Best Toys & Gifts Ideas for 11 Year Old Girls in 2021

It is less than two months to her birthday, and you know she deserves nothing but the best, but then you wonder what best to get for her. Last year when she clocked 10, you finally realized that she is no longer 4 years old, and her choice of toys is no longer the same. 

At 11 years, be rest assured that it would also be a hassle getting her a gift; they need presents that reflect their age and keep them entertained and educated. But how would you select from the sea of products available? And how do you know what is best for them? 

To answer these questions and help you shop better, we have made a list of the 30 best toys and gifts for an 11-year-old girl. This way, we make the work easier for you by carrying out the research and helping you to streamline your options.  So read on to know all you need to get her the best gift.


30 Best Toys and Gifts For 11-Year-Old Girl

1. Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Ice Blue Instant Camera

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Camera

Your 11-year-old girl would love this as a treat; I mean, who wouldn’t. The Instax mini 9 is a camera with a shutter speed of 1 per 60 sec. The camera also has a selfie mirror that allows your baby girl to take amazing selfies with her best friends. 

Furthermore, the picture size is 62 x 46mm and has 2 AAA batteries that enable it to run for a long while. It also can signal the best aperture settings, thus taking an automatic exposure measure with a flashing LED. The feature enables your kid to take a perfect picture each time the camera is in use. 

2. Difficult Riddles and Teasers For Smart Kids

Difficult RAIDDLES For Smart Kids

Does she love brain teasers and riddles? Then this is a fantastic gift that she will appreciate and enjoy playing with friends. The book contains about 300 riddles and brain teasers. Each puzzle helps to stretch the mind of kids and encourage them to think better and learn more.

Additionally, the product is divided into three chapters. As you progress through the chapters, the riddles become harder to answer. So the kids do not become confused, the answers to each puzzle are at the end of the book. And here is another fun fact, you can play the game with family too. So you have another opportunity to build the bond between you and your kid.

3. Logrotate Moon Lamp

Moon Lamp

This multicolor lamp shaped like the galaxy is worth having by every little girl of 11 years old. The product features exciting illustrations with its 3D printing technology; the lamp surface seems close to the moon. With this, the kids can understand the formation of the galaxy. Hence, it helps to stimulate their creativity and imagination.

Furthermore, it is very durable and has a built-in rechargeable battery charged using the USB charging port. Besides the production materials includes PLA, they are environmentally friendly and nontoxic. Lastly, the lamp has a variety of 16 colors which alternates in the pattern they appear. Thus, you can modify them into bedside lamps, children’s party decoration lights, outdoor decoration, etc. And don’t forget, they can be controlled by remote or by touch. 

4. MRCOOL Light Bluetooth Speaker 

MIRCOOL Light Bluetooth Speaker For Kids

This product features a wireless speaker and LED light, a perfect blend for listening to music even at night. It can be used as a table lamp for your kid or even as her bedside lamp, thus providing sleeping aid for kids who perhaps do not like to sleep in the dark. 

Besides, she can also use the gift to listen to her favorite audiobooks or songs. The light it gives off is warm and has 4 brightness levels; hypnotic light, red light, dynamic light, and comfortable light. Each brightness level serves a different purpose. Finally, it has a rechargeable battery of 2200mAh which supports a minimum of 18 hours and recharges fully in 3 hours.

5. Ravensburger Disney Villainous

Ravensburger Disney Villainous For Kids

This gift is a board game played by kids between the age of 10 and above. It includes your favorite fairy tales, Disney, and movie characters. The aim is to solve/find ways to play each Disney villain. The villains include Mother Gothel, Cruella De Vil, and Pete. The protagonists include Rapunzel, Paschal, Donal Duck, Perdita, Pongo, etc.

The game board comes with clear instructions on how to play; each villain has a personal guide that inspires you to draft out strategies on how to win. The game would broaden the thinking capacity of your kids and help them with strategic development. And guess what; it can be played by the whole family too.

6. LEGO Augmented Reality Building Kit

LEGO Building Kit

This building kit which contains 174 pieces, helps to develop your child’s creative thinking capability. It is an Augmented Reality toy for kids featuring three (3) Minifigures; there is the hunted janitor, Elton Douglas, a scientist J.B, the hero Jack Davids who has a smartphone, and then Davids dog Spencer which enjoys ghost-hunting adventure. 

The kit comes with several tech details; hence, inspiring creative play, and can be constructed right out of the box or with a mobile phone or tablet.  The manufacturers, however, recommend that you build the team using any of these devices to get a complete experience. 

7. Go Glam Nail Stamper by Cool Maker

Cool Maker

How about getting her a gift that teaches her about proper grooming as a girl? The Go Glam nail stamper is the right step in that direction. With this, your baby girl can easily create custom-made manicures for herself and you. 

You can stamp patterns onto nails of any size, as it gives you about 125 options to choose from. It’s a great activity for sleepovers with her besties. All you need do is pop a stamp pattern into the machine, paint your nails and then press the stamper to stamp. The kit comes with 1 nail stamper, 1 top coat, 2 nail polishes, 5 pattern pods, and 1 instruction sheet. 

8. Kano Disney Frozen-2 Coding Kit

Coding Kit

Every young girl loves frozen, the beautiful Elsa and Anna, and let’s not forget, Olaf. This coding kit allows kids to build their favorite characters. With it, they get to create fantastic storylines centered around these characters; make rainbow snowflakes, throw snowballs, etc. 

And guess what, there is no need for previous coding experience, as kids get to learn coding in a playful yet powerful manner. There is also a community where they can share their creations and check that of others. The kit offers kids 10 hours of playtime and is compatible with different selected devices, including Macs, iPad, Windows 10, etc.

9. Kemy’s Girls Crossbody Bags

Girls Crossbody Bags

Every little girl wants a small portable crossbody bag that they can wear with ease and store some of her favorite items. And this crossbody purse is the answer. It is a tool for holding her other toys, favorite storybooks, and whatever girls her age keeps in their bags handy. 

The bag comes in a fantastic and attractive colorful design, the sort that would get earn her compliments from other girls her age and older. It can be worn to school, used for traveling, going on school trips, shopping, and other everyday events.

10. Acer 11 CP311-1H-C5PN Chromebook

Acer Chromebook

You can never go wrong with a gadget such as this as a gift for your 11-year-old girl. The Acer Chromebook comes with amazing apps. You can download more applications if you want; this way, your child engages her mind at all times, either reading or playing brain-stimulating games.

Furthermore, the convertible laptop runs on Chrome OS, has built-in virus protection, and automatically updates. The storage capacity is also good, enough for all to save her favorite movies and shows. Besides, the battery life offers a minimum of 10 hours of playtime. 

11. Everjoys Beginner Soprano Ukulele

Everjoys Beginner Soprano Ukulele For Kids

Does she love music and enjoy listening to beats and rhythms? If yes, get her this Ukulele; she will adore you for it. The product is designed for beginners who want to learn how to play this intriguing musical instrument. It contains a strap, a carrying bag, a How-to-play songbook, etc. 

With this gift, you do not have to spend money on paying for lessons. It has multi-color strings, each string representing separate notes. Besides, the design is eco-friendly and easy to play with. Give your child an opportunity to learn the rudiments of the Ukulele set.

12. C.C Ponytail Beanie Hat

C.C Ponytail Beanie Hat kids

Get her a creative gift that keeps her warm during winter. The C.C Ponytail Beanie Hat is made of polyester material. It is great for pulling messy bun effectively on cold chilly days, keeping her hair out of the way. 

The beanie hat has a pull-on closure and can be worn with the opening high or low, depending on your styling choice per time. Finally, you can use it to go for snow sports, leisure time with friends, and other outer activities. 

13. Aprilis Bath Bomb Set

Bomb Set

This pack of 12 essential oils is what every girl and woman need for moisturizing their skin. The bath bombs are infused with pure essential oil to soothe your mind and body. It also has healing ingredients such as sunflower oils, dead sea salt, and cocoa butter, which provide plenty of nourishment for your skin.

Furthermore, with this pack, your kid has lots of fun recreating the spa treatment at home, soaking in the bathtub, and watching her favorite movies. Aside from that, the bath bombs are made from natural ingredients which are non-harmful to the skin. So, it leaves no residue in your tub or on the skin surface.

14. LCFUN Mini Leather Backpack

LCFUN Mini Backpack

This mini backpack is made using thick faux leather that is durable and has polyester lining within. It is simple and great for making a fashion statement even at age 11. Besides, the backpack has 3 side slips, 1 outer rear zip pocket, and 1 front flap pocket. With this backpack, your little girl can safely keep her iPad, books, and other items. 

Besides, she can also use it for traveling, going to school, hanging out with friends, etc. Don’t forget every girl wants to look classy at all times, and this bag is one way to make sure she steps out in style.

15. Singing Machine Karaoke Portable System

Singing Machine System

Who says you can’t get her something fun and lively? Well, you can, and this Karaoke system is a step in that direction. If she enjoys singing, then get her this product as a gift. The product has Bluetooth for establishing wireless connections with compatible devices. 

In addition, it has 54 LED disco lights in total to provide dim settings that enable her to establish control over her audience. There is also an internal speaker, which gives off a powerful sound. Lastly, this product has the RCAL cables, which you use to connect your T.V. with it, allowing you to visualize the song lyrics.

16. Girlzone Hair Chalk Set

Girlzone Hair

Time to bring out her creative side, see what colors she comes up with when styling her hair. The Girlzone hair chalk set is a fun point to begin. The set contains 10 hair chalks that last temporarily, and one can use each pen for 80 applications. The colors include two sets; 5 metallic colors and 5 vibrant colors, all made with safe ingredients.

Besides that, you can also use the color set to make face paints during sleepovers with her friends. They are safe to the skin and are easy to remove. For kids who are highly creative and jovial, this will be a great gift.

17. Phone Unicorn Night Lamp

Pehohe Nigh Lamp

There are times we all wish we could go back to being little again and get some of these amazing toys. This Unicorn Night Lamp is worth becoming little for again. The light comes with two beautiful patterns and can be used as bedroom lights.

Furthermore, you get the option of choosing from 16 different colors; you can also adjust the brightness of the light using the remote control. There are 4 lighting modes; slow, normal, fixed, and fast color change, whichever way you desire it. Finally, the lamp is powered by a 3-AA battery or a 5V USB cord, whichever is convenient for you. 

18. Word A Round Game By ThinkFun 

 Word A Round Game

This game of cards can be played for about 8 persons making it fun and great for family gatherings too. It is a logic game that helps develop children’s thinking capacity and critical skills. 

Furthermore, the game pack contains 100 word-a-round well-made cards with a total of 300 words. There is an instruction manual containing concise instructions on how best to play the game. The game, therefore, provides a fun way to get your girl together with her friends while ensuring that they learn even as they have fun.

19. GILI Friendship Charm Bracelet Making Kit

GILI Friendship Charm Kit

It’s time for some DIY gifts; this friendship bracelet kit will your kid engaged doing something creative and fun during the holidays. It contains 12 bracelet color threads, 1 bracelet loom, 12 cartoon buckles, and instructions on how to make 7 different bracelet styles. 

Besides, it’s a cool way to introduce your child to gift-giving and sharing amongst friends during sleepovers, birthday parties, slumber parties, etc. Lastly, there is a string bag attached to the package for storing all the bracelets.

20. Refasy Piggy Bank ATM 

Piggy Bank ATM

I am sure you will agree with me that 11 years is a great starting point for teaching your kids how to save? If yes, then you should consider getting her this piggy bank as a gift. The product is made with environmentally friendly ABS plastic; it is sturdy, odor-free, and strong. 

Furthermore, the piggy bank is password-protected, so your kids get to learn about the significance of passwords at a tender age. It is capable of holding 600-coin pieces and 100 notes. Besides, it is easy to use and works well with crisp, clean new notes. With this gift, your kid begins to know why putting money aside for the future is a wise thing to do.

21. YOMERTO LCD Writing Tablet

LCD Writing Tablet

The Yomerto LCD writing tablet serves as a doodle board to get your child into the creative mode. The product uses pressure-sensitive technology to operate; all the kid has to is doodle away with the light pen and her sketches are captured on the screen. The thickness of the lines is based on the writing pressure.

Besides, with this device, you don’t have to worry about the number of hours she spends glued to the screen as she doodles; that is because the board has an eye protection feature, ensuring she is safe from radiation from the tablet. Finally, it is rechargeable and has an in-built lithium battery that lasts for a long time.

22. Flashdash Brain Game 

Brain Game

Turn up the fun in the house with this incredible handheld game that cab played between kids and adults. The product has a cube design that lights up and is designed for playing 4 quick-fingered games; chase me, catch me, follow me and remember me. Each has its own rules and techniques to win. 

The game helps to engage your kids mentally, teaching them the values of speed and accuracy and lots more. It requires 3x AAA batteries to operate and has a display of flashing lights after you finish playing the game. And the product comes with a money-back assurance.

23. Fashion Angels Beauty Guru Makeup Set

Makeup Set

This is equally a fantastic option you should consider. It is a preformatted sketchbook containing different make-up looks, nail designs, and hairstyles that need tracing out. There are 40 drawing pages in total, 4 stencil sheets with over 100 shapes. 

Furthermore, the sketchbook is portable, so it is the perfect gift to take on camp trips and vacations. The back cover also has a pouch where you can store sticker pages and stencils. 

24. Mokoqi Star Projector Light

Mokoqi Star Projector Light

This night light comes with a timer. The light would help her fall asleep before it goes off at the set time without disturbing her sleep. It can be recharged in two ways; using a USB cord and using 4 x AAA batteries. 

Furthermore, the light has 4 buttons, the timer, spin, color change, and night light mode. The switch can be found behind the lamp. The light is portable and can be carried from one place to the other, making it perfect for vacations and trips, to enable her to sleep peacefully at all times, no matter the location.

25. Selieve Kids Walkie Talkie

Walkie Talkie

Outdoor team games have never been more fun. The Selieve Kids Walkie Talkie is everything kids dreamed about; a means to communicate as they play their outdoor or indoor activities with friends. It has an ergonomic design that ensures it can be held comfortably by the kids.

Additionally, the walkie-talkie has a key lock function, ensuring the kids cannot modify available channels without parental help. This way, you can control what they listen to via the available radio channels. Finally, the device is easy to use and can be carried around easily.

26. Unicorn Slime Kit

Slime Kit

The best way to learn slime making is to have your slime kit; no need to hunt anymore for the tools needed to make slime. This pack contains all the necessary materials for slime making, saving you stress, time, and cost. The result is not watery like other those of other slime makers.

Besides, the kit gives you the option to choose how you want your slime to turn out. You are free to experiment with the color and fragrance to get your customized slime type. The product comes with an instruction manual to help if you are a beginner at the art of slime making. This way, your kids can occupy themselves fully when at home with friends making unique slime.

27. The Don’t-Laugh Challenge

The Don’t-Laugh Challenge Book

Yes, you read right. There is a Don’t-Laugh Challenge Book for 11-year-old too. And this edition offers more jokes and games suitable for children of 11 years. You want your baby girl to gain self-confidence or keep an open mind? Then you should consider getting this as her birthday present. 

 It is played between two players or “jesters” at the same time. It is an excellent way to keep everyone in the house busy and happy as they laugh at the jokes shared.

28. Atimo LED Waterproof Watch

Atimo  Waterproof Watch

Still not convinced what to buy for her? How about a super digital multifunction wristwatch? The product is comfortable to wear, as its strap is made with German PUP material of high quality. It offers the kids a better experience than some watches whose straps tend to leave marks behind. 

Furthermore, the glass is made using clear resin and sealed with a machine. It serves multiple functions, can be used as an alarm clock, LED luminous, Stopwatch, Dual time display, calendar date window, etc. Lastly, the product is water-resistant and can be used even in the swimming pool and for bathing.

29. Doctor Unicorn Hooded Bathrobe

 Unicorn Hooded Bathrobe

Our next product of choice is a fancy bathrobe designed for little girls. It looks like a wrap dress with tie closure. The bathrobe, which you can also use as sleepwear, is made using quality polyester. It is thick enough to keep her warm on cold nights. 

Furthermore, the robe has an elastic belt attached to it for holding it securely in place. It is beautifully designed with a rainbow unicorn stripe, with the horn of a unicorn placed at the middle and eyes at the two sides of the hood. This makes it very attractive to them, and soon it is bound to become their favorite sleepwear. 

30. Tiny Heart Personalized Gold Necklace

Tiny Heart Personalized

Ok, so you’ve checked all the products, and you still want something that would ensure she always remembers you? Well, this last gift is bound to do the trick. Nothing as beautiful as getting her a beautiful heart necklace; she’ll love you eternally, knowing fully well that you love her too. 

The necklace is made with hypoallergenic lithium steel material. It comes with various alphabets engraved in it. So, you could get one that has the first letter of her name engraved in it. It is a very thoughtful gift and can be worn to school parties and birthday events.

How to Choose a gift for an 11-year-old girl

Choosing a gift for a girl of 11 years is not an easy task. Some gifts shouldn’t make your list at all as they would most likely not be appreciated and your efforts wasted. Unfortunately, there is no sign written on this gift to show they are just what you need to get her as a present for acing her exams or for her birthday. 

Consequently, to help guide you make the best choice, we have highlighted four major points you should never compromise when getting them gifts. These factors include:

Product Quality

The last thing you want is to get a gift that makes her excited and then gets bad in two weeks. You have succeeded in wasting money and then making her unhappy. To avoid this occurrence, you must purchase only products known for their quality. Check reviews, check the production materials, and if possible, get a feel of it to determine the quality. You must normalize getting durable gifts even if they are expensive. 


Never compromise the safety of your kids for any reason. For toys and gifts that make use of electricity or battery, be sure to verify how safe they are before you purchase. Toys should not be such that cause an electrical shock or any form of injury in the course of indoor or outdoor activities. Hence, you must get a gift that is safe to use.

Learning And Fun

Every little girl wants to have toys and gifts that make play-time fun and enjoyable. So as much as you want them to keep learning, look for fun ways to do so. Get the gifts that improve their creativity, spellings, critical reasoning, and ability to work in teams. They are not too young to learn these. 

Puberty Interest

This factor is a crucial way to know what gift to get your child; their interests. At 11-years of age, most girls already have interest; they don’t have to voice it out for you to know. Find out what they enjoy doing most, what makes them happy? If you can figure that out, then it becomes easier to get them a gift.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the best gift for 11-year girl?

The best gift for an 11-year-old-girl is the one that helps her better express herself. The one that reflects her interest and teaches her more about something while ensuring she has fun learning. You can figure this out easily; what does she love doing or watching the most.

Q2. What should I expect from my 11-year-old daughter?

At 11 years, your daughter knows how to systematically solve problems and can process logical thoughts. This is why your choice of gifts to them should engage their current abilities. 

Q3. What should I get my 11-year-old tomboy for Christmas?

If your baby girl behaves like a tomboy, then, obviously, she wouldn’t have the same interest as other girly girls. For her, gifts meant for boys her age would be just perfect, e.g., the Atimo LED Waterproof Watch, LEGO Augmented Reality Building Kit, etc. 

Q4. Why should 11-year-olds have phones?

For an 11-year-old, a phone ensures she learns to be responsible at an early age. It’s also a way to learn and keep in contact with you when she’s not at home. So, if she goes to a birthday party or camping, you can easily check that she’s safe.

Q5. What do you buy a girly girl?

For a girly girl, you should consider buying girly gifts like a Doctor unicorn hooded bathrobe, Unicorn slime kit, etc.


Buying gifts for tween girls; neither a child nor a teenager can be a complete hassle, especially if you are new to parenting. You don’t want to treat them as a child, but at the same time, you do not want to buy gifts for them that they can’t relate to. 

Hence to help you resolve this dilemma, we have painstakingly researched the 30 best toys and gifts for 11-year-old girls. Everything you need, based on their interests or behaviors has been listed in this review. 

Therefore, whatever choice you make, we can assure you that it would be worth having, and your kid would love you for it.

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