80 Best Gifts & Toys for 10 Year Old Boy in 2021

gift and toys for 10 year old boy

At the age of 10, your son’s taste in gifts and toys becomes way different from the previous years. At this time, you have to be careful what you buy, so you do not pick the wrong item as a present. But how do you know what to buy for him?

This article is here to answer your question and give you options. We have done thorough research and itemized 80 best toys and gifts for 10-year-old. This way, your search is easier and more productive. Read on to discover the gift items available for you.

Image Product Rating Price
Samsung Chromebook
RC Car
CenterPoint Archery
STEM Constructions and Bridges
Pool Boat
Dreamingbox Compact Kids
Punching Bag Set
Robot Kit
Selieve Walkie Talkie


80 Best Toys and Gifts for 10 Year Old Boy

1. Samsung XE303C12-A01 Chromebook 

Samsung Chromebook

Every 10-year-old boy needs the gadget to begin familiarization with how computers work. Therefore, a Samsung Chromebook is a perfect gift to get him. The device has long-lasting batteries, thus ensuring your son gets ample time to play and try out cool stuff.

Besides, you can also use the device to aid study times; this way, your child stays current, why also having fun and adventure.

2. Secton Amphibious RC Car

Amphibious RC Car

Spice up his car toys with something unique; a car toy that runs on water and land. Cool right? Trust me he will enjoy showing this to his friends when there is a pool party. This car can perform complicated stunts such as front and backflips, complete 360 degrees on water and the ground. 

It has a fantastic engine built-in and capable of running 12km/hr in a short timeframe. This provides a thrilling experience while playing the game. The speed is also adjustable, letting them ride as they deem fit.

3. CenterPoint Archery 370 Crossbow

Archery 370 Crossbow

Time to start learning the best defense tools and how to use them. The CenterPoint Crossbow is a perfect starting point. The device has a firm shoulder grip that provides confidence when in use. It also possesses quad limbs for the accurate shot taking. 

Furthermore, the crossbow is made of aluminum; hence it is durable and has lightweight for easy handling. It is safe to use and perfect for both left and right-handed boys.

4. Engino STEM Constructions and Bridges

Engino STEM Constructions and Bridges Kit

How about training them to begin critical thinking? A 10-year-old is not too young for such mental exercise at this age, they are active thinkers, and they have room to learn more in a fun and creative way. 

This gift would be a perfect introduction to the field of engineering and science. You can use this to construct 9 models, including a bridge, house, etc. 

5. Altair AA102 RC Pool Boat

RC Pool Boat

This boat has a powerful engine that can get to a maximum speed of 30km/h. It is fun to ride in pools and lakes. You do not have to worry about losing it or getting it out of the water; the boat has an anti-capsize feature that flips it out of the water onto shore. 

Besides, there is an alarm system that notifies you when the boat is going out of range. When there is a low battery, you always know when to call back your boat. It is durable and comes with a 2 7.4V 1500Mah battery.

6. ATOPDREAM LED Light-Up Hand Gloves


Have you ever seen a light-up glove? Well, here is one. They are incredibly cool, stretchable, and air permeable. Something to make them stand out during kid’s party, as their fingers light up in several beautiful colors. Who wouldn’t love that?

The product comes with a pre-installed battery and requires 5 more replaceable batteries to get it up and running. Perfect for surprises in the dark and great for Christmas too.

7. Dreamingbox Compact Kids Binoculars

Dreamingbox Compact Kids

Time for bird watching? The experience is fun when it is done with binoculars. This gift has soft rubber surrounding its eyepieces to protect the child’s eyes when he looks through.

Besides, it is shockproof, durable, and can withstand impact from fall. Hence they are safe even when dropped accidentally. The binoculars are designed to give you a realistic view when bird watching, hiking, traveling, and enjoy game parks.

8. GaHoo Punching Bag Set

Punching Bag Set

The punching bag set with a stand comes with a ball, hand pump, training gloves, etc. It is easy to install and serves as a means to help your child keep fit while learning hand-eye coordination and balance. The height stand is adjustable, so irrespective of how tall he is you can readjust it to suit him.

The set is a great one to keep the kids busy on a cool day, keeping them warm and comfortable. It is also portable, and you can use it to practice anywhere. 

9. HOMOFY Solar Robot Kit

Build their creativity with the kit. The product contains tools and pieces for making six separate working models, such as space station, shuttle, dog, explorer, etc. 

It is an educational STEM kit that teaches children about renewable energy and introduces them to scientific knowledge, the principles governing it. The models are solar-powered and do not need batteries, and are suitable for outdoor and indoor building games.

10. Selieve Walkie Talkie 3 Pack

Selieve Walkie Talkie

Make playtime fun and creative with the Selieve Walkie Talkie; perfect for playing outdoor activities such as summer camping, hide and seek, or bird watching.  Kids can use this to communicate over long distances while playing.

Furthermore, the product has a built-in flashlight for complex environments and uses 4 AAA batteries each. They are small and lightweight and have a push-to-talk button, making them easy for kids to use.

11. Dan & Darci  Crystal Growing STEM Kit

Dan & Darci  Crystal Growing STEM

The Crystal growing kit is designed to guide children through scientific experiments. So they grab foundational knowledge in a fun way before they grow up and learn more in school.

The kit contains ingredients that they can mix and watch the crystal grow. After that, there’s a light-up display where he can place the results for all to see.

12. Double E Truck RC Excavator

 E Truck RC Excavator

For a little boy who loves excavating the beach sand for treasures like seashells, clamshells, etc., then you should get him this product as a gift. It is a replica of what an excavator looks like, and it contains a drill, shovel, and claw. 

Additionally, the excavator is non-toxic and is made from durable material, ensuring it is durable. The device can dig in any direction, as it has three motor engines. It needs 2AA batteries to operate.

13. ThinkFun Gravity Maze STEM Toy

Gravity Maze STEM Toy

Made by a world-renowned brain game manufacturer, this toy helps to build the critical skills capability of your kid. It borders on building and engineering, providing players with rich knowledge about both areas.

Besides, the game contains marble run, logic game, and STEM toy, making about 68 challenges. Learning is fun and easy, as there is a step-wise guide booklet that teaches effective gameplay. 

14. Threeking RC Robot 

RC Robot

Every boy wants a robot toy, and this is the perfect opportunity to get him one. This robot can sense your simple gestures and react accordingly. It has a remote control, which you use to move it left, right, front, back, whichever direction you want it to take.

Furthermore, they can also sense and avoid obstacles along their path. They can also sing and dance; hence they can be the life of the party, making sure they stay occupied during playtime.

15. Threeking RC Cars 

RC Cars

This is another fantastic Threeking product to keep your kids entertained. This stunt car works like every other car which uses a remote control. However, unlike them, they can also rotate and roll at 360 degrees, in addition, to double-sided driving.

Furthermore, it is perfect for a car race amongst his playmates without interference. And you can use them for indoor and outdoor games.

16. Lucky Dough STEM Solar Robot Kit

Solar Robot Kit

Time for a kit filled with Solar Robots? Then get this gift for them. The kit comes with all the necessary items needed to make 12 different robot types. The process teaches the kids about science, engineering, technology, and mathematics as they assemble the parts.

Furthermore, an instruction booklet is attached to guide the kids to put all pieces together. The robots can roll, crawl and float. 

17. LLMoose Hover Soccer Ball

Soccer Ball

This product comes in a set of two. It is perfect for playing indoor games to keep the kids busy during the holidays and weekends. They thus enable your kids to stay fit while also enjoying themselves. 

Furthermore, the ball has LED lights that glow brilliantly in the dark. They also possess foam bumpers to protect the house furniture while the game is on. It is thus a sport meant for family and friends bonding.

18. Hapinest DIY Dinosaur Night Light

Dinosaur Night Light

There’s nothing as fun as a DIY project; creating and customizing your toy the way you like is an excellent feeling. Your son gets to experience this thrill if you gift this to him. The DIY kit comes with a step-by-step guide on how to create your lantern. 

There is glue, beads, foam brush, 6 dinosaur stickers, black cord, landscape, and everything you need to customize its look. The lantern can be used in the bedroom, doubling as a bedside lamp at night.

19. Refasy Electronic Piggy Bank

Piggy Bank

There’s no better time to teach them the culture and importance of saving than now. Start by getting the Refasy Piggy Bank encouraging them to keep their coins and notes there once in a while. 

The bank can store a total of 600-coin pieces and 100 paper money pieces. It is easy to insert into and to collect the money again when needed. It is also password-protected, so your kid is sure of the safety of his money at all times.

20. Play22 Laser Tag Set

Laser Tag Set

Outdoor and indoor games can be cool, and fun too; these laser guns are designed to make it so. The set contains a pistol (12 bullets), shotgun (6 bullets), machine gun (6 bullets), and Rocker Launcher (1 missile).

It is played between 4 teams, each holding their laser gun of choice. The game produces realistic vibrations whenever a shot is made successfully. Lastly, it requires 28 AA batteries to operate.

21. OleFun Shooting Game 

Shooting Game

Do you feel the laser tag set will not be fit for your child? If yes, then this will be a perfect shooting game for him. The kit includes 2 packs of air blasters, 1 shooting target, and 24 soft foam balls. 

To play, you need to load the popper with balls and then push the handle back and forth to fire at the target. You don’t have to worry about damaging household items as they are soft and lightweight. 

22. Toyk RC Induction Flying Toy Ball 

RC Induction Flying Toy Ball

A toy that serves more than one purpose is a great choice also; the Toyk RC Induction Flying Toy Ball is a perfect example. The flying ball that lights on brilliantly can sense obstacles and avoid them while it is moving. 

It can also serve as disco lights for a kids’ party with its colorful LED light. They are easy to control using the wireless remote and can hover as high as 15 feet. 

23. Toyk Electric Football Set

Football Set

Does he enjoy the game of football? Then this would be a thoughtful gift for him. This set contains an electric moving target, a net, 1 basketball, 1 football, 3 baseballs, etc. The football net is lightweight and can be folded, making it easy to carry. 

The set is perfect for indoor or outdoor games during family get-togethers. It is made with quality ABS material and is therefore safe for kids. 

24. Razor RipStik Ripster Board

 Razor RipStik

A caster board is another fantastic option you should consider; something to aid his movement around small distances. The Razor Ripstik board is a fantastic place to start. This model provides casters with 360-degree turning. 

The deck platform is slip-resistant, and the wheels are made of quality urethane wheels. It is a perfect gift that needs a safety helmet.

25. Beijue Handheld 16 Bit Kid Game Console

 Beijue Handheld

You can’t ignore this game console, which contains over 100 educational puzzles and casual games. The games included in the console is for developing the mind of your kids while they have fun. They get to solve complex problems this way.

The product has a large, clear screen suitable for kids. Besides, the casing is shatterproof and can withstand force from kids. 

26. RaboSky Dart Toy Game

RaboSky Dart Toy

This game is a fantastic way to develop your son’s hand-eye coordination and work on his math skills. It is ideal for indoor situations to keep them entertained while learning.

Furthermore, the product comes with 12 darts made of two colors; 6 yellow, 6 red, high-quality magnets to enable the darts to stick to the board so scoring can be marked easily. Every member of the family can play this in teams of two.

27. Winning Finger Flashing Cube Brain Game

Cube Brain Game

This is a handheld game that helps to build hand-eye coordination and brain skills. It is the perfect gift to keep him busy on a field trip and summer camp. It tests your memory skills and speed skills with its variety of games (4 in total).

The game is easy to learn and needs 3x AAA batteries to function. Kids can take turns playing this with their friends. 

28. Dowling Magnets Magic Penny Magnet Kit

 Penny Magnet Kit

This is another brain development game you should consider getting him for his birthday. The product contains 2 small magnets and 32 minted pennies. It also has an information book that tells the history of pennies in a fun way.

Besides, there is also an instruction manual which shows how to make big structures/toys. It is, therefore, a fantastic gift for your 11-year-old boy.

29. PROGRACE Waterproof Camera

Waterproof Camera

An ideal gift for a ten-year-old boy is here for you; the Prograce Waterproof Camera. It is made of environmental-friendly materials and can be used to do a mini video. 

In addition, it has a waterproof function that enables you to make use of it even when you are at the pool. Hence, you can take pictures as you swim or skate. Finally, the battery can last for a long time. 

30. Flipslide Electronic Handheld Game

Flipslide Electronic Handheld

This game is a fast-paced game that involves solving puzzles to win. You would need to arrange the colors and the slide in a way that they match the light. It can be played with friends and family, keeping the brain active, looking for the right solutions. 

Besides, it is portable and comes with an instruction manual, so your son can never be bored when he’s not with friends. 

31. Pindaloo Juggling Skill Game

Pindaloo Juggling

Enjoy indoor and outdoor games with the Pindaloo game. It is a juggling game that would help you develop your motor skills while helping to improve your hand-eye coordination.

The game is a fun, entertaining game that would keep your son glued for a long time. It ensures the usage and development of both sides of your brain and is thus a fantastic choice for boys of 10 years.

32. Toysmith Multi Voice Changer

Toysmith  Voice Changer

Does he enjoy sounds and beats? If yes, then he would appreciate this gift. With this product, your son can experiment with sounds. He can also adjust the side levers to suit his taste.

The device uses a 9-volt battery and contains effects such as a flashing LED and a voice amplifier. It is an entertaining toy that can be played by kids and adults alike.

33. FAUX BOW Bow And Arrow


It’s time for target practice; what kid wouldn’t love to be part of that? This gift would provide them ample reasons to start archery lessons. It contains the best archery set made of foam. And has a sleek look which would guarantee its performance.

Besides, it is lightweight, durable, and easy to aim & fire. A fun outdoor game that can be played by friends and families while learning how to aim properly.

34. Move2Play Karaoke Microphone

Karaoke Microphone

This microphone uses a Bluetooth connection to allow kids to play and sing along to any song of their choice. It also functions as a Bluetooth speaker to listen to songs. 

Besides, the karaoke microphone has quality sound because it uses stereo acoustic speakers to give off a high volume. Your kid would enjoy singing along to this, as their voice changes between 4 voice effects; high, low, echo, and chipmunk.

35. KINDI Karaoke Machine And Microphones

KINDI Karaoke

Still undecided about the Karaoke Machine? Then you should check this out. This product comes with a machine and two microphones to enable two kids to sing simultaneously. 

Also, the edges are smooth and safe to handles by kids while they play. It has an easy-to-use button and includes a voice changer. Your son is going to love showing this to his best buddies. 

36. Swurfer Surfing Swing

Swurfer Surfing

This swing is a versatile one that your son will enjoy playing with all day long. The handles are adjustable and can be arranged to suit your child’s taste and age. 

It improves body core strength, toning, and learning balance. That way, your kid gets to keep healthy and fit while he plays on his Swurfer swing.

37. Fat Brain Teach Your Puppy School

Puppy School

Does he have a pet dog? Then buy him this; it will help create and strengthen the bond between your son and his pet. The kit contains a detailed guide on how to train his dog and even prepare treats for it.

With this, your son has lots of fun teaching his buddy obedience commands while also improving and challenge his capacity to lead. 

38. SpyX Night Ranger 

 SpyX  Ranger

Time to blend into the life of a spy. This set is fun and exciting, something to get him through the holiday. It includes night mission googles that feature light beams and can be flipped for snooping in the daytime.

Furthermore, the device can detect vibrations/motion around its vicinity and can also disguise the user’s voice. Besides, it contains an invisible ink pen for writing and reading coded spy messages. 

39. USA Toyz Astroshot Shooting Games

 Shooting Games

This is a shooting target kit that includes a gallery, 1 dart gun, 12 foam darts, 10 floating targets, 5 knockdown targets, and 1 dart clip. You can enjoy the game indoors without worrying about damaging any household appliances (the balls are soft and made of foam).

Besides, kids can enjoy this alone, and can also play with friends and family members. 

40. National Geographic Geodes Science Kit

Geographic Geodes Science Kit

It’s time to learn about geography and rocks. This science kit is a fantastic STEM product containing volcanic rocks containing crystals within it. There’s also a learning guide, goggles, and a display standby included in the pack.

Kids have lots of fun breaking this open to discover the amazing crystals within the rock and learn how to appreciate nature.

41. Fat Brain Mosaic

 Fat Brain

Every art-loving kid loves a mosaic craft, and if he falls under this category, this would be a very thoughtful gift. This is a professionally designed fox mosaic that requires children to think while they assemble the fox. 

It is fun and comes with instructions to guide them on what to do. Besides, the craft helps to strengthen their logical skills and encourages creativity on their part.

42. Top Race Sand Castle Kit

 Race Sand Castle Kit

Beach hangout has never been more fun for kids who have this kit. They get to make their sandcastles while the adults relax. The set comes with 4 sandcastle melts of different colors; yellow, green, blue, and pink. 

The melds are easy to play with to create a beautiful sandcastle inside a sandbox or beach. 

43. Tangle Nightball LED Football

LED Football

This glow-in-the-dark football would keep your child busy anytime, anywhere. You can play this at night or in the daytime. However, when playing at night, it automatically lights to illuminate the area. This way it is easy to locate at all times. 

Furthermore, the ball is lightweight, making it easy for anyone to throw and to catch. 

44. Fat Brain OffBits Toys

Fat Brain OffBits

This is another fantastic option from the Fat Brain Toy brand, but this time around it is centered on building and construction. The kit contains bolts and nuts that you can assemble to make a beautiful airplane.

It comes with illustrated instructions that make it easy to build the airplane from scratch. The process teaches kids about logic, problem-solving, and creativity.

45. Brightz CruzinBrightz Tri-Colored Bicycle

Brightz CruzinBrightz

A bike with a difference, who would not want that? With this tri-colored LED bike, your son stands out when with his friends during night hours. 

The bright light uses an AA battery to generate over 20 hours of lighting. Besides, the bike can be taken anywhere, attaching it to a backpack or traveling bag. So, kids are never bored no matter where they are.

46. 1Q Builder STEM Construction Toys

STEM Construction Toys

This STEM kit by the IQ Builder brand contains 164 pieces that can be arranged to build fun toys. Kids learn more about engineering, mathematics, science, and technology, thus engaging the cognitive part of their brain. This way, they develop excellent critical thinking and problem-solving skill.

Furthermore, it is an excellent learning tool used in school and at home, so learning in a fun way never stops.

47. Qurious Space Flash Card

Qurious Flash Card

There is no better way to know more about space than having this wonderful flashcard. The card game is double-sided and can be played by more than one person. It is educative and interactive, teaching kids all about space, exploration by humans, and NASA facts.

The decks contain trivia on the solar system, making it easy for kids to improve their knowledge even as they play with friends.

48. Heads Up Board Game

Heads Up Board

This is fast-paced fun, guessing game played amongst teams. It would be a wonderful gift to help build his ability to work in a team. It contains 6 headbands, a timer, 48 chips, and 200 cards containing words.

It is non-stop fun that can be played by 2-6 players, perfect for camp games or family get together.

49. Toysery Bow And Arrow

Toysery Bow And Arrow Game

Another fun-packed gift you can give to your 10-year-old boy is the archery set. It contains a bow, 6 suction cup arrows, 1 target, and 1 quiver. The bow chord is adjustable to deliver a precise target.

Furthermore, the archery is safe for kids, as it is made from non-toxic plastics and has no edges that could harm kids. The gift is perfect for learning archery with friends and families.

50. Alprang Space Play Tent

Alprang Tent

Engage your son’s imagination with this tent playhouse. It is made using quality polyester, with sturdy poles that ensure it does not shatter when set up. The space tent can be used indoor or outdoor to visualize how space looks.

This would inspire your kids and pique their curiosity about the space world. It is large enough to house his other toys and accommodate friends too.

51. SANROCK U61W Kid Drones


Consider getting him a personal assistant in form of a drone. Something that helps him ensure everywhere is in order in the house. This drone has a high-definition 720P HD camera. The angle is adjustable and gives a perfect view of the landscape. 

Besides, you can control this drone using a mobile phone (Android, or iOS). So, he can use them easily.

52. Syma S107 Helicopter


Still not sure what to get him? How about the Syma Helicopter? This device is made ready to fly, so your kid does not need to assemble them like other products. It uses the Gyroscope technology and comes in yellow or red color, 

Besides, it can be used to play indoors with friends and uses a 3.7V-180MAH LI POLY battery.

53. MOKOQI Star Projector Lamp

MOKOQI Star Lamp

If he’s scared of the dark, then this will be a thoughtful gift for him. Besides, the lamp would also pique his interest in the universe and the constellations, as it lights up his room displaying stars, giving him a calm, peaceful sleep.

It can be powered using a USB port or 4 AAA batteries. It is also easy to activate and deactivate.

54. Activ Life Flying Rings

Flying Rings

How about a gift that makes playtime fun with the whole family? The Active Life flying rings gives you that opportunity to play with your kids outside. The flying discs are light and easy to catch comfortably.

Besides, they are designed to fly straight without hurting anyone and do not sink in water. This makes them a fantastic game for beach parties with friends.

55. Marky Sparky Rocket Launcher 

Marky Sparky Rocket

Rocket launching is exciting and fun with this product. It comes with a blast pad, that when stepped upon automatically, launches the rocket into the sky above 200 feet. 

You can use them for outdoor games during family get-togethers and kids’ birthday parties. Besides, it enables kids to stay fit even as they have fun stomping on the rocket.

56. Educational Insights Coding Robot Artie 3000

Educational Insights Coding Robot

Coding is easily learned by kids when taught in a fun way. The Artie 3000 is the best coding robot that allows kids to design the codes while Artie draws the lines. 

It works using 4 AA batteries and only needs a tablet/computer to control it. This is a great way to introduce your kids to coding at such a young age; you can use them at home and in schools.

57. Kano Harry Potter Wand Coding Kit

Harry Potter Wand Coding Kit

This kit would further teach your kid how to code as he learns to build the Harry Potter Wand. It comes with a battery, book guide, stickers, poster, button, etc. the book guide contains over 70 step-wise creative challenges. 

Do not worry about having prior coding experience; this is user-friendly, so kids without basic coding knowledge would still find this fun.

58. Letscom U8L Headphones 

Letscom Headphones

These wireless headphones offer your son hours of quality listening time; it is, therefore, a perfect gift for a music lover. The device has a built-in 120mAh battery which lasts long. 

Furthermore, the speaker has enhanced bass with reduced sound distortion. They can, therefore, be used for receiving phone calls also.

59. Wakeman Swarm Rod and Reel

Wakeman Swarm

Several boys enjoy fishing with dad and uncles. And so, you can never go wrong with a fishing rod for his birthday gift. He’d appreciate you getting a personal fishing tool for him.

With this, kids get to enjoy bonding time with family members.

60. Mizuno MVP Baseball Glove

 Mizuno MVP Baseball

Is he a lover of the baseball game? If yes, get him a baseball glove to protect his hands when he plays with family and friends. This product is made of smooth leather and is exceptionally soft to enable a firm grip.

Besides, it gives a professional look when at play and can be worn on either hand for the right-hand and left-hand throw. 

61. National Geographic 5,000 Awesome Facts

Geographic 5,000 Awesome Facts

This is an educative book worth having by every kid. It contains photographs of various fun facts that keep them ahead of their mates. 

It is fun to read and contains 5,000 interesting, fascinating facts on topics that are not new to kids. 

62. Forbidden Island Board Game

Forbidden Island Board

This is a satisfying, and fun-filled board game, the perfect gift for your 10-year-old kid. It engages his imagination, problem-solving, and creative thinking skills, a way to teach kids about survival techniques on an island.

Also, the game can be played between 2-4 players for a total of 30 minutes.

63. The Don’t Laugh Challenge 

 Laugh Challenge

The 10-year-old edition of this challenge is worth having by every kid within that age bracket. This book of jokes and riddles is a great way to develop your son’s self-confidence. 

It also helps them develop a rich sense of humor as they play and exchange jokes between 2 players.   

64. K’NEX Thrill Revenge Roller Coaster

 K’NEX Thrill Revenge Roller

This is a fantastic opportunity to learn how to build his roller coaster from scratch. The product comes with about 568 pieces that need to be assembled using the step-wise guide contained in the instruction manual.

Moreover, the roller coaster uses 2AA batteries and helps to build the kid’s STEAM knowledge.

65. Ravensburger Ocean Labyrinth


This is an amazing board game that offers kids the opportunity to learn more about how to walk through the twists and turns of the ocean environment. It contains 34 maze and 24 treasure cards, 1 playing board, and 4 playing pieces. 

Furthermore, the game rules are easy to understand, making it easy to begin playing immediately.

66. Leedor Indoor Bed Tent 

 Leedor Indoor Bed

This is a fantastic gift for your 10-year-old boy; he gets to have his own space even within the house. The tent has 4 doors and 2 windows to ease ventilation and access. They get to customize the interior the way they want and enjoy the boost it gives to them.

Also, it is easy to set up and can serve as a play space during the day and bed during the night.

67. Schwinn Mountain Bike

Mountain Bike

This is a gift that your son would appreciate. It is durable and can move through the neighborhood and mountain trails.

Furthermore, the bike is easy to maintain and provides stability for users. This soon becomes a boy’s favorite item and can be used to compete with friends on the trail.

68. Thames And Kosmos Robotic Machines

 Robotic Machines

This STEM kit is an excellent way to introduce kids to robotics. The product enables them to build 8 robotic machines that can be programmed to behave the way you want them.

In addition, it comes with a step-wise guide booklet that explains how kids can assemble all 8 models effectively and is operated using a smartphone or tablet.

69. 3-D Home Construction Kit

Construction Kit

This kit is great to develop his interest in home construction and modeling if you discover that’s what he enjoys. So, at a young age, they can experience what it feels like to be an architect.

This comes with all the tools kids need to learn home modeling in 3D and has a guide that explains the process, making it easy to understand.

70. Hi-Na ZipLines Kit

ZipLines Kit

You can get this as a gift for him and prepare a portion of your backyard for him to play with his friends and siblings. The zipline is designed for kids and is non-slippery, allowing you to hold firmly, hence guaranteeing their safety. 

Furthermore, it is a great way to spend time with family and bond better, developing team sportsmanship in your kids. 

71. 4M 5557 Crystal Growing Kit

 Crystal Growing Kit

This kit contains the necessary items to grow 7 different crystals. It is a fun way to introduce kids to the principles of chemistry and geology. 

It includes an instruction manual that guides them on what to do to gain practical knowledge and experience about crystals. Hence, it is a great way to develop their STEM skills while they have fun too.

72. Thames And Kosmos Geckobot


This is a fascinating way to learn about physics principles such as surface texture, suction, and air pressure. It contains a wall-climbing robot called Geckobot and materials to build 6 robots. 

Learning physics has never been more fun; kids get to watch the Geckobot climb windows, mirrors, and glass as they walk vertically on them.

73. Segway Ninebot S-Plus Scooter

 Ninebot S-Plus Scooter

Still undecided what to get for him? Then check this out. The Segway Scooter is a sturdy machine possessing dual motors that you use to move from place to place.

Besides, you can also control it using the remote or the auto-follow mode so you can ride hands-free. It is safe and very comfortable to ride on.

74. EzyRoller Pro-X Ride Drifter

EzyRoller Pro-X Ride

This is an even better alternative to a scooter, as it allows riders to have maximum control over its movements. It can cut through corners easily, while riders control the direction and the speed. 

Moreover, this drifter has back support and lets riders work hands-free. Hence, it is a great device for playing ball games amongst teams.

75. Activision PS4 Spyro Trilogy

PS4 Spyro Trilogy

This would have your boy excited and glued to his screen for hours of game time. It contains all 3 Spyro games packaged in one. 

It means hours of fun with friends who come to visit him. He would definitely become the hero of his playmate group with this.

76. Double Bananagrams Word Game

Double Bananagrams Word

This is an exciting way to learn spellings as a child; it is thus a great gift to get your son as he clocks 10. The game is played between 2-16 players; the more, the merrier. 

Besides, it is a great way to pass off time during the holidays as learning continues in a fun way.

77. Nostalgia RSM602 Snow Cone Maker

Snow Cone Maker

This gift is effective in keeping kids busy during a family time out. That is because, while the meal is being prepared, the kids can help in making snow cones for everyone to enjoy.

Furthermore, the countertop device has a side shelf for prepping and safety switches to protect your hands. Besides, it builds team bonds. Kids can work with friends to make use of the device and serve.

78. Fofana Ninja Obstacle Course

 Ninja Obstacle Course

There is no time too early to train your child in the ninja arts. This course would help build his confidence, strength, and coordination skill while also teaching him discipline, making him a force to reckon with amongst his peers.

The equipment is completely safe and ready to use after set up in your backyard. Have fun playing with your kid and teaching him self-defense skills.

79. WowWee Buttheads Alien Farting Toy

Buttheads Alien Farting Toy

This is an interactive farting toy that they can use to prank friends and family members. It comes with different each with a signature fart sound.

Furthermore, the alien has a timer and can produce over 20 fart sounds. It is, therefore, an excellent way to keep keeps engaged in their space while the adults work.

80. ATIMO LED Waterproof Watch

LED Waterproof Watch

If all else fails, be rest assured that this will not fail. The Atimo watch is loved by everyone and is, thus, a fantastic option for your kid.

It is made of quality material, waterproof, has multiple functions, and looks stylishly cool. What else would anyone want in a watch? This is the perfect gift for a 10-year-old boy.

What to Look while choosing gifts for 10-year-old boy

When deciding what to buy a gift for your 10-year-old boy, there are several factors you ought to put into consideration. These factors include:


A sure-proof way of knowing if he would love the gift you are considering getting is to pass it through the interest test. Does he have any flare for that field? For example, a boy who enjoys sports games would appreciate getting a football, baseball, or tennis. The one that enjoys music would love a headset, music player, etc., and so the list goes on. 


The technology behind the gifts you get for a 3-year-old boy cannot be the same for a 10-year-old boy. They are older, and as such, their toys should be more sophisticated technology-wise. So, you should consider getting him something that teaches him about the fundamentals of technology. 

Skill Development

As much as it is cool to buy them fun games and toys, hesitate from getting them gifts that do not engage them in creative thinking or build their skill. A DIY Kit, a robot assembling kit, all these are items that enable them to learn a new skill in the process of having fun with friends and family.


You do not want your boy growing without empathy or emotions, so get them gifts that make them feel loved. Something thoughtful, that’s when they appreciate your gifts more; when it is probably something that has been on their wish list for a long time. 


Shopping for the best toys and gifts for 10-year-old boy can be both frustrating and exciting. Exciting when you know the sort of gift he would love, frustrating when you have no idea what would best suit his need.

Consequently, we have written this article to guide you in making the right choice when shopping for his next birthday gift. So whatever item you decide to get on this list, do not forget to pass it through the “interest test,” and I can assure you, he’ll love you forever. So why wait? Pick a present now.

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