30 Best Gift Ideas for 14 Year Old Boy

Gift ideas for 14 year old boy

Getting a gift for your boy child can be a difficult task. This is so because the older they get, the harder it becomes to know what they like. Hence, at 14 years, you wonder what they want that they do not already have.

A 14-year-old boy is a mini grown-up and needs gifts that reflect his current age helping him also to learn different new things. At that age, the children have developed hobbies like singing, playing musical instruments, exercising, and many more. If you have any knowledge about their hobby, you can purchase gifts accordingly. However, whatever you buy for them should be memorable ones.

Many types of gifts for a 14-year-old are available in the market and are available at affordable prices. Consequently, we have painstakingly reviewed some of them, so you make your choice easily. 

Image Product Rating Price
A Fun Card Game for Kids
ROKR 3D Wooden Puzzle
NOMATIC Slim Minimalist Front Pocket Wallet
ThinkFun Gravity Maze Marble Run Brain Game
ZHOPPY Night Light Bluetooth Speakers
Light Up Basketball
LyxPro 39 inch Electric Guitar Kit
100 Movies Scratch Off Poster
Fire HD 8 tablet
RockDove Men’s Original Two-Tone Memory Foam Slipper


Gift Ideas for 14 Year Old Boy (Our Picks)

1. A Fun Card Game for Kids

Fun card

This gift is a fun card game for every member of the family. It is 100% family-friendly and designed to bond the family, making it a fantastic gift choice for a 14-year-oldThe number of cards in the game is 455, and the dimensions of each card are 2 x 3 inches.

There is a wrapped box in which you can find the cards and the instructions. A minimum of four and a maximum of ten players can play the game. Hence, helping the parents to keep their children away from mobiles and laptops.

Lastly, you can play the game at parties, or with a few friends at home for enjoyment and fun. And from reviews left by parents, this game has helped to improve the reading skill, thinking, decision making, etc., of the children

2. ROKR 3D Wooden Puzzle


ROKR 3D Wooden Puzzle is a puzzle game whose pieces are assembled to look like a roller coaster. In the game, an available ball (comes with the game pack) is rolled after the assembling of pieces is complete.

Furthermore, the game comes with a 3D wooden coaster of four types. These help you to learn the making of roller coasters. The process will be challenging, but then the kids will have fun and learn too.

The game also has several wooden pieces for making different types of designs. The toy is safe for you and your child as it is free from toxic materials. Detailed instruction in English is also available that will help you to make designs easily.

3. NOMATIC Slim Minimalist Front Pocket Wallet

NOMATIC Slim wallet

A boy of 14 years likes to show that he is grown up, and for such a child, you should consider getting him a NOMATIC Slim Minimalist Front Pocket Wallet in which he can put his identity card and other types of cards. The size of the wallet is 3.4 x 2.2 x 0.1 inch, and you can keep a maximum of 15 cards.

The wallet is made of elastic medical-grade material and leather. There is a pull tab that you can use to pick out the cards. The company gives a lifetime warranty, so if any problem occurs in the wallet or if the child loses it, the company gets you a new wallet for free.

4. ThinkFun Gravity Maze Marble Run Brain Game

ThinkFun Gravity Maze brain game

The Maze Marble Run Brain Game is loved by many teenagers, especially boys of 14 years. It was developed by ThinkFun Company and has become well-known all over the world.

The game consists of various pieces, including a game grid, three balls, one target piece, and nine towers. It is easy to learn, and if you have any problems, you can go through the instruction manual.

Besides, you can develop various skills through this game. The skills include planning, reasoning, building, engineering, and many more. The game is a combination of logic and marble run, and it is one of the best gifts for children of 14 years. There are 60 challenges in the game which start from beginner and end at expert.

5. ZHOPPY Night Light Bluetooth Speakers

ZHOPPY Bluetooth Speakers

ZHOPPY Night Light Bluetooth Speakers are a good option for your child to listen to music and study. You can connect the Bluetooth speaker easily to Android and iOS devices. Besides, the product also has an HFP feature which will turn the product into a Bluetooth speakerphone.

Furthermore, the Bluetooth speaker has a powerful battery that gives the backup of ten hours. AT night time, you can switch on the lamp to provide a good amount of light.  The light does not cause any disturbance. 

Lastly, the speaker also has AUX-IN/TF support, and you can connect iPods and MP3 players through a 3.5 mm audio cable.

6. Light Up Basketball

Light Up Basketball

If you are looking for a ball that your child can play at night, then you can go for The Light Up Basketball. It comes with two very bright LEDs and only requires you to fill the ball with air and start playing.

The ball looks like a ball of fire when the two LEDs light up. The light switches on when you start playing with the ball. After playing, the lights will switch off automatically after a few moments.

However, you will need batteries to power up the LEDs, and you can replace them as and when needed. The ball is durable, and you can play with it for a long time. You can also use them for night games because of the presence of LEDs. Finally, the product has a 60 days warranty. 

7. LyxPro 39 inch Electric Guitar Kit

LyxPro 39 Guitar Kit

LyxPro 39 inch Electric Guitar Kit is a kit that consists of a guitar along with many accessories. You can use the guitar kit to play music, and beginners and experienced people can use it. The kit consists of a guitar whose length is 39 inches.

Other accessories in the kit are a rosewood fingerboard, Canadian maple neck, knobs, and many more. An amplifier of 20 watts is also available; this is connected to the guitar with the help of a cable. An instruction manual is among the items in the kit. You can use the shoulder strap to tie the guitar, and then you can play it comfortably.

8. 100 Movies Scratch Off Poster

100 Movies Poster

The 100 Movies Scratch Off Poster consists of posters of the top 100 movies. Some of these movies are award-winning. These movies include Star Wars, Crash and Avatar, The Shawshank Redemption, and many more. These movies will make you laugh, cry, enjoy and keep your son enlightened. 

A protective paper is used to pack the poster. A scratching tool has to be used to remove the foil, and then you can see the icons of different films. You will also get a gift in the form of an ebook containing 100 movie quotes. You can paste the poster in your room or any other place in your house to decorate the walls.

9. Fire HD 8 tablet

Fire HD 8

The Fire HD 8 tablet is a good option for a 14-year-old boy. Your child can use the tablet to play games, browse the internet for your projects, watch movies, and do other things.  The size of the screen is eight-inch which is enough for you to do all the stuff.

The tablet is available in 32GB and 64 GB internal storage variants. You can expand the storage to about 1TB with the help of a microSD card. The powerful battery provides a backup of 12 hours and takes about five hours to get fully charged. The performance of the Fire 8 Tablet is fast because of the presence of a 2GHz processor.

10. RockDove Men’s Original Two-Tone Memory Foam Slipper

RockDove Men's Slipper

Many people have the hobby of having various kinds of footwear. A boy of 14 years old may also have such hobbies. In such a case, you can give RockDove Men’s Original Two-Tone Memory Foam Slipper as a birthday gift.

The slipper is made of cotton and spandex. The cotton content is 95%, while the spandex is only 5%. The slipper also has a heel collar. Memory foam present in the slipper is easily attached to your feet so you can walk comfortably.

The sole of the slipper is easy to clean; so, you can kick off the garbage outside the house. Another advantage is that the slipper is not noisy; hence, you can easily walk on different floor types without worrying about noise.

11. PROGRACE Children Kids Camera Waterproof Digital Video HD Action Camera

 PROGRACE Children Camera

Prograce kid’s camera is a good birthday gift for a 14-year-old boy. The camera has been made from non-toxic materials, so it is not harmful to your children. The camera comes with a CMOS image sensor.

Another feature is that the lens of the camera is 5 megapixels which you can use to record videos at 1080p. Other features include 4X digital zoom, adjustment of brightness, face recognition, volume adjustment up to three levels, built-in 40 photo frames, etc.

Your children can click pictures while skating, swimming, and in other such places because the kit also has a waterproof case. The camera gets its power through a battery which can give the backup of 1.5 hours. A microSD card slot is also available. You have to purchase the card separately.

12. Merge AR/VR Headset

Merge headset

Merge AR/VR Headset is a virtual reality headset for teenagers. This headset is a good option for students in their classroom, virtual field trips, etc. You can have the choice of walking with dinosaurs and also going into the solar system.

The headset has compatibility with Merge Cube (a science and STEM tool). Children can hold virtual objects and learn about them. The camera is made with rugged foam to provide comfort.

The product has been developed in such a way that anybody can wear it. It will fit on all the faces. The headset withstands the bumps and does not get damaged when it falls. The tool also has compatibility with Android and iOS devices.

13. Funsparks Magnetic Dart Board Game

Funsparks Magnetic Game

Funsparks Magnetic Dart Board Game comes with a dartboard and twelve darts. Six darts are red, and the other six are of green color. The dartboard and the darts are magnetic and made of high-quality material for durability.

Each slot consists of little numbers for scoring. You can fix the board on a wall with the help of a keyhole slot and play the game with your family and friends. A cardboard box is used to pack the game, making it easy to wrap it as a gift.

14. PRO SPIN Play Anywhere Portable PRO SPIN Play

Portable PRO SPIN Play

PRO SPIN Ping Pong Set is a nice gift for a 14-year-old boy. The set has the dimensions of 0.83 x 6.89 x 3.15 inches, and the weight is 1.81 pounds. The set includes a net, balls, and rackets, is light in weight, making it portable, and can be played by only two players at a time, indoor or outdoor. Hence, you can take it anywhere like picnic spots, office, etc., and enjoy the game. Setting up the table is also very easy as you have to fix the net on a wide table of 72 inches.

The product comes with a warranty of one year, and so you can replace it if there is any damage in shipment or any other reason.

15. Retevis RT37 Kids Walkie Talkies

Retevis Walkie Talkies

Retevis RT37 Kids Walkie Talkies is a perfect birthday gift to a 14-year-old boy. The set is of orange color and has the dimensions of 6.3 x 3.27 x 2.56 inches. The product is legal in the US, and there is no need to get any license for its usage.

The kit comes with 22 channels, and many kids can talk with each other if they are on the same channel. The game consists of VOX functionality which helps the kids to speak directly to the microphone. You can adjust the speaker volume from one to eight.

Another feature of the walkie-talkie is the presence of ten caller tunes. To lock the keypad to stop the accidental change of the settings, you need to press the left button for three seconds.

16. Timex Ironman Classic 30 Full-Size 38mm Watch

Timex watch

Timex Ironman Classic 30 Full-Size 38mm Watch comes with many features. The watch is made up of the best plastic, while the strap is made up of resin and has a length of 18mm. This length makes it easy to fit on a wrist of 18 inches. 

There is a countdown timer for 24 hours, and you can set three alarms daily, weekly, and monthly, and many more options. The watch works in two time zones. You can also use the watch in swimming pools as it is resistant to water.

17. Toyk Kids Toys – LED Light Hover Soccer Ball

Toyk Kids Toys

Toyk Kids Toys – LED Light Hover Soccer Ball is a soccer game that will give you the feeling that you are playing the real soccer game. 

If we talk about the pieces present in the kit, they include LED colored light, a ball, two goal posts, a pump, and many more. You need to assemble the pieces to play the game. First, you begin with the two-goal posts and take a few minutes to put them in order. 

Besides, the game will help in the development of motor skills in the kids. It is also a multiplayer game and safe for children as it is free of toxic materials. A pump is provided in the kit, which you can use to inflate the ball. 

18. Lucky Doug Solar Robot Kit

Lucky Doug Solar Kit

Lucky Doug Solar Robot Kit is an educational toy that consists of 12 pieces of robot kits. The game will help the children to know the basics of science, engineering, mathematics, and other subjects.

You can assemble each kit to make a robot. Robots can float, crawl, roll, and can do many other things through solar energy. Hence, it is helpful for the children to know about renewable energy and its resources.

Also, the kit includes instructions that will help the children to assemble the robot. Assembling and disassembling is easy, so children can make different types of robots and enjoy their activities. Lastly, there is no need for a battery as you can play the game with the help of solar energy.

19. LiKee 171 Pieces Magnetic Sculpture

Magnetic Sculpture

LiKee 171 Pieces Magnetic Sculpture is a game that consists of 171 steel balls. The steel balls are used to make different things on the magnetic base. The toy, thus, helps your children to develop creative skills. This way, the game is useful to enhance your kid’s imagination and intelligence.

Children can learn a lot of things as playing helps them to learn more and more. The number of combinations is endless, and children can make several things as per their imagination. However, the toy should be used by kids under the supervision of adults.

20. World Card Series Set

World Card Set

World Card Series Set is a card game that consists of decks of cards from different countries. The game will help your children to explore the world and know various things in several countries. There are 14 decks in the set, and the total number of cards is 756.

You can find different things in the cards, including facts about different places, cultures, geography, physical features, and many other things. Therefore, it is an educational toy which will help your children to learn a lot of things. Instructions are also available in the kit, helping you to know how best to play the game.

21. LEGO Technic WHACK! 42072 Building Kit

LEGO Technic WHACK Kit

LEGO Technic WHACK! 42072 Building Kit is an action game used for racing cars. In this game, your kid has to make a toy with different pieces available in the kit. These pieces include a toy engine, bumper in the front, black rims, and many other things.

The car has a height of two inches, a length of six inches, and a width of three inches. Your children can be busy for hours playing the game as they can create different cars, get engaged in racing with other cars, and do other things. The toy will enhance the creativity and imagination power of your child.

22. Rc Cars Toy for Boys

Rc Cars Toy

The Rc Cars Toy for Boys can run with a remote, and you can move it in any direction. You can also flip the car in a clockwise and anticlockwise direction. Besides this, spinning at 360 degrees can also be done. 

The material of high quality is used to make the toy. The material is friendly to the environment, and you do not have to worry if the car collides with any hard object while it is at high speed. This is because the car is not easily damaged even if it falls from a height.

Finally, the toy has an 800 mAH battery for providing power to the car. Along with it, the remote also needs two batteries. Children will have a good driving experience with this car.

23. 4M 4605 Water Rocket Kit

Water Rocket Kit

The 4M 4605 Water Rocket Kit is a game in which water pressure is used to shoot the rocket up to 90 feet in height. A recycled soda bottle is present in the kit alongside other accessories to transform the soda bottle into a rocket.

The science students will love the kit as they will be able to learn different things. Instructions are also available with the kit, which helps the children to play the game. However, the game has to be played under the supervision of adults. Children can learn different principles of science through this game.

24. Drawing Stencils Set for Kids

Drawing Stencils set

Drawing Stencils Set for Kids consists of different kinds of accessories like stencils, paper, pen, etc. This toy will help your children to enhance their imagination and creativeness. The stencils present in the kit will keep the children busy for hours.

The toy is perfect for children of 14 years, and you can give it as a birthday gift. Children can take the toy anywhere and play with it. Children can make various kinds of arts and crafts.

The stencils and pencils are of different colors and are used on paper, plastic, and wood. The toy has been developed from non-toxic material, so it is safe for children.

25. Qshell Bluetooth Hat

Qshell Hat

The Qshell Bluetooth Hat is a hat that you can use to keep your head warm in winter. You can also use it to listen to music as it is a Bluetooth hat connected to other Bluetooth devices. There is no need to put on any headphones or other things for listening to music.

Besides, the hat comes with the latest Bluetooth technology, and you can pair it easily with other Bluetooth-enabled devices. You can also answer the calls and move back and forward in the playlist of the songs.

 The hat comes with a powerful battery that can give a backup of six hours. You can also wash the hat, but you have to remove the headphones for the purpose.

26. Playz Electrical Circuit Board Engineering Kit

Playz Electrical Circuit Kit

Playz Electrical Circuit Board Engineering Kit is an educational toy perfect for any kid with an interest in physics, engineering, mathematics, and other such subjects. Then this toy will be beneficial for him.

This way, children can know about the workings of various electronic things like magnetism, sound effects, radios, and many others. They can also conduct several types of electronic experiments with this kit.

Finally, there is an instruction manual of 64 pages in the kit to guide you in conducting these experiments. This kit is a good gift for boys of 14 years.

27. K’NEX K-FORCE Battle Bow Build and Blast Set


K’NEX K-FORCE Battle Bow Build and Blast Set consist of 165 pieces that children can use to make bows of different shapes and sizes. All the pieces are made up of plastic and are very durable. These pieces include connectors, rods, darts, and other things.

You can become an archer and strike the target with a bow and arrow. You can also shoot the darts from a distance of 75 feet. Kids of eight years and above can play the game. They are safe as every kit goes through strict quality standards before being sent to the market.

The company provides a replacement guarantee for a lost or missing piece so that your child can enjoy the game for a long time.

28. VOLANTEXRC Remote Control Boat


VOLANTEXRC Remote Control Boat for Pools and Lakes is a boat operated with the help of remote control from a distance of 328 feet. You can turn, reverse, flip, and do many other things with the boat.

The boat is controlled with the help of steering and throttle triggers. Kids can hold the remote easily and run in any direction. In addition, the design is unique, and it is made using high-quality material.

Finally, a rechargeable lithium battery powers the boat and can catch a speed of 30kmph. Therefore, it is easy to run in pools and lakes.

29. Honsky Thumbs-up Cell Phone Stand Holder

Honsky Thumbs-up Cell Phone

Your 14-year-old boy is big enough to get a mobile phone for playing games, browsing the internet, and do a lot of other things related to education. There are situations when he has to hold a cell phone in one hand and work with the other.

This situation may sometimes be difficult if he needs both hands for doing a job. In such a case, you can give him a Honsky Thumbs-up Cell Phone Stand Holder. This holder is red, and it looks cute. The holder is durable as it has been made with TPU plastic which is friendly to the environment.

The holder can support the horizontal and vertical viewing of the mobile so your kid can watch everything comfortably.

30. Marrado Bedside Lamp with Bluetooth Speaker

Marrado Bedside Lamp

There are situations when students of 14 years or more have to study late at night. Or perhaps, they want to have a little fun after completing their exams. In that case, a Marrado Bedside Lamp with Bluetooth Speaker is a nice gift for them.

As the name suggests, your child can put it on his bedside and study. He can also listen to music or take it for a picnic. The lamp is cordless and needs a USB to charge it. You can also connect the Bluetooth speaker to any Bluetooth-enabled device like mobile or laptop, and your child can enjoy music.

Finally, the lamp is safe and does not disturb; thus, if anybody sleeps beside your child, the light of the lamp will not disturb him. 

FAQ Session

You may have many questions regarding the best gift for your son of 14 years. Some of these questions have been answered here.

What is the perfect gift for my 14 year old boy?

You need to purchase a gift according to his hobby or need. If you combine the needs and hobbies of your child, then they will appreciate it. It can be educational e.g., an engineering kit, robot kit, or it can just be for fun e.g. a Bluetooth speaker.

If your child is fond of wearing new clothes or shoes of different types, you can give him such a thing. All these things are available in the online and offline market, and you can ask for suggestions from your child before making a purchase. You can also give them a surprise by wrapping the gift.

Are there any shipping charges?

It depends on the company whose product you want to buy. Some companies do not charge anything for shipment, while some companies do so. Some companies include the shipment charges in the cost of the product, so you should not worry about the shipment cost.

The goods are wrapped in such a way that it will not get damaged during shipment. Many companies replace the product if it gets damaged during shipment. So you will not lose due to damages caused during shipment. You can ask the company to gift wrap the product and send it to your child’s address if he is living in a hostel.

Which is the best time to give a gift?

The best time to give a gift to your child is his birthday or any festive occasion. You can also give him a surprise gift if he has gained a good grade in his class or has won a competition. There are many other reasons because of which you can give a gift to your child.

The main motive of giving a gift is to motivate the child to take more interest and do better so that he can get a gift again for the same thing. He will participate in many competitions and try to be successful to make you happy.

How to purchase a gift online?

It is easy to purchase a gift online. You need to select a website from where you want to buy the gift. Next, you go through all the terms and conditions such as shipment charges, return policy, damaged goods, etc.

After this, you create an account by filling in a simple form that will include your details. Now you can choose the product and select the option of payment. Your package will reach you at the appointed time chosen by you. You can keep tracking the process of shipment of the product that you have ordered.


There are many reasons for giving a gift to your child. You can give him a gift on his birthday or any other occasion. If you get it correctly, your son will be happy about the surprise and will be motivated to do better.

There are various options to choose from; the educational gifts will lay the foundation of a particular subject, while fun gifts will make your child happy and enjoy time out with friends and family. 

Consequently, I recommend you select a gift that is portable, fun, and educating. One that he can take to a picnic or school. The type he can show happily to his close friends, and trust me, he will always be proud of you for loving him so much.

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