of two hover balls.
  • 4 batteries each.
  • LED lights.
  • Foam bumpers.
  • Indoor and outdoor games.

4. GoSports Slammo Game Set

GoSports Slammo Game Set

The game of Slammo is fun-filled and exciting. One that is best enjoyed by the whole family as an outdoor sports game. The game is designed like a 2 on 2 volleyball game.  Each team has to get 3 hits to either spike or bounce their ball against the net. 

Consequently, what better gift for a 13-year-old boy than the Slammo Game Set manufactured by the GoSports brand. The set contains a carrying case, 3 balls, 1 Slammo target, and rules for playing the Slammo game. Your kid would definitely appreciate you getting him his own Slammo Game set to play with his friends and siblings on game night. 

Special Features

  • The game assembled quickly.
  • Sturdy net and PVC.
  • Outdoor game.
  • It has 1 slammo target.
  • 2 competitions ball 
  • 1 training ball.
  • It has a carrying case.

5. MINGER LED Color Strip Lights

MINGER LED Color Strip Lights

How about getting him something to help decorate his room and make it his comfortable space? To do this, you can buy him the MINGER LED Color Strip Lights with a dimension of about 16 feet long. The strip lights have an RGB lights selection and 16 other multicolored options. However, it allows you to make DIY selections, mixing different lights from each strip to produce a different lighting effect.

Furthermore, the light strips are easy to install and can stick on a flat and dry surface. An adapter also comes with the package enabling it to meet its working requirements. 

Special Features

  • Variety of colors.
  • Remote has 44 keys.
  • 150 bright LEDs (5050).
  • It has a self-adhesive tape.
  • Installation is easy.

6. Bluetooth Beanie Hat

Bluetooth Hat

Are you worried about the Bluetooth or earpiece being used by your son to enjoy his music tracks? Perhaps you feel the quality is not good enough and can be dangerous to his safety, then worry no more. A solution has come in the form of the Bluetooth Beanie Hat. The product comes with an HD speaker, upgraded already to improve to give a sound output of about 110db, giving you a powerful and clear sound safe for your health. 

Furthermore, the hat comes with a 250mAh Li-battery specially customized, which offers about 16-20 hours of use. This way your 13-year-old son can always listen to his favorite tracks even when on a trip.  Irrespective of how noisy his environment is while keeping his head warm and safe even in the winter period.

Special Features

  • Customized long-lasting battery.
  • The Bluetooth connection is stable.
  • Powerful and clear sound.
  • Double knit wool material.
  • For playing music.
  • Can be used to answer calls.
  • It comes in a gift box.

7. Anker Soundcore Bluetooth Speaker

Anker Bluetooth Speaker

You can’t get a better Bluetooth than the Anker Soundcore Bluetooth Speaker. The stereo has a deep bass sound system that is very clear with zero distortion. This it does with 2 high-sensitivity drivers and a bass port.  It has a 4.2 Bluetooth with pairs up with other nearby Bluetooth instantly, maintaining the connection for as far as 66ft. 

Additionally, the battery life is about 24 hours, providing your son long-lasting access to the best music sounds for a long time. It is also waterproof and offers optimum protection from liquid substances. It is also lightweight and can be carried easily from one location to the other.

Special Features

  • Deep bass stereo.
  • Great sound clarity.
  • The battery lasts for 24-hour.
  • Waterproof casing.
  • Digital signal processor.
  • Lightweight.

8. Sega Genesis Console

Sega Genesis Console

If your 13-year-old son is a lover of video games, then trust me, he would absolutely love adding the Sega Genesis Mini Console to his collection of video games. This miniature game console works as a replica of the classic and iconic game SEGA Genesis. The game comes with 40 pre-loaded games plus 2 bonus games, allowing you to play as soon as you plug it in. 

Besides, the package also comes with 2 wired controllers, a power cable, HDMI cable, USB adapter. All these come in the box and gives the players seamless control while playing.

Special Features

  • Mini version of SEGA Genesis.
  • 42 games in total.
  • Plug and play immediately.
  • It has an HDMI cable.
  • It has 2 wired controllers.
  • USB adapter & power cable.

9. Gravity Maze Marble Run Game

Gravity Game

This fantastic toy by the ThinkFun brand is one of the best brain games you could purchase for your kid. The Gravity Maze Marble Run Game is versatile and can be bought for your male or female child, who is 8 years and above, so do not hesitate to give your child something to help build his mind. The game is a combination of marble run, logic game, and STEM toy. It contains about 60 challenges from the beginner level to that of an expert. These challenges help to gradually increase the intellectual capacity of your son.

Besides, the game comes with a manual containing detailed instructions to help them play the game moving from one level to the next. This way, they are properly guided and learns along the way, hence developing critical skills.

Special Features

  • Combination of different games.
  • Contains 60 challenges.
  • The game has multi-levels.
  • There’s an instruction manual.
  • Building and engineering toy.

10. The Table Top Robot

The Table Top Robot

The Table Top Robot is another fantastic brain development gift you can purchase for your son. The game is a great hands-on science kit that can help your kid to learn the fundamentals of robotics with the construction of a robot crab. It also needs just 1 AAA battery that has to be purchased separately. 

The robot, when it is activated, can move around changing direction after encountering an obstacle. It can therefore be placed on a tabletop, making it perform acrobatics. Finally, the kit comes with clearly stated instructions, as well as, all the essential parts of the robot crab. Therefore, this is a vital way to challenge the imagination of your child.

Special Features

  • Hands-on science kit.
  • Teaches the basics of robotics.
  • Can carry out acrobatic tricks.
  • Can navigate away from obstacles.
  • Uses 1 AAA battery.

11. Roku Express Media Player

Roku Express Media Player

The Roku Express Media Player is one of my favorites. I got this for a young friend last year, and he was super excited to have one. The media player gives you access to stream all your favorite TV shows free. You can choose to watch it there or divert to your TV; either way, your child gets an amazing experience.

In addition, it has an HDMI cable with high speed, the setup is easy and very quick and requires you to plug into your TV with the HDMI cable before connecting to the internet. There is also a remote with shortcut buttons that allow your son to navigate easily. 

Special Features

  • Free video streaming.
  • Setup is easy.
  • HDMI cable with high speed.
  • Low maintenance fee.
  • Remote with shortcut buttons.
  • Continuous entertainment.

12. Fortnite Monopoly Board Game

Monopoly Game Board

The game of Monopoly is one of my favorites for a number of reasons, which includes the ideals of survival it instills in the players. The Fortnite Monopoly Board Game is the ideal way to introduce your kid to the best board game ever made. It is played with 2-7 players who have to claim the best locations, from where they battle against their opponent and survive till the last player is made the winner.

Furthermore, in this game, players earn health points rather than monopoly money to remain in the game. It also comes with 27 different out with Pawn stands, amongst which players can pick their favorite.

Special Features

  • Based on the Fortnite video game.
  • A board game.
  • 2-7 players.
  • Earn health point chips.
  • Properties are well-known locations.
  • 27 Fortnite outfits.

13. Lucky Doug Solar Robot

Lucky Doug Solar Robot

The Lucky Doug Solar Robot is an assembly kit that provides information regarding how to build solar-powered robots. It’s a 12-in-1 robot kid allowing you to build above 12 types of robots, giving your kids the needed foundation in the field of engineering, science, mathematics, and technology in general. It is easy to assemble and disassembled after completing the robot building. 

In addition, it is designed completely free from toxic and BPA substances, so be rest assured that your boy is not at risk from using the product. Besides, it comes with an easy-to-understand manual that guides them through as they build.

Special Features

  • 12-in-1 robot kits.
  • Solar-powered/no batteries needed.
  • Easy to disassemble after use.
  • Comes with instructions.
  • Free from harmful substances.

14. GIGGLE N GO Games 


The GIGGLE N GO Games is another favorite amongst families who know how to have a good time having fun and bonding moments together. It is an outdoor sports game everybody, despite their age. This is why it is the best gift for 13-year-old boys, as it provides the opportunities for him to remain the life of the party during playtime with his friends.

The game comes with 2 bottle stands, I flying disc, and as an added accessory, there a carry bag for stowing the game product away after use to ease storage and movement from one location to the next. So, you don’t have to worry about how long they’ll last, the carry bag ensures they become durable.

Special Features

  • Outdoor family game.
  • 1 flying disc.
  • One carry bag for storage.
  • 3 bottle stands. 
  • Played in groups.

15. Acer Chromebook 11 CP311-1H-C5PN Laptop

Acer Chromebook

Time to get your son an electronic gadget? Then you go wrong with the Acer Chromebook 11 CP311-1H-C5PN Laptop. It is the best gift for your 13-year-old son, especially if your kid loves gadgets. The mini laptop uses the Chrome operating system (OS); an operating system owned by Google. The OS has in-built antivirus software, is automatically updated when an update is available, and doesn’t take time to boot up. 

Besides, it also comes with access to a variety of applications that can be downloaded directly from the Google Play Store. It also has 32GB Emmc, 4GB storage, and a battery that lasts for 10-hour.

Special Features

  • Uses Chrome OS.
  • Comes with Google apps.
  • Google play store installed.
  • 32GB eMMC.
  • 4GB storage capacity.
  • 10-hours battery life.

16. Difficult Riddles For Smart Kids

Difficult Riddles For Smart Kids

There is no better way to start exposing your kids to activities that would help them increase their critical thinking capacity than to introduce them to brain teasers and riddles at an early age. The Difficult Riddles for Smart Kids is a great way to begin this. The book contains 300 different brain teasers, puzzles, and riddles that would keep the mind of your 13-year-old engaged.

The challenges are arranged and divided into 3 chapters. Each chapter will help to test their lateral thinking process, ability to see patterns and establish a connection between several patterns. The challenges become more difficult as you move to other chapters. Trust me, by the time your kid can answer all the questions well enough, you can be assured of an increased IQ. 

Special Features

  • It has 300 challenges.
  • Book divided into 3 chapters.
  • The preceding chapter is harder. 
  • Can be played with family.
  • Answers at the back.

17. Pandasaurus The Mind Board Game


The Pandasaurus The Mind Board Game is called the ultimate mind game. This name is because of its golden rule, “Everyone must communicate silently,” no form of talking whatsoever. Every team has to develop a unique and silent medium of communication. This is what makes it fun; the ability to accurately interpret what your partner is saying. 

Hence the game is an amazing choice of gift for your child, teaching him how to build relationships with his peers and family members. 

Special Features

  • Played without talking.
  • Has unique communication mode.
  • 2-4 players.

18. Wekapo Inflatable Air Sofa/Lodger

Wekapo Inflatable Air Sofa

Your son would love the Wekapo Inflatable Air Sofa/Lodger especially for outdoor activities like camping. It is easy to inflate without necessarily using a pump; all you have to do is whisk/move it through the air gradually. It offers a comfortable makeshift bed that can accommodate other people too and has the headrest shaped like a pillow that aims to cushion your head while you sleep. 

Besides, the material is polyester, which enables it to withstand the effect of environmental conditions. This makes it a great camping tool that stays inflated for 5-6 hours. 

Special Features

  • Easy to inflate.
  • Headrest shaped like a pillow.
  • Has anti-deflation technology.
  • Stays inflated for about 5-6 hours.
  • Comes with a carrying pouch.

19. RIMABLE Skateboard 

RIMABLE Skateboard

Does your kid love skateboard? If so, then the best gift for your 13-year-old son would be a skateboard. And what better product to get him than the RIMABLE skateboard. The skateboard is designed in two colors. It also weighs 198 pounds, making it easy to hold. 

Besides, the product comes fully assembled, made entirely with fresh and safe materials. It has a PU wheel that is smooth and has a high-speed bearing. It is therefore perfect for use in going to school and back. Your son would be excited to own this skateboard.

Special Features

  • It comes in various colors.
  • The lightweight of 198 pounds.
  • PU wheel is smooth.
  • The wheel provides great speed.
  • High-quality aluminum trucks.
  • Made from the finest material.

20. Razor A3 Scooter

Razor Scooter

Need another form of movement aside from the skateboard discussed above? Get him a Razor A3 Scooter; it will become his favorite gift in no time. The scooter is safe for kids and has amazing features such as the adjustable handlebars and the folding mechanism unique to the brand, making it easy to carry when not in use. 

Furthermore, the scooter is made using sturdy aluminum. So, you need not bother about it giving way while your son is using it, or any of his friends.

Special Features

  • Sturdy aluminum material.
  • Wheels can absorb shock.
  • Folding mechanism.
  • Foldable handlebar.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Rear braking style.

21. Snap Circuits Arcade

Snap Circuits Arcade

If your 13-year-old son is a lover of electronics, then you should definitely get the Snap Circuits Arcade for him; trust me hed loves you dearly for it. The product features a building set that has about 30 snap modules that can be used to make more than 200 different projects. Besides, it has a double LED display, a word fan (programmable), and a picaxe microcontroller that has also been pre-programmed. 

The game is developed with the aim of supporting your child’s STEM curriculum. And comes with an illustrated manual that contains concise instructions on how to build the arcade.

Special Features

  • Has 30 snap modules.
  • 200 fun project ideas.
  • Word fan is programmable.
  • Double LED display.
  • Pre-programmed microcontroller.
  • Comes with illustrated manual.

22. Timex Unisex Watch

Timex Unisex Watch

Ok, are you considering getting him an accessory instead? Then think no further; you can buy him a watch to value and hold dear as he remembers your gesture of love. The Timex Unisex Watch is the answer. The product has a black nylon slip-through strap that can be adjusted easily to fit his hands properly. It features the 24-hour military time written with Arabic numerals. 

Also, it has a silver-tone brass case having a glass crystal. The watch also resists water to 30m and can thus survive accidental contact with water, so you don’t have to worry about replacing it too soon.

Special Features

  • Adjustable strap.
  • Dial wrote with Arabic numerals.
  • Uses the military time (24-hour).
  • Casing made of brass.
  • Perfect fit for an 8-inch wrist.
  • Resists accident water contact.

23. PUMA Trifold Wallet

PUMA Trifold Wallet

The PUMA Trifold Wallet would be a fantastic birthday present for your 13-year-old son, a great place for him to keep his cash and other valuables. The wallet is made with the use of 100% pure polyester; it comes in two different colors; red and black. So you can make your choice based on preference. 

Furthermore, you have to fold it to close the wallet. It can also be hand washed, so you don’t have to worry about accumulated dirt. It also has a coin pocket that is zipped close, as well as, two inner pockets to help hold his bills and coins.

Special Features

  • 100% polyester material.
  • Folded closure.
  • Coin pocket has a zip.
  • It has a fastener.
  • One bill pocket.
  • Two inner pockets.

24. AMANEER LED Sound Activated DJ and Lighting

Allow your kid to handle the DJ and lighting of his mini room party all by himself. Get him an AMANEER LED Sound Activated DJ and Lighting, the best party planner, and his friends would never stop talking about how cool he is. The product comes on immediately you plugged it in, with lights that change along with the background music. 

It can be installed on a ceiling or wall or just placed atop your desk. Wherever you choose to position it, be rest assured that your child gets maximum fun with his friends over as they dance to the beat of different music.

Special Features

  • Automatically comes on.
  • RGB 7 light mode.
  • Comes with a remote.
  • Very portable.
  • Can be installed anywhere.
  • Color changes with the music.

25. Pick-a-Palooza Guitar Pick Punch

For every guitar player, it is vital to own a guitar pick, to enable them to play smoothly. Consequently, if your son plays guitar but is fond of losing his guitar picks, then the Pick-a-Palooza Guitar Pick Punch is a perfect gift for your son. It can be used to turn all your old plastic materials into new Guitar picks. The punch has a heavy-duty stainless-steel used to make uniform guitar picks.

Furthermore, the product comes with other accessories such as a key chain for your guitar picks, 4 starter strips in addition to the guitar pick punch. It is also easy to use and makes each experience fun.

Special Features

  • Has a leather key chain.
  • It has 4 starter strips.
  • Stainless-steel blade.
  • Creates smooth & uniform picks.

26. MRCOOL Night-light Bluetooth Speaker

MRCOOL Bluetooth Speaker

No better way to show your love than buying him the most amazing Bluetooth speaker in the market. MRCOOL Night-light Bluetooth Speaker features a great wireless speaker system while giving your child’s bedside a colorful theme as he gets lured to a comfortable sleep with his favorite music or audiobook playing. The product functions on a 2200mAh rechargeable battery, capable of lasting a minimum of 10 -18 hours depending on the features turned on, hence playing all night.

Moreover, the white light lamp features 4 brightness levels. It also hypnotic light, dynamic light, each with its color themes. Consequently, with this gift, you can rest assured that your kid will be sleeping in a grand style.

Special Features

  • LED wireless speaker.
  • Varied color theme.
  • Three light modes.
  • Hypnotic light.
  • 2200mAh battery capacity.
  • Sensitive touch regulator.

27. 3D Coloring Puzzle Set

3D Coloring Puzzle Set

Does your kid love play with colors? If yes, then the 3D Coloring Puzzle Set would be the best option for a gift; he would be amazed. The set contains 4 designs and 12 markers of different colors to help him solve the puzzles. With the colors, he gets to assemble 4 different animals giving it a 3D finishing. 

Besides, the puzzle set would further stimulate and enhance the creative capabilities of your son and can be beneficial to adults too. Therefore, it helps everyone to flex their mental muscles.

Special Features

  • 3D coloring.
  • 12 marker colors.
  • 4 animal designs.
  • Enhances color awareness.

28. Redux Capture The Flag

Redux Capture The Flag

When its time for having fun playing outdoor comes, your 13-year-old boy shouldn’t be left behind in the process. The Redux Capture the Flag game pack is there to ensure outdoor games are never boring. Therefore, it would be a great gift for a 13-year-old boy. It is also a way to get him to socialize more with his friends.

The product contains 25 different game pieces, with 12 different ways to play. It is played in a group of 4-20 players irrespective of age, so you too can play hide and seek with your son. 

Special Features

  • 25 game light-up pieces.
  • Battery life above 12 hours.
  • 4-20 players.
  • Played indoor or outdoor.
  • Encourages teamwork.

29. Blue-Light Blocking Eye Glasses

Blue-Light Blocking Eye Glasses

The Blue-Light Blocking Eye Glasses is designed to help reduce the amount of light your son is exposed to while making use of his favorite electronic devices. These devices, such as laptops, cellphones, TVs, etc. have electronic screens that emit blue light rays that are harmful to the eyes and causes headache or even discomfort when sleeping. Consequently, it is an excellent choice of gift for 13-year-old boys. 

Besides, the glass frame is made using wood; they are thus very stylish and comfortable to use. If your kid is a great lover of electronic gadgets and is often glued to the screen, then you must purchase this for him.

Special Features

  • Non polarized composite lens.
  • Wood frame.
  • Lens width is 55mm
  • Amazing blue-light blocker properties.
  • Reduces 97% blue-light.

30. Lauhonmin Always Remember Pendant Necklace

Lauhonmin Always Remember Pendant

We saved the best gift for last. What better way to reassure your boy how much you love him; this is the best gift for him. The Lauhonmin Always Remember Pendant Necklace is something that would stay with him at all times placed just above his heart. The pendant comes with a jewelry bag, an excellent package for the gift.

It is made using 3 different materials; crystal, zinc alloy, and steel, all meeting the highest health safety requirements. It is also resistant to rusting and hand stamped with loving words that would bring him back home wherever he goes. 

Special Features

  • Jewelry bag included.
  • 3 different alloys.
  • Non-toxic materials.
  • Rust resistant.
  • Hand stamped.


No better way to celebrate with your 13-year son than to get him the best gift to mark birthdays, thanksgiving, Christmas, and other special occasions. However, the task to get the best gift for 13-year-old boys can be very challenging, as you have to carefully pick the best. You need a gift that is far better than his previous gifts and one that would suit his current love and hobbies.

Consequently, we have made every enquire and have listed out the best gifts that would be well received and loved by him. The gift items we have listed here range from tech gadgets, game consoles, robot builders, riddle books, and so much more. These products are great for molding the mind of your son, his creativity and also help in building his relationship with his peers. So, you don’t have to worry, any of these would be an extraordinary choice for your son, go ahead and make your choice.

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