Best Gifts for 17 Year Old Boys in 2021

Best Gifts for 17 year old boys

In the modern world teenagers, every teenager has a different personality and a different lifestyle and a 17 years old boy likes to explore different new things including books, games, gadgets, and so many other accessories.

It is not so easy to get the right gift for your teenager although its a challenge to buy them gifts as they’re at the stage of their life journey where they are trying to figure out what kind of person they are and what sort of person they’d like to be.

In this growing age a seventeen years old boy loves to keep his friendship bonds for a long and together they would likely to play gadgets and have fun with some tech toys.

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Image Product Rating Price
Snap Circuits “Arcade”
BEBONCOOL Wireless Controller
Samsung Galaxy Tab
Ultra-Light Bluetooth Headset
Alesis Compact Kit
R2-D2 App-Enabled Droid
SNAPTAIN SP650 1080P Drone
Xbox One S 1Tb Console
RC Car
LEGO Star Wars Solo


Best Gift Ideas for 17 Year Old Boy (Our Pick)

1. Timex Iron-man Wrist Watch


The wristwatch is a very good option for a  gift to 17 year old boys as they include many different and stylish features. Purchasing watches from a high profile brand Timex provides some handy functions and long term safety.

Such watches include 24 hour time mode; three different time zones i.e. Day, Date, and month; three different alarm settings for daily, weekday, weekend. The watch also designed as waterproof beneficial for swimming but not for diving.

It is one of the best practical gifts for boys ages 17 years. Its bright display will help to read it in the dark light. 

2. Batman Car Seat Covers

At the age of seventeen, boys love things that are designed of superheroes themes and they fulfill their wishes by such seat covers of superheroes logo.

This is a great option if you want to gift this to a 17 year old boy. These seat covers are designed by Warner brothers with the use of best quality polyester fabric.

It comes with high-durability due to its dual stitching and includes four pc of floor mats, two pc bench, two pc buckets, two pc headrests, and an auto shade. 

3. Doinkit darts: Magnetic dartboard

This magnetic dartboard is one of the best gifts for seventeen years old boys. It is a perfect and affordable gift. It’s a better idea to get involved in some fun activities and to get break from studies. 

It comes with an easy hanging dartboard to be hung on any wall along with multiple of magnetic darts which makes the coordination among children and this kit will also brings coordination between them. 

4. My map Scratch off World Map 

Most of the seventeen old year boys love to explore the world and travel all places to experience adventures.

This gift would be a perfect idea for boys to help them dream about some adventure sort of things.

The map covers all major detailing along with ancient prints and the Caribbean islands. It is made up of thick laminated paper and its look will inspire a seventeen old year teen to discover new places and know something new about the world and its beauty residing in different places.

5. Funny gaming socks for the gaming Teen

Playing games is one of the main hobbies of 17 year old boys. These funny printed socks is a best option for the present as it showcases a gamer’s feelings and will bring a laugh on face of your boy.

It is a fun and entertaining gift and it comes in many different colors and made up of good and easygoing fabric that is comfortable to wear. 

6. Personalized Sports Water Bottle

Water Bottles

 A teen boy of 17 years old loves to involve in some physical activities that will help him to maintain his energy levels and it is essential for them to always remain hydrated.

This personalized sports water bottle is the best gift option for such boys and to be customized with his name will make it a special present for him.

Apart from all of this, its an eco-friendly product as it is reusable and easy to wash. Along with this, it is a multi functional water bottle i.e. available is many different colors.

7. Tommy Hilfiger Thin Sleek Casual Bifold Wallet

This Tommy Hilfiger casual wallet will make a better option for a present.

It comes with a number of card slots, pockets, and a removable id window that will help him to create his own identity and will make him self dependent and responsible person to carry the important thing including his id cards and any of bank cards.

It is made up of good quality of leather and available in various colors.

8.Teens Drone

These seventeen years of generation are likely to have more interest in technology. There is no better gift than this GPS drone for your son or anyone who fits in such eligibility for having such gadgets in his collection.

This SE GPS drone is the best gift for a teenage boy and will help to acquire a skill to fly.

This SE drone comes with a Hd live recording camera and a GPS connectivity that makes it easy to fly and capture high-resolution aerial photos.

And this won’t let your teen get bored and he will experience new things by exploring it as a beginner.

9.  Bluetooth Music Hat Hands-free Stereo Headphone And Microphone

The features of this hat will make every teen boy fall in love with this as it comes with a combination of technology and style.

It is a wonderful gift for teens in winter as it is designed with inbuilt Bluetooth headphones and will give comfort in winters while doing any fitness activity like skating, running, jogging, and walking.

Its stretchable fabric will give comfort and it includes all needy features which a seventeen years old boy looks for.

10. 4M Tin Can Robot

The Tin can robot is a fun activity for those teens for those who have an interest in robotics. This Tin can robot will help to understand the value of recycling by turn out a used can into a functional robot.

The can robot kit comes with detailed instructions and all things that are needed. Along with this it doesn’t take extra time and energy to have fun and experience things like these.

To teach boys of seventeen years the importance of recycling, gift them with this best equipment to encourage him.

Make sure you gift AAA batteries along with this Can Robot. It works well with these batteries and definitely it will end up as a best present.

11. Squashed Board Game

The Squashed board game is fun, interesting, and easy to play. The game is designed by a teenager for teens. it is logical, creative, and intellectually game.

The game is made for multiple players but not for more than four players and keeps entertaining for hours. Along with this it helps to create the skills of problem-solving.

It is easy to set up and helps to grow the family time.

12. Apple Watch Series 3

This Apple watch really sounds a great gift for 17 years old boys. It will help him to tell the heart rate while tracking and will tell the time. Overall this is a fabulous present for any boy because the watch will help to organize the schedule.

This watch is designed with inbuilt GPS and Bluetooth connectivity and gives all the best features within a limited price. Along with this, the watch keeps him off from his phone during schools as it is possible for him to access calls or messages.

Moreover the battery backup of the watch is of 18 hours so he can use it all day long and keep it on charge while sleeping. There is none other best present for him that will help to maintain the schedule.

13. Bloodborne

The game Bloodborne will be the best ever gift for your 17 years old son if he is interested in gaming.

This game is designed in a horror-filled gothic area or city and some dangerous creatures lurk around every corner of the city and players of this game will be armed with many different and unique weapons and with the minded strategy the player could take down the enemies.

It will give goosebumps to your son while playing this game as a player and he will feel heroic at the same time with doing so many challenges.

This game could involve him for so long as it is played online and he could experience the advanced online PlayStation.

14. ThinkFun Gravity Maze Marble Run Logic Game

This Marble Run Logic game is trusted by families around the world and ThinkFun is the most leading brand of mind challenging games and puzzles. The gift us a very interesting one for boys who likes mind puzzles.

This game would keep teens engage for long and will help to grow his mind and develop skills of planning and reasoning. It improves their logical mentality and the game is designed with increasing order of difficulty levels that would help them to do try best.

It comes up with an instructional manual and makes it easy to set up.

It will provide learning experience and develop critical analysis skills to your son.

15. GROW THE HECK UP – Birthday present

If you’re looking for a gift for teenage boys of 17 then this book GROW THE HECK UP will helps to make them learn some valuable skills to grow up and live in this world.

To get out of stress and problems, the book gives you a number of solutions. The book contains practical content i.e. written in very easy language to understand.

It’s a book that will teach step by step to master each and every task. This is something that schools can’t teach so take this one as a birthday present.

16. Boys RC boat

Boys RC boat

The Aqua RC boat is an exciting gift for boys ages 17. It is a fun and perfect gift with many inbuilt features. Boys love anything that is operated by remote.

It is designed with a speed control system so that they can learn how to control the speed and it is way easy to do so. With two rechargeable batteries the boat will provide the fun for at least 20 minutes.

It comes up with an instructional manual, charging cables, tools, and most important the controller.

Boys of 17 years of age will love such toys as a gift.

17. Game of Phones  

The game is designed for more than one player and it is best for boys ages 17. This game will help them improve their social behavior while using the phone. These cards include many challenges that are the target to be completed by the player.

This game is great as it will help the communication skills of teens and build up bonds between each other. It is a fun game and you shouldn’t think twice about not getting this one.

18. WindFeel Vintage Army Green Retro Canvas Backpack

There are many gifts that are not practical but somewhere provides the best fashion sense into their personality. So here is one thing that is fit best in this category or criteria.

WindFeel Vintage Army Canvas backpack is made by high quality fabric that makes it much durable and resistant to any kind of damage including tear and wear. It is very easy to wash as well as dry out.

The bag is useful for various occasions and suitable for travelling, camping and many more outdoor activities.

It is designed with so many pockets which will helps to carry all useful items while going for any of the occasion.

And for 17 years boys this bag will be the best accessory to be gifted.

19. Getting Off Sidelines – The If in life

This book written by Rashad Jennings is an inspirational book that will keep motivating the teens. At age 17, it is very much difficult to choose the best gift but there is nothing more than this to be gifted. It is a great choice.

Rashad Jennings shares his experiences and story that will help to encourage the young generation. The achievement of an impossible dream that he tells in his book will help him to push the limits and get successful in his life goals.

20. Manual To Manhood- How to impress a girl, change a tire, cook a perfect streak and more

This a great option for a gift to 17 years old boys and helps the young teen with every guidance for his adulthood needs. The Manual to Manhood is the book that will complete the task of parents.

This is an innovative and instructional book that will provide day to day ideas on each and everything that he needs to know including how to manage money, write a resume, fold a shirt, talk to girls, and many more.

Basically it is the year where seventeen years old boys prepare the present year for upcoming adult age and this book will definitely help them to handle every situation and make them self dependent.

21. Stomp Super high-Performance Extreme Rocket

Teenager is an age where you are in between your childhood and adulthood and we are more excited to grow as an adult but sometimes, even for once every teenager wants a day out and act like a kid.

The stomp extreme rocket is a great choice and a perfect gift for 17 years old to play outside.

The fun game kit is easy to use and assemble. Also it doesn’t need batteries to generate this rocket. It is easy to play, just run then jump and stomp.

So it is a better option to keep your boy active and stay away from gadgets. Along with this you can take this stomp rocket on vacation or to the park.

22. RC Race Car Toys

This remote control race car is a great gift idea for your 17 years old boy. You can gift this at any occasion.

The race car is designed in such a way that it moves backward, forward, or in any other direction and it is made up of high-quality material that makes it durable and reliable.

It comes with an instructional manual and he can build up the car himself as it is easy to do so and a fun process. It is interesting for those boys who like designing, building, and have more interest in the car.

23. Rally and Roar Foosball Tabletop Games

The Rally and Roar Foosball Table is of small size that can be placed on top of any desk or floor. It is the best entertainment source without covering a lot of space.

Also while assembling it after the game it is easily stored anywhere covering very less space. It is light weighted and compact. Moreover, it is very comfortable and its handgrips make very easy movements.

It is the best thing for build-up bonds among friends and its a great option while choosing the best gift for your 17 years old boy.

24. Celcube Nightlight

This Celcube nightlight is one of the most loved gifts for a 17 years old boy.

It is not only ultra-modern and close-packed but also versatile light that comes up with an inbuilt sensor that makes it change the colors and more cross-functional. Although it also has a digital clock display on the front.

Also it is designed with an inbuilt microphone and comes with a Bluetooth speaker that will be helpful in making calls and listen to music respectively. It is ideally a sweet and simple gift.

25. FunSparks Jazzminton deluxe LED 3 in 1 Paddleball Game

This game set is a great option for a gift to seventeen years old boys because boys love to be meet up with their friends periodically and a social life is more prior to them. That’s why such games are the best option for socializing.

This FunSparks Jazzminton is an outdoor as well as indoor badminton game which is similar to badminton but doesn’t cover that much space.

It helps your boy to engage more with something like this rather than using a phone. You can play this game anywhere even in water areas like beaches and swimming pools as this kit is water-resistant. Also the LED birdies are useful because by that it is possible to play games at night time.

26. JBL Bluetooth Speaker 

JBL Bluetooth

Teens always prefer to listen to music and do their homework. So a good wireless Bluetooth speaker can be the best idea to present him on his 17th birthday. This JBL Bluetooth speaker comes with a wireless feature that allows him to listen to music anywhere by just connecting with Bluetooth-enabled devices. This can make his mini house party or pool party more enjoyable and amazing.

It has a 3000 mAH rechargeable battery with 12 hours of battery life that will give you a long service. The most outstanding thing about this speaker is that it is waterproof, so there is no chance of accidental spills or rains. 

27. Anker PowerCore 10000 Portable Charger

Anker PowerCore

Powerbank is a very necessary tool that your teen must need to have in his bag. As there are many circumstances where he won’t be able to charge his phone and his battery got dead. So a power bank can rescue him from that.

The Anker power bank charger comes with a versatile range of inputs, you can insert apple, Samsung, or any android phone to charge. The 10000 mAH battery provides a long term service and the voltage boost provides the fastest charging.

Along with this, it has 11 safety features that keep your device safe. The charger is small and compact so you  can easily take it anywhere you want.

28. LEGO Architecture New York City

 LEGO Architecture

Boys love fun games and if there is anything to assemble, they love to use their brains to set it up.

Lego NYC set comes with 598 pieces that need to be assembled. It also includes an instruction manual and informational booklets.  The set contains five legendary construction structures located in New York City. These are- Statue of Liberty,  One World Trade Center; Chrysler Building, Empire State Building, Flatiron Building. Your teen boy can gather building experiences and fall in olive with the magic of the structures.

This fun game can give full pleasure and enjoyment but on the other hand, he can also boost up his creativity.

29. Modoker Vintage Laptop Backpack

Modoker Vintage

This Modoker laptop backpack comes with high-quality nylon fabric material with polyester lining which ensures the durability of the backpack.

He will love the stylish and elegant design of the bag. Along with this, it has some different slots and pockets where he can keep little vital things like keys, pen, sunglasses, etc.

Furthermore, the bag also has side pockets to keep beverages or water bottles comfortably. 

The most interesting part of the backpack is, it comes with a USB charging port, which gives the opportunity to charge a phone in any situation. 

30. Zebco 33 Folds of Honor Fishing Rod 

Zebco 33 Folds

If your teenage boy loves outdoor trips and games, fishing is the best idea to make your family outing. Zebra’s fishing rod will be a great gift if he likes fishing.

The fishing rod is made with a high-quality fiberglass rod that is durable and long-lasting and the rod is suitable for both saltwater and freshwater.

It comes with a package of 2 piece combo of fishing rods and both rings have D ring guides that provide smooth casting and EVA handle and all-metal gears give strength to hold it tightly.

The fishing rod also has dual ceramic pick-up pins that allow smooth retrieve. The rod is very easy to use and both left and right-handed people can use it. 

What Types of Gift I can Give to 17 Year Old boys?

The best gift for seventeen years old boys helps to not feel like a kid anymore. The purpose of gift should be helpful and helps them to grow in any field of life. There are different types of categories for different products.


this category of gift include remote control toys like drones, boat, helicopter, and boats.

This is the dream of each and every young boy to play with these toys as they love to control the toys and such toys are designed with a remote controlling system.

These toys are also beneficial for encouraging the boys of this age to play outdoors and helps them to keep away from screen time for a longer period. Such toys also develop creativity skills while playing outdoors.


This type of category includes things that are related to sports. Boys of age 17 who like to play games or doing workout loves such kind of stuff.

Wristwatches, water bottles, shoes, games, tracksuits, and many more fall into this category. While choosing the best gift for 17 years old boys, make sure to know about his interest and finding such thing that he could love is best ever gift for him


Laptops, cameras, tablet, and smart-phones falls into such category. While growing up in this age, boys love to coordinate with the world in any field including technology.

They don’t want to step behind i.e. why it is necessary and somewhere prior to them for their growth and such gadgets also help boys to make self-dependent. Also, these gadgets help them in their school activities as it is easier for them to cover up their work.


Handmade stuffs, scrapbooks, customized mug, customized t-shirt, and many more like these are included in this category. These things remain special over a lifetime for them. Whenever they look back into their memories it will always make them feel special.


as a seventeen-year-old boy likes to socialize and loves to grow older with his friends.

Board games will help them to buildup their social and personal relationships with friends and family respectively.

Such games are played into the group only and helpful to make growth in his friendships and family relations. Carrom board, chess, squash-board, and many more falls into this category.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can a 17 year old do when bored at home?

Teenagers get bored too often and being alone at home is boring actually. As they can’t live without their phones, they can play games or do video calling with their friends on the phone.

Also, they can play  some indoor games like ludo, puzzle, baking cakes or cookies etc. They can also make some arts and crafts to spend their boring times. 

What is special about turning 17?

Turing 17 means they are one step closer to becoming an adult. So, this stage becomes so interesting and exciting for teenagers. From childish behaviour, they turn out to be very responsible and they want more freedom.

They grew up with different personalities in them and they are now old enough to be trusted. 

Is it worth giving expensive gifts to a 17 Year old Guy?

Giving an expensive gift to a 17 year old guy can be worthy if the gift item can fulfill his needs and he can get value from the item. But before picking the expenditure one, try to know his choices and preferences, it will be easier to make your options.

Final Words

It is very difficult to select gifts for seventeen years old boys as it is the age that they find themselves towards adulthood.

With this number of gifts listed above in the article, we are sure that it helps you to find the best gift for 17 years old boys.

These gifts will help boys of 17 age to change from the teen years into their adult life and they can settle their life in a better way.

Make sure that you will gift him according to his interest as each and every individual is unique in his own way and will make his day with a perfect and helpful gift.

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